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Hi All,

I am relatively new to this type of pursuit, that is, research on aliens, channeling, etc, etc. Now, the whole farce which we call our government, THAT I am NOT new to, nor am I new to seeking knowledge, understanding the self, etc. At the time I took my degree we had a little "initiation" for all 4 of my classmates in Classical Studies and as my chosen motto? "Gnwthi Sautov" or Know Thyself, which I am sure many of you are familiar with at least by reference if not location, etc.

So in that vein I realize there are MANY in the world today who are well-intentioned but not quite as knowledgeable as they claim or would like to be; many who deliberately mislead, and then there are the few shooting stars, here and there, with genuine knowledge, true humility (therefore no private or self-centred agenda) and it is these who are rare. My point is that I am seeking someone trust-worthy in hypnotherapy. There are other avenues of interest currently as well, but this is of particular interest to me today. I have had one encounter with a hypnotist but this was years and years ago as part of a "party".

Are there folks here who would/could recommend, based upon experience, someone qualified in the field? Preferably in the States as I am currently here, but that is in no way a necessary criteria. Clearly and often we see in the world today, "their name is Legion" when it comes to those claiming to know, but don't.

So I am hoping this forum might save some "heartache" from finding out the "hard" way who knows what they are on about and who does not.

Serious response is appreciated.

Thanks. Avi.


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I don't know if this question can be answered to your satisfaction.
The criteria that has to be satisfied for you to be able to trust someone in particular may be different from mine.
I would love to have a hypnotherapist close by that I could use to help me in my work, but for various reasons, I don't think that's going to happen. If, however, I decided I really, really needed one, I would simply make appointments with several within traveling distance and then go interview them. I would only use someone else's recommendation to prioritize the interview process because in the final analysis, it seems the proper way for me to be responsible for my own choices.
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