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Winter nordic landscapes. All images Mikko Lagerstedt




yukigesiki タイトルなし.jpg



I usually look at this view from my house in Tokyo. Kakunodate Buke Yashiki Street in Akita Prefecture. It is a sightseeing spot in an area with heavy snowfall. The house where I was born is located in Rokugo (near the old battlefield of the "Later Three Years' War"), about 30 minutes by car from here, and I have to ask to remove the snow or the house will be destroyed, so I am constantly monitoring. The weeping cherry tree will be in bloom in the spring.



In addition, my father's family home was in Mizusawa Esashi near the old battlefield of the Former Nine Years' War. According to Shinzo Abe, it is the battle where his ancestors were destroyed by the Genji clan.

Le « cactus en spirale » (Cereus forbesii Spiralis) commence sa vie en étant un cactus droit, et une fois qu’il atteint une hauteur d’environ 10 cm, il commencent à spiraler et devient presque une œuvre d’art


Voici la Cathédrale Verte : une plantation artistique de 178 peupliers qui imite la taille et la forme de la Cathédrale de Reims. Une création hors-normes de l’artiste Marinus Boezem située près d’Almere, aux Pays-Bas Plus d’infos :

Building as high as possible projects prestige and power. The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, soars 828 meters (2,716 feet) into the sky.

If the sessions of the C's are to be believed, at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle lies a relic of Atlantis, this crystalline pyramid is 1.5 KM high (4 921 feet). So the Atlanteans built even higher.

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