Ufo The Greatest Story Ever Denied (mind blowing!)


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I think this is one of the best Documentations about the hole thing (Secret goverment, the moon, Rods,UFO, statments of people who were in secret projects, mind blowing official Pictures/Videos,Disclosure Project etc....)


Mind blowing especially for people who never been searching out of the Matrix!!!!!!!!


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Corto said:
I have become very familiar with this image evrysince I found it on the net along with the comments stating that this was the alien that was retrieved from UFO that crashed over ex Yugoslavia sometimes in the 60s
I posted all available images on this topic. :
Alien Autopsy Footage
It is claimed that these images came from the nephew of one of the surgeons which conducted the autopsy. It is also claimed that these yugoslav surgeons are on the said set of pictures.

The alien from these pics doesnt look anything like the alien from the famous Roswell Autopsy video.

So why this mix up with the images? Are all these images (both roswell and yugoslavia) part of the carefully orchestrated efforts of gradual release of informations about aliens?

And if the author of this movie has indeed deliberately mixed up said images could it be that he is also the part of the same scheme?
'Available images' came up as missing or unavailable???


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Pashalis said:
I think this is one of the best Documentations about the hole thing (Secret goverment, the moon, Rods,UFO, statments of people who were in secret projects, mind blowing official Pictures/Videos,Disclosure Project etc....)


Mind blowing especially for people who never been searching out of the Matrix!!!!!!!!

Could you please explain why you think it's so mind blowing? It appears to me to be yet another disinformation video with loud musical/sound effects.


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anart said:
Could you please explain why you think it's so mind blowing? It appears to me to be yet another disinformation video with loud musical/sound effects.

Ok I agree that this a bit disinformation, but for some body who first time searching out of the Matrix, this is maybe a animating to think out of the Matrix?

Because it includes many facets of Phenomena, that would be new for somebody like this, and it would be mindblowing for this person, and in best case a animating to think out of the Matrix!?

Ok the loud musical/sound effects, that's true when this thing with this Disclosure Project comes up, I noted that the music is starting to get hopefully.

And "weaponized of space" comes often in the last part of the Film.
And you could think, that the intetion of this Film is, that is it not good to weaponized space because the "Aliens" are good and much more advanced and they would defend thereselfs and that would be not good for human kind. (typical Dr. Steven Greer thinking!)

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Great series, must see!
Here are the films:
UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied I. (2006)
Cover-ups, denials, asking very good questions that makes the fallacy of the government obfuscation obvious. Excellent film!
UFO: the Greatest Story Ever Denied II. - Moon Rising (2009)
Real, full color, high resolution moon photography is revealed. It becomes instantly obvious, why no video or photo is allowed to be published that was made on the Moon's surface, standing right there, recording a video with a camera.
Why NASA immediately becomes super evasive - or outright destroys "original Moon footage" made in Hollywood -, when asked about the capabilities of recent, modern technology, what high resolution Adaptive Optics space telescope photography could show us of the Moon. They don't even allow us to watch no doubt super-high-resolution untouched Hubble photos from the Moon.. They evade the question:
- Why don't you turn Hubble toward the Moon and take some photos?

This ain't a planet..

Nothing is as NASA has shown to us. The only thing NASA and the governments didn't lie us about was that ... prepare yourself...:

There are craters on the Moon..

Duh! There are craters on Earth too! Is Earth black & white in color? You tell me! Are there alien bases on Earth? No! Absolutely its all ridiculous conspiracy theory! Are there UFOs flying on Earth? No! Absolutely its all ridiculous conspiracy theory!

This groundbreaking sequel must be watched:
Explains and shows us first-hand, why the old & original, public footage of the Moon landings had to be Hollywood-made on Earth. Stunning new information is revealed, how NASA lied about everything and how exactly NASA presents highly reduced, blurred, de-colorized, rotated Moon photos, so they look the most boring, uninteresting stuff you ever watched. Just as they do with Mars.

A nice part toward the end, an insider is told by the reporter that - "Well, it appears you lied about parts of the material relating to the Moon missions.."
The insider replies:
- No. That's not true! .. We lied about everything! Nothing is as has been publicized.

Confounding detail:
Again we see the strange, colossal-sized straight lines pointing to the Moon, going out into space, to Mars, etc.. Like some intergalactic super-highway. Apparently alien technology details are very recognizable up there. As you can see from the color Moon photos.

((Its like someone from the government contacted you and have shown you clear images of a man breaking in your car's windshield. Photos where you can see the man is robbing your car, and the government representative is telling into your face:
- As you can see, there was no perpetrator, but the winds were especially strong that day and this strong wind broke in your windshield and blew your belongings from your car.. .. ..
Then you look into the completely serious face of the government employee and you can't believe the discrepancy between what he is telling you and what you actually see on the photos. Such are the color photos of the Moon presented in this second film.

Real, untouched, true-color Moon and deep space photography is very three dimensional - the human eye can take it in easily: all that is not shown us, because it would raise a million questions and instantly it would reveal many NASA lies. The Dark Side of The Moon quickly becomes: The Alien Side of The Moon.
Toward the end, this film shows you the published Hubble-Moon "photography": those images look like as if NASA came to your house and took away your favorite pet! Then the next day NASA comes back and gives you back the by now bleached, taxidermized stuffed pet of yours and tells you:
- Here! Have fun with it!
That is the extent, how the untouched, correctly rotated, true-color images with the real up-and-down angles, identifiable shadows, dark areas and the bright shining artificial lightings - in full color are telling you about the real conditions on the Moon. Especially the massive night-lights and alien structures there.
You can imagine, if untouched, super-sharp, high-res close-to-surface photos were presented to the public about those details you see in this film, people would burn down NASA headquarters in mere days.

The worst mistake ISS crews done is they have shown us night-time images and videos of Earth cities from space. The now revealed "dark-side" of the Moon photos show us eerily similar lights, but those lights are obviously from 'alien civilization'-city and factory night lights!

Plus Linda Moulton Howe talking about the hollow Moon isn't really that unbelievable after watching this.

Sizes & distances:
The narrator explains that in just one of these bigger craters shown, Los Angeles could fit in multiple times.

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied III - UFOs from Outer Space 2016
Another excellent film about the complete lie that governments are presenting to us. High resolution, original NASA space-mission photography and recordings are brought back from obscurity and included. Explained in detail here - with the help of the excellently reasoning researchers, scientists, engineers - that nothing is as the NASA Fairy Tale they have shown to us. Governments tried to obfuscate everything about space missions. This film merely shows your the very obvious, objective video material. Plainly, so you can see with your very eyes, what is going on. Especially with the excellent commentary explaining to you distances and sizes in space. NASA says:
- What you see moving around are mere ice crystals..
Just like they lied to us that comets are snowballs from space.
Researchers in this film explain and show it to you, why the moving objects are not ice crystals at all.

Completely confounding stuff is also pointed out:
1. The very weird colossal-sized straight lines visible in outer deep space. Visible on deep space photography, coming into view with changing zoom levels: it becomes obvious that the the lines are not some measure-marker / telescope camera-edge / imaging-artifact, they are part of the structure of the intergalactic landscape. Remember the strange Dyson sphere theories in news articles popping up on RT.com and elsewhere recently? Yeah. Now you can ponder, why is that Dyson sphere theory being pushed in the media?

Also they remark, that NASA deliberately hides - blackens out - the "sky in space" during space-walks, because apparently they don't want us to know that space looks very three dimensional and stunning in full detail up there: that specific true look of space that immediately would raise a million questions, thus they always blacken the deep space out. You can imagine, what a full-color look toward outer space could look like, when you observe the blurred, deliberately to 'Black & White'-converted NASA space mission footage with the myriads of turning around, self-governing, direction-changing tiny particles flying around..

2. The fast flyers and large atmospheric creatures observed at high altitudes. To me the fast flyers are truly stunning, as they are clearly look like see-creatures, but moving in the air at extreme speeds, their fins visible, when the special 'super-high-speed camera' footage is slowed down extremely and is shown step-by-step.

Connecting the dots:
A lot of weird, unexplained rumors can be explained and tied into these documentaries. Why one of the Russian astronauts mentioned - while they are in the rocket going up into space - that he especially hates the incessant knocking sound on the outer wall of their rocket.

Then how US astronauts frequently remark using NASA approved Flower Language, that they are seeing alien guests again and again.

From the excellent documentary: UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006):

Remark to reporter Sarah McLendon:
"Yeah, Sarah, if people find out what we've done, they'll chase us down the street and lynch us."
/George Herbert Walker Bush/
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