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Earth is a Bride

La Novia waterfall in Cajamarca, Peru has a drop of more than 50 meters high and its peculiar shape that resembles a bride's veil.

A waterfall as impressive as it was beautiful awaited hidden in the village of Vigaspampa, district of Sucre, in the province of Celendín, in Cajamarca. It was not until 2017 that a video published by Human Rights professor Gustavo Vela on tiwtter made La Novia de Celendín waterfall famous.

Edited video with music and birds

"El velo de novia" (bride's veil) waterfall in Chiapas Mexico


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Merci pour toutes ces merveilles, je n'arrivai pas à retrouver le titre de cette page aussi j'ai mis quelques beautés sur ma page
Je vous remets :

Thank you for all these wonders, I can't find the title of this page so I put some beauties on my page
I give you :

Ce chêne a 800 ans... Il s'appelle Majesty... Il est situé à Fredville Park à Nonington dans le Kent... ( Royaume Uni)
This oak is 800 years old... Its name is Majesty... It is located in Fredville Park in Nonington, Kent... (United Kingdom)

Cueillette des nymphéas au Vietnam.
Picking water lilies in Vietnam.

Un arbre de 4 852 ans situé dans l'ancienne montagne Aras Cypress au parc national de Tandooreh, en Iran..
A 4,852-year-old tree located in the ancient Aras Cypress Mountain in Tandooreh National Park, Iran...

La fleur de baobab fleurit une fois tous les 50 ans Image Giorgio Carpi
The baobab flower blooms once every 50 years

Cet arbre incroyable porte ses enfants sur sa paume...
This incredible tree carries its children on its palm...


Cyprès de Montezuma millénaire Circonférence la plus grande du monde de 45m Lieu : Mexique
Cypress of Montezuma millennium Largest circumference of the world of 45m Location: Mexico
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