They're coming for our children. Institutionalized sexual grooming.


The Living Force
I just ran across this current item about a recent exposure of extreme sex education being pushed on children through schools. It is without a doubt full-on grooming excused under a thin veil of 'reason', all defended of course by the MSM.

Going through the comments, one learns that this particular school actually employed Jeffrey Epstein for a time. -While this may be an extreme example, it is dismissed at our peril. -I know a teacher who worked in the regular Canadian public school system, and he was all for teaching gender bending to kids; it would seem the mask is nearly all the way off now, the Left is composed of those who are out of control or who have almost no resistance to the 'Progressive' ideological slide towards pure mayhem.

Tim is impassioned about this and advocates for the forming home schooling 'pods' to remove kids from the insanity of public schools and put them back into the direct care of parents who actually have the true welfare of their children at heart. That seems like a very good idea to me.


This looks like a trend, started much earlier and encompassing a variety of areas of modern life. Movies, music, video games, celebrity culture, all designed to mislead children and induce interest in sexuality from a young age. These children then will be grown up to become sexually aberrant individuals, with no hope of forming healthy relationships. Men will form irrational and contradictory expectations towards women and vice versa.
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