Use Your Purchasing Power to Fight the New World Order!


The Force is Strong With This One
We've all heard about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and anyone who knows even the slightest amount of information about the New World Order has racked their brains about what to do to combat it. It's our basic desire to want to eradicate the world of evil and to cultivate good. We all want to do something but most of us just don't know what to do. Well I have an idea and as usual it's a little off the wall.

Why not fight the New World Order using their own tools..MONEY. You know, in the old days when an army wanted to decimate an area they would use a scorched earth policy. The elite are feeding off of us economically; we are being used as slave labor! We can stop this right now if we have the will. Now, we all might not be in the position to go completely bankrupt. But we can do things on a smaller scale and possibly work our way up to becoming totally self-sufficient...



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