Videos of strange and mysterious objects and other phenomena in the sky

What's most interesting about this for me is that, the locals' alleged sighting of "an alien" is associated by the media with the obvious fireball event that happened over the Arizona area on May 1. Separately neither of these would have gotten a mention by anyone.
A little more data in this Twitter post:
I‘m still not convinced; the sound from the „landing“ hears as if something fell with a tud. I would guess that if some flying vehicle was crashing, it would leave marks and crashed several homes before it stops.

Also, why would they all run back to the house? I would guess they would all run screaming away from the thing and/or woke the whole neighborhood.

And if it were an alien ship, I would guess we would have dosens of videos of people filming „something“ as the area looks densly populated and someone else would also film something….
It also reminded me of John Keel and his stories of people seeing weird things they had trouble to describe. Or there were some really ridiculous things, like a dog walking down the road and smoking a cigarette, aliens exiting a saucer and offering buckwheat pancakes, etc.

But it could be indeed something else entirely and something played tricks on these people's minds.
Someone who was investigating the skinwalker ranch in the "Bigolow era" described how a group of people witnessed an object, and it looked different to each one of them.
It could be that the meteor fall was a accompanied with a localized thinning or tearing of the veil. It doesn't look like a UFO "landing" or crashing.
If it was an actual "close encounter" then nothing any of the family says can be taken at face value, given the possibility of abduction and screen memories etc. They mention being "momentarily" paralyzed etc. so clearly there was something strange going on, if their story is legit.
If it was an actual "close encounter" then nothing any of the family says can be taken at face value, given the possibility of abduction and screen memories etc. They mention being "momentarily" paralyzed etc. so clearly there was something strange going on, if their story is legit.
I'm wondering if this event happened April 30/May 1, why it's just hitting the news now? Just another ploy to condition the public to alien disclosure/invasion? And curious that this follows on the heels of the intel officer whistleblower saying the government has retrieved alien craft.

News station's wild story: 911 caller sees 10-foot-tall 'aliens' with 'big eyes' in backyard, says 'they're not human'; cop on way to scene confesses, 'I have butterflies, bro'
Las Vegas news station KLAS-TV published a wild investigative story Wednesday — all about a falling flash of light in the night sky captured on video and a 911 call minutes later from a man who told a dispatcher he was looking right at 10-foot-tall "aliens" with "big eyes" in his backyard and that "they are not human."

"I swear to God this is not a joke, this is actually — we’re terrified," the man added to the dispatcher, according to a recording of the call the station obtained.

Around 11:50 p.m. April 30, a Las Vegas Metro police officer’s bodycam recorded something streaking low across the sky, KLAS said, adding that the American Meteor Society said people across eastern California, Nevada, and Utah reported seeing the flash.

EDIT: The first article I saw on this was yesterday and it claimed the entire scene was cleaned up to remove any evidence that anything had happened. I'll see if I can locate that report again.
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Transcription of what the kid is saying is in bold:

The kid looks scared in the video. Notice how at 01:25 his hand is shaking.

As he spoke of "10 feet tall" first I thought Nephilim! But then he described thin body with big eyes, so obviously that must have been a Tall Grey alien thug right there!

The kid continues:
- It was sort of like a shockwave. Like an Out Of Body Experience.
It could be that the meteor fall was accompanied with a localized thinning or tearing of the veil. It doesn't look like a UFO "landing" or crashing.
Maybe like a sound boom, but here in the video a "realm-border piercing whistle" and then the bang?

Also the kid shows "the landing site" on above video and its not a crater at all, so..

Crash is improbable with the level of Lizzie tech, how their saucers are reported to be million years ahead of us. It cannot crash.. Especially how the C's talked about the Roswell crash: that specific saucer was allowed to "crash" here on Earth for disinformation purposes.

Probably this event was simple country-road traffic in 'Lizzie Land' and a small patch of their Lizzie 4thD reality penetrated to our 3D Earth right at this kids' family's backyard. Like a Tall Grey Travelling Circus! :)

The kid continues:
- So to say when I tried to look at the object it was all blurry.. not my vision, but only the backyard area.
Remember, how the C's emphasized when traveling between 4thD to 3rdD that perception-realms must be painstakingly synced before placing somebody into the target realm during TDARM, "time travel", etc.

Source and destination realities must be synchronized at the observers level for the traveler to not go insane upon arrival.

Must be somewhat like, when you get out of an airlines plane on the next continent and you have to acclimate to the new timezone. But in this case the kid could be conveniently weaving a CIA PAID TALE.. and the "Blurry" description helps a lot :D

- And I hear thousands of footsteps around me..
Probably caused by 'non-synced realities' "colliding" and making just a few footsteps sound like a 'reverberation' of a thousand, I think. Otherwise it could mean a memory fragment, how the abducted family remembered those Gray surgeons hurriedly surging around the ships operation-room's tables, causing lots of ruckus!

The kid mentions his paralysis, a common abduction consequence.

- And maybe a couple seconds later the blurriness was gone.
Abduction phase possibly, when this kid and family were put back from the Tall Grey's ship?

I think the bang sound is accurate for a metallic(?) alien saucer. Sounds like this dry helicopter crash in the video. Mind the distorted sounds recorded by the outside cameras cheap microphone, where the deep levels are not even recorded. It got only the higher parts of the bang!-sound.

- Tall creature, probably around 8-10 feet tall {Nephilim height}, very thin.. {OK, a Tall Grey thug then} so I call my dad, he went to the backyard and he saw the same creature I saw.

The kid goes on:
- And here is the video, when we were in the backyard area. You cannot see IT too good on camera, but its there!

On the video we only see a large shadow - in some distance - at the top left corner.. going away.. (toward the left). On the right up close - stands probably the father - leader of the family, the strongest alpha male in the human pack - appears to immediately turn back to flee. Well, I guess, seeing a 10 feet tall shadow at night in the backyard is not exactly your favorite calming Spa-moment..

Anybody can translate, what the mother is shouting at videotime 02:25?

The kid continues:
- Tall, skinny, lengthy creature. It was a grey-greenish color. And when I looked at it in the eyes, my body just froze. Like the same way as having sleep paralysis.

- Keep in mind, I'm staring at him, and I look at his whole body, and he has a weird looking feet and a big face and [big] eyes and you can see a big mouth!

The kid continues in shaking voice:
- Aand.. I can hear his -laugh?--(indiscernible).. deep breathing and I can see his stomach moving.

- He would just stare at me. Seconds later I can start moving again. And I start running towards the house.. that's when I call 911.

They saw at least two of these probably Tall Grey thugs.

The problem I see here is the kids voice, when he is talking to 911, reporting the event to the dispatcher: the kid is not frightened to death, he is not panicking.. nor screaming.. But airplane passengers have been reported to remain calm, from shock, during accidents, when they should feel panic and should immediately rush out of the crashed plane..

So was it the "CIA Halloween Costume Squad" from the X-Files? Hired to scare the populace? Because CIA agents in alien-suits definitely could not have radiated that famous intense fear that is always reported being there everywhere, even forming Fear Zones.. when you walk close to these sites, there is usually reported a very perceptible 'Wall of Fear..' described on multiple accounts.

I think kids spotting real Tall Grey aliens should have been screaming at the top of their voices, panicking really hard...

- And a loud whispering. Like you hear whisperings.. We were in the living room area and you could hear footsteps on the roof.

Those "whisperings" could have been "telepathic overflow-overtones", I think. Like when you hear this alligator roar and humans can only hear the rumble, but the major part of the alligator's roar is in the INFRASOUND range. Same way, this kid [being still young] could have half-telepathically overheard the human-perceptible portion of strong, primal telepathic broadcasts = telepathic roars from the Tall Greys.

Here at videotime 02:03, observe, how the water starts to vibrate around the alligator (but you hear nothing yet) as it starts to roar with its sound produced still being completely below the human audible range - in the infrasound range (red in below pic).
Then the alligator RAISES its voice and now you can hear it as a primal-aggressive low-monster roar.. now in the human-audible range = marked yellow on the below pic. Same with the whisperings, I think. Only substitute the red infrasound with "telepathic-audio" perception range. And the orange-yellow would then be what a human can hear as "whisperings" / overtones from an alien high-powered-aggressive telepathic broadcast, I think.
Those Chateau-members, who developed ~ telepathy can confirm the "whisperings", I think.

The kid continues:
- We waited a little bit for the police. When they arrived, they told me.. what.. I told them what I saw.. and they were kind of freaked out..

Policeman confirms what the kids tell him:
- A big creature? I'm not gonna be as..(indiscernible) you guys.. One of my [policeman] partners told me they saw some tall (indiscernible) this guy too.. that's why I'm kinda curious. Did you see anything in the back yard?

They go back and on the sand in the backyard there is a perfect circle imprint.

Policeman asking passengers from a stopped car:
- This might sound a really dumb question, but did you guys see anything fall out of the sky? One of my partners saw it too. [that is the] Only reason I'm investigating this..

Policeman half-joking to the family of the kid:
- If those 9 foot beings come back, don't call us, all right? Just deal with it yourselves! I ain't dealing with that! hehe..

Kid continues:
- One of the officers told me, if you see that thing again, don't call me, just shoot him... So we went inside the house and started praying.. As we were praying you can hear a loud human-like screaming in the backyard.

That scream, was it from an abductee? In any phase of abduction? Like being TDARM-ed into Lizzie-land, but the audio-reflection of the scream still coming through / remain on 3D Earth as an audible / delayed imprint?

Strange, how the kid is not describing his extreme fear in this case??
So characteristic of encounters with the small greys (Sectoid). Latter was described as a drone, directly connected to a Lizzie operator, so probably the immense fear - reported during such encounters - is coming from the reptile and is broadcast through the little gray alien drone, like a "fear-loudspeaker".

But this intense raw fear portion is entirely missing in this report.The kids family looks concerned on the video though...

I guess, we wait until more similar cases happen. Then we can finally declare: INVASION!
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I think the apparent calmness of the kid isn't a very important point, because people tend to react differently to a chocking experience. Sometimes the event is so intense that one is in a daze or even too numb and exhausted to have any strong external reaction. Also, depending on the level of fear, the effect can paralyzing. Fear (and some kinds of visual disturbances too) can indeed be induced by infra-sounds. To organize such an event as a psyop operation would require to know that a fireball would be seen in the area while a simpler solution would be to stage the whole event with the available technology (blinding lights, deafening sounds, etc.). If it turns out that this event is more supernatural than purely physical, that would go against the current zeitgeist of metallic spherical UAPs from outer space being pushed by the always trustworthy pentagon/nasa etc. The timing is astonishing nonetheless, unless there are more and more similar events around the world that we don't hear about, and the whole UAP fake-disclosure is a damage-control operation to keep the narrative under an "acceptable" narrative. Very strange indeed.

And speaking again of odd timing, this week's episode of the TV show on the Skinwalker ranch featured an interesting testimony of someone (apparently he coined the idiotic name UAP) who worked in the ranch with the previous team. He describes arriving at a zone of intense fear, and seeing a tall humanoid silhouette (so-called shadow figure) beyond the fear zone.
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I don’t remember which book, but in one of his books John Keel says: (Paraphrased) we are doing this wrong; we are looking for physical evidence of the incident, but we should be giving a whole lot more attention to the witness / abductee to find out why they were susceptible / open / attuned to this incident.
UFO landed in Las Vegas, 911 call stating there was two 8-10ft creatures NOT human in their backyard
Alien Nation Jun 8, 2023

It's mentioned in the above clip, that George Knapp does reports for "8 News NOW Las Vegas". Here he chimes in:

Not much new there, other than the witnesses being pretty elusive, not answering the door (or their phone) for the news station investigators on three separate occasions, even though they had invited them to do an interview. Apparently the surveillance camera that was filming the backyard where the "landing" took place, went out for the duration of the incidence. Also, I think this was mentioned elsewhere too, how men in (black?) suits and sunglasses drove (slowly) by the house in the following days (the car had government plates). In addition, Angel (the young guy who called 911) has mentioned to the reporters several times, how he shot video footage of the aliens (although you'd imagine that the phone would have "malfunctioned" in the same way as the surveillance camera). If the footage is legit, hopefully it will be released at some point.
(There was a tweet in Ca.'s post: a "still shot" from the movie "Signs". It prompted me to look for the whole scene, where the alien is revealed for the first time: I haven't seen the movie in ages, but that particular scene still works, it gives one the heebie-jeebies!)

We'll probably hear more from Knapp about the happening in the future, especially as it took place in his own back yard (Las Vegas)!
It could be that the meteor fall was a accompanied with a localized thinning or tearing of the veil. It doesn't look like a UFO "landing" or crashing.

Yeah, that's a possibility, like some kind of accidental window falling, by a bunch of noob aliens, that was associated with the fireball.
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Yeah, so "MIB" also on the scene:

"The family also says the saw men in suits and sunglasses driving in a car with govt. plates cruising slowly past the house in the following days".

And one of the noob aliens apparently got into the frontloader in the back yard as if trying to drive it. 🤪

Screenshot 2023-06-09 201058.jpg
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