Two things I would like to learn more about

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A Disturbance in the Force
One is if there is a thread on rituals on this forum being discussed. I read much about how they are basically useless if you have knowledge and that knowledge is all that is needed. Yet I have found certain rituals have helped at times if they don't become routine. In others words you use them when needed. Three things I did was Tarpanam which is an ancestor offering along with a karma lime busting ritual and chanting Shreem brzee which is a Lakshmi chant for abundance. I experienced something when doing it for a short time. My father had been in debt of all his life. At no point did he ever have no debt. I started doing the Tarpanam and within two weeks he was not only out of debt but had 10,000 dollars in the bank! I was blown away! How could this be a coincidence? Can some ritual be okay or can you simply have intention based on knowledge that would work just as good?

Second is the Russian Pyramids that were built by Alexander Golod. Specifically about a 73-degree angle. The reason Alexander Golod chose this angle was based on experimental designs that also included the mathematical relationship called the Golden Section. Has anyone attempted to build one for themselves and what were your results?
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