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I recently stumbled upon a video where Zoran Dimic, an electrical engineer who worked for Infineon Technologies amongst other companies, talks about how patents and technological advancements do not see the light of the day because smaller companies get acquired by bigger companies and their technology is then "locked in a drawer" until "the right time comes"...basically when they see it fits them financially aka. sell previous technology.

Anyhow, this is not the reason why I brought this thread up. The reason is that Zoran in this video talks also about "Unified Physics"(at least that's how it's called in Serbian), his own work in which he gives theories that unify space, time, photons, epsilon, and mu. Or at least he gives a direction. Well, as I do not understand these equations and I'm not well versed in physics and mathematics I would gladly appreciate if @ark would take a look at these and see if it's of any help to him or if he already knows this OR if Zorans theory is wrong.

Zoran also states in the video that he predicted Gamma-gamma scattering with his theory, which is achieved in CERN some time ago. He tried to publish his work in some domestic and international scientific institutions but did not succeed and many of these rejections came without feedback why. Anyhow, only one physicist in Serbia accepted to publish his work, but that publication has no greater influence than just local. It's interesting that the guy who accepted to publish this work told Zoran that, I'm paraphrasing, his publication will probably be the only publication where his work will see the light of the day because mainstream physicist will toss his theory out simply because it's in confrontation with the theory of relativity.

I asked a guy who conducted the interview with Zoran Dimic to send me the English and Serbian PDF versions of Zorans work and he did sent it to me, so I uploaded it to my Mega drive:

I will also upload his work in the attachment here.

Both versions are uploaded. If you are interested in this topic, read both of them because I noticed that Serbian version is much bigger (by 12 pages) and contains more formulas and images. It's probably smarter to look and read both versions at the same time (I truly don't understand why the English version is smaller but...OK).

You can watch the whole interview here, but it's in Serbian which is not really helpful to people who do not understand it....
- First part
- Second part


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I contacted Zoran in the last few days, and he sent me some of his works which will be attached and linked in this post. He told me that he is currently working on "19thCenturyPhysics-TOE" and that he will finish it very soon, maybe in the next few weeks or something (it will be published at Academia.edu). He said that it was supposed to be done before the above video, but he did not succeed in that, thus we will have to wait sometime before reading the whole paper. Anyhow, I will attach 29 pages of "19thCenturyPhysics-TOE" which he sent me.
(Download in the attachment at the end of the post).

His work from 2012/3 - Fundamental Electro-Magneto-Mechanics (FEMME) - 23pages :
I will just post the abstract and introduction here.

The method which was used in development of Fundamental Electro-Magneto-Mechanics theory is: "Within existing confirmed and affirmed physics, identify the essential, fundamental phenomena, equations, and concepts, base their definitions exclusively on facts, and make only and exclusively the commonsense, simple, and unambiguous conclusions, immediately derived from facts, immediately relying on facts.".
In one sentence: "Try to reach optimum of consistency and completeness, with minimal abstraction.".
Briefly and concretely, the starting base consists of elementary energy (a photon),
space and time, and their most basic relations and properties. The results obtained are unprecedented, in each and every respect.

In FEMME FATALE, the author presents thorough, fundamental postulations, the proper, commonsense, clear and bright arrangement of fundamental knowledge about the world we live in, starting from primary principles.
The fundamental postulations, as well as derivations and conclusions, are completely non-abstract, immediate commonsense, logically-mathematically-physically justified interpretations of the concrete fundamental phenomena and facts.
Briefly and concretely, this paper contains essential EM foundations and explanations of:
• spacetime, • the famous E=m⋅c^2 equation, • the mass, • the photon-path-banding, • elementary material-
-particle (what does it consist of, and how it is formed, that is, what the matter really, essentially is), • the wave-
-particle property of matter, • inertia (what the inertia really is), • the Gaussian, • electric-charge, • the nuclear
processes, as well as of the „annihilation“ process, • inability of particles which have inertial mass to reach the
velocity c, • the origins of time dilation and length contraction (that is, what are the fundamental physical origins
of relativity theory), • the proper relativity equations (fundamentally physically based, fundamentally derived, and
experimentally confirmed), • gravitation (Newton’s law of gravitation is derived and thoroughly and clearly explained),
• how and why there exist the maximal possible force, and the minimal possible diameter for a body of a
given mass, as well as the maximal possible energy density, that is, the maximal possible mass density, • why the stars
explode, why the pulsar γ-jets occur, why massive body in a gallaxy-center radiates,
and all that is concluded and summarized with the clear template of the primary principles of existence,
the essential blueprint of existence, the fundamental essence of Universe.

He says that only website where he was given permission to write his findings is science20:
The gem (1)
The gem (2)
The gem (3)
The gem (4)
Gem 5 and 6 are missing from the website for some reason..
The gem (7)
The gem (8)
The gem (9)
The answer to "Why does photon-path bends" and beyond

@Laura @ark @Scottie


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It looks like Zoran finished his work. I'm uploading the full version of 19th CenturyPhysics TOE and it's Appendix.


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It looks like Zoran finished his work. I'm uploading the full version of 19th CenturyPhysics TOE and it's Appendix.
It is fantastic how many people are wasting time for nothing.
Almost 40 years ago we are told by Seth that this Universe is Idea Gestalt.
Idea is abstract term, per se. So, whole Universe is totaly and absolutely abstract.
But, since we are "inside", it is reality for us.
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