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I don't know if this picture has been put up here or not. I don't remember seeing this particular one and I think it is beautiful so wanted to share it here.

"China's Heavenly Pit holds the title for the world's deepest sinkhole, diving a remarkable 2,172 feet (662 meters) into the ground. It's so vast that it could fit the entire Empire State Building and still have room left over! This natural wonder is home to 1,285 plant species, including the ginkgo, and rare animals like the clouded leopard and the Chinese Giant Salamander. Because it's in a remote area, many species found here haven't been seen anywhere else, offering exciting opportunities for new scientific discoveries."

This looks like a picture of a cave entrance. Is it? If so did you go into the cave?

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Well, since I am curious by nature, I would have done it, but if you look at the other photo before that, it is very high in the mountain and with access only for experienced mountaineers.

So no.

Also in this area there are bears and... who knows if it would be dangerous.
There you go Wandering Star. Plenty opportunities for cold water therapy!!!! Where are you? It's gorgeous.
It is mountain melt water.

Between 3 and 5 degrees of temperature.

My wife put her feet in and lasted a couple of minutes before she stopped feeling them.

I tried it with my hand and in a minute I had it frozen.

In summer I have bathed in some of these rivers and at first it is bad, but after five minutes it is wonderful.

You begin to notice a wonderful warmth, the only problem is that this happens because you are freezing. :-D
A while ago I was near the coast next to the sea and I saw a funny shadow on the cliff.

It reminds me of a hare or the wings of the Celtic helmets from the Asterix comics.

The photo does not do justice to what the eye sees, but it is more or less appreciated.:lol:IMG_20240512_170804.jpgIMG_20240512_170727.jpg
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