Trump/April Drop Date/Dionysus Syndrome/Earthquakes?


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This is not exactly a "hit" yet but I can't help but connecting the fallout from the fraudulent election and Trump's legal response to a possible cascade of events that keep running through my mind. I would hazard that the PTB can't let the extent of the fraud come to light--ever. It was just incredible According to this episode of the "Dark Journalist" Trump is activating something called National Security Memorandum 57 signed by JFK which means that Special Operations now report to the Secretary of Defense. Appears to be designed to bypass/de-claw the CIA. I really don't understand what Trump is trying to do or the implications. I haven't listened to all of Dark Journalist's video entitled "Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown. Trump uses JFK National Security Memo 57!" youtube video because it's 3 hrs but I've found it interesting so far:

So it looks like Trump may be going nuclear on the deep state and contesting the election at the same time. Or maybe he's just trying to preserve himself. I don't know. I just can't help feeling that a convenient heart attack may be in the cards for him (Aug 5 2017):
(Joe) Trump's rhetoric before the election was about bringing jobs to America and helping people, and I think he was fairly honest. He's a businessman, and his ideology is good business. He sees all these good business deals that America can do around the world. But he's fighting against the rest of the establishment who are all these politicians. He's an outsider. All these establishment politicians are America Firsters in a completely different sense. Their ideology is “America Before Everybody Else”. Particularly now, it's Russia Last. Their primary focus is Russia and China LAST. But the first thing to observe is that, before any potential business deals they could do, they're willing to shoot themselves in the foot businesswise, to make sure Russia does not rise and have good business deals too. And that's totally at odds with what Trump wants to do because he sees all these good business deals going to waste because of this ridiculous anti-Russian America First exceptionalism ideology that these people are aligned with...

(L) Not only that, in foreign policy, he was asking why we're fighting wars; he was all about bringing troops home, working on infrastructure, really “make America great” in all the ways that count to the people. But then, the first thing he does, he starts buying the generals. So it's like, either he thinks he has some really super-clever strategy, but it doesn't seem to be working at all...

A: We said he would "try", but succeed? Not likely.

Q: (L) What are the chances of him being impeached?

A: Even.

Q: (L) Um, assassinated?

A: More likely a convenient death due to stress factors.

Q: (L) Like a heart attack or something. {Like Chavez and his cancer?}

(Niall) Is the USA on the verge of revolution?

A: Close.

I can just see it now on the MSM: "former president Trump dies from heart failure, believed to be a complication of COVID and the stress of his many pending federal court cases contesting the election, the results of which he could not accept." I hope that this does not happen.

Has anyone noticed that the earthquakes seem to be increasing as all of this election madness/Dionysius syndrome is playing out?

From 23 May 2020:
(Andromeda) Do you want to ask about that smell?

(L) Several places: Los Angeles...

(Andromeda) North of France.

(Niall) Paris

(Joe) A lot of places in France, actually.

(Andromeda) That was about 2 or 3 weeks ago?

(Joe) Yeah.

A: Realm curtain breached.

Q: (L) Remember that the devil is supposed to be accompanied by the smell of sulfur... and Bigfoot!

(Niall) And window fallers.

(Joe) It's a chemical byproduct of trans-density movement?

A: Yes
From 14 April 2018.
A: Dionysius syndrome activated! Earth reacting! All on track!

Q: (Pierre) Dionysus is usually about hedonism, isn't it?

(L) Not exactly, it was about frenzied... just chaos. Chaos!

(Pierre) About parties, orgies, and pleasure?

(L) No. It was about death and destruction and even cannibalism. They would find a victim and cut him in pieces and eat him! Ok, so I suppose that you are specifically referring to the political behavior of the US, the UK, and France and their attack on Syria?

A: Yes and so much more.

Q: (Pierre) Their first reply goes beyond the Syrian conflict. Like the whole human population is starting to embrace this syndrome.

(L) So, we need to explore the Dionysian thing a little more to have more understanding of what that could possibly mean. Of course, what's going on right now might put a different understanding on the ancient reports.

(Joe) Mm-hmm.

(L) Alright. [Turns gauss meter back on - it automatically turns off after a few minutes] So, do we have any questions?

(Joe) I was going to ask how many of the USA's missiles were shot down in Syria?

A: 70 percent roughly.

Q: (L) So in other words, as some of these web sites have been suggesting, it was just much ado about nothing.

A: Fed the syndrome.

Q: (L) So there are people who revel in death and destruction?

A: Indeed.

Q: (Pierre) From what you describe in the Dionysus tradition, they were cutting a victim in pieces and eating him. But right now they're short of victims in Syria.

(L) I don't think that's... I was just giving you a brief, quick summary of what I knew from history. That's why I say that this may give it an all-new interpretation.

(Artemis) Well, hedonism and orgies is just a few steps before...

(L) It wasn't so much about hedonism. It was about...

(Joe) General mayhem.

(L) Yeah, it was about being driven crazy. It was madness.

(Andromeda) The Maenads...

(L) It was just MADNESS!

(Pierre) When did it reach its highest point?

(L) I dunno. It was still going on in ancient Rome. They passed laws against it.

(Pierre) But Ancient Rome around Julius Caesar's time, or later?

(L) Yeah, and I think even later. It may have even gone underground.

(Joe) It kind of erupted periodically.

(L) Yeah, it was a indulgence, going mad, chaos, death, destruction, mayhem...

(Artemis) Hedonism, and then the next step is going mad.

(Pierre) Maybe a question would be: Is the main cause for this rise in Dionysus Syndrome cosmic?

A: Partly. We told you that the STS forces [Gauss meters squeals when spelling out "forces"] would become desperate as the change approaches. Consider the madness of the so-called "liberal" faction in the USA and elsewhere.

Q: (Andromeda) So that's an example of the Dionysus Syndrome.

(L) Oh yeah, I mean think about it! I've seen some videos of those {liberal snowflakes} people acting freaking just absolutely NUTS!

(Artemis) It's their indulgence, bad habits, hedonism...

(L) "And don't say anything mean to me"...

(Artemis) And snowflakery, and, "don't judge me"...

(Joe) It's an entitlement syndrome where you feel in the moment that you're entitled to express it and get it and have those needs met. No restraint.

(Andromeda) Is that what you mean by the Dionysus Syndrome?

A: Close

I just feel if Trump is killed, the earth is going to react big time, and perhaps those earthquakes are going to get going in Southern California. Has anyone watched the Joe Brandt dream?:

What struck me is Joe recalling the smell of sulfur and poster for a leggy blonde on Hollywood Boulevard. Interestingly enough, there is a Netflix series coming out in 2021 about Marilyn Monroe based on the Joyce Carol Oates books: Blonde (upcoming film) - Wikipedia

Don't know if anyone else getting these feelings. I've definitely been way off on my intuitive feelings before!
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