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Hi MA, added a bit to the title of your thread since 'Video' alone doesn't give very much information.

Also, the video you link to would likely benefit from a more specific description or name. Just calling it 'Emotions' is very general.
Hi MA, added a bit to the title of your thread since 'Video' alone doesn't give very much information.

Also, the video you link to would likely benefit from a more specific description or name. Just calling it 'Emotions' is very general.
Thanks for the title change and suggestion. Let me reflect to respond. I have several other videos that seem to be emerging with a common theme around healing deep wounds that require an emotional foundation, truthful understanding and some clarity about what life looks like in freedom and health ... just may need some distance to characterize them appropriately, perhaps insert them into the context of a narrative to tie them together.
Thanks for bearing with me here in this folder labeled for creative works in a site that has held my prolonged interest like no other in my life - as much a wanderer here myself (multi-dimensionally - in the forum, on earth, in the now).

In the early stages of creating something, it's a fair question, suggestion and need to propose a need for context or narrative about a creation - especially in this day and age where volumes and volumes and volumes of information, symbols and works of art continue to be compiled in warehouses, on the digital medium, although as we look around and see progress is slow. So maybe, with some collective effort, we can create something special here, that cuts through the billions, upon billions, upon trillions of bytes of information, symbols and sounds - such that would in an instant find a home in an eager host looking to transcend.

The point of the video is to look look deeper in yourself - perhaps using all your senses - emotions being the most mysterious
- to remember how to "be",
- to break the pattern of forgetting that continues repeat and plague,
- to break away from living in narratives, expose our delusions, vanity and pride as LKJ, G and Nicoll point out, so well, often that we mistakenly claim or defend as our own
- encourage self reliance, courage, connections with vetted others
- discernment - experiencing ourselves and each other to ascend toward creating unity, wholeness.
- Perhaps naively attempting to unpack "perspicacity" in a pill, short video to ignite a fire

Ha. I'm laughing at myself as I feel as though I just walked into the Internet forum fabric of "reality" - my own narrative to attempt to explain myself, what I want or am trying to say.

The larger body of work from which this video piece was drawn, is about discovery. It's about waking up to how little we really know about ourselves and how things work. This theme relates how we build our concept of who we are, how our bodies operate and how we relate to each other - how things work.

Practicing Earth science, exploring geologic rock formation outcrops in particular, is used as an analogy in this body of work to self discovery.

What we notice about ourselves as we have encounters (shocks and trauma's at times) and learn to appreciate ourselves (yes, self + other) more completely. We've reached some agreements across all cultures and races about the Earth, even some vocabulary terms and language around complexities of nature and cosmology.

For example, the earth was considered flat at one time and those who challenged that belief were threatened, imprisoned and/or lost their lives. People used to be burned for their beliefs or fantasies. Today it would be naive or just a manipulative attention seeking effort to make claims the Earth is flat.

The "Rip Van Winkle" approach to creating, to art, alienates some. Others immediately shoot back, might wonder, "how you could make any money off that?". Producers and managers, advertisers and spin masters - how could we use this for some influence or result or end?

Some creatives get it. You create something and watch how people respond, if at all. Who is looking for something like this? What am I, the artist, really trying to say here and why? What is my motive? What is the calling here?

So if I (or this work) is the "teeth", part of me says some feedback would be helpful, to know where this really fits - or if it has any virtue here at all. The teeth may have a sense that such thing as a mouth just might exist - but without eyes or ears or even a brain, the teeth's "mind" might have some sense of itself, or trust that something such as the gums or tongue could be neighbors, partners. Ultimately such a structure as a human body might be.

Or it might just be more fun to fantasize of such a home, an experience, of being valued, or of even greater dreams of being part of a larger call, to serve a larger purpose - perhaps one that excites others toward the possibility of such a reality construct held boldly in our courage to recall and hold it all. The madness in aspiring toward the Absolute?
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