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Ex-MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson as reported in Signs of the Times in November last year.

I was a bit of a swot at school but at least it got me into Cambridge University in the days when it was still free. I learnt to fly with Cambridge University Air Squadron, and it is still one of my favourite activities. Despite lots of beer and sport, I managed to get a first class honours in Aeronautical engineering.

I should have pursued an aviation career, but unfortunately one of the MI6 recruiters at Cambridge "spotted" me in my final year and invited me to "do something useful for my country". I astutely declined and went off for a few years for further study doing a Masters at M.I.T, travelling in central and south America, sailing around on a square-rigger, scuba-diving and generally doing lots of fun things that I don't regret at all.

Back in the UK, I started working in a yuppie suit job which was well-paid but drably safe and grey. Needing a bit of colour and excitement, I joined the boy-scouts for grown-ups - also known as the Territorial Army Special Air Service. I got badges for running up and down hills with a bergen, jumping out of aeroplanes, camping in the woods, and lighting fires (big ones, with Semtex).

I ended up getting asked to join MI6 again, and this time accepted. I had a great few years (read about it my autobiography "The Big Breach"). But then humiliatingly and for reasons that are still murky to this day, I was pompously booted out without explanation.

Nothing gets me more annoyed than glib pomposity, and their parting words "don't worry - we'll find you a good job in the City" still annoy me intensely, as if I would share their own narrow and venal career aspirations. I decided not to take their crass advice - but to fight back. So I tried to take them to an employment tribunal. They responded even more pompously, claiming that a court case in an employment tribunal would "damage national security", and so used the Official Secrets Act to block my appeal. This got me even more determined! As I had no more legal recourse open to me, I decided to go public and drafted a book about my experience with them. They responded by jailing me under the Official Secrets Act - for a year in a maximum security jail. When I got out, I was even more determined!

So I set out to leave the UK to publish my autobiography. This got them even more pompous and self-important! They spent the next seven years and loadsamoney in British tax-payers money chasing me around France, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. All of this only stopped when I finally succeeded in publishing my autobiography - "The Big Breach". Once my book was published, they could no longer convince gullible judges, politicians and police forces that I was "a threat to national security". Everybody could read the truth - and suddenly they could no longer persecute me.

But how much simpler if blogging had existed when I started this campaign! If I had been able to blog - this escalation would have never happened.

I now live in the south of France, where I work as a yachtbroker.
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