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Regarding Patreon's purge of Sargon, here's an interesting thread showing connections to the major credit card companies Mastercard/Visa:

Although some of it might be a bit over the top/"pattern recognition run amok", I think the case could be made that Mastercard/Visa are among the main players driving this censorship madness. Geez, these companies are soaked in SJW ideology!

Of course, I can't help but think that this is a hit for the Cs - they talked about VISA being evil/the mark of the beast etc. decades ago (see session 16 October 1994). Who would have thought that it's not some evil men in a backroom smoking cigars who will control us, but mega-corporations increasingly infected with leftist SJW ideology that even their bosses are probably helpless against!?

To see all this in hyperdimensional terms finally makes so much more sense. It's not some weird lizard beings coming down to enslave us; it's ideas and thought patterns that act like viruses which then infect their "hosts" - companies, governments etc. These then abuse their power to enslave us along the lines of the "mind virus", see Visa/Mastercard. And how could it be otherwise if 4D is a plane of existence where thoughts/physicality merge?

The whole session is worth rereading in this light. Boy does it make sense now! Here's a snippet:

Q: (L) What is the meaning of the number 666 in the book of Revelation?

A: Visa.

Q: (L) You mean as in credit card?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are credit cards the work of what 666 represents?

A: Yes?

Q: (L) Should we get rid of all credit cards?

A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Would it be more to our advantage than not to disconnect ourselves from the credit system?

A: Isn't just credit also debit.

Q: (L) Is that an affirmative.

A: How are you going to do this?

Q: (L) Well, do you have any suggestions?

A: World will soon have nothing but credit and debit have you not heard of this new visa debit cards this is the future of money as controlled by the world banking system i.e. the brotherhood i.e. Lizards i.e. antichrist.

Q: (L) If I don't have a credit card then I don't have to belong to this system?

A: No. You will have no choices: belong or starve.

Q: (L) What happened to free will?

A: Brotherhood aka Lizards aka antichrist has interfered with free will for 309000 years. They are getting desperate as we near the change.

Q: (V) It has always been my nature to rebel against that which I did not feel was good for me. Is rebellion against this system possible?

A: If you are willing to leave the body.

Q: (L) Leave the body as in death, croak, kick the bucket?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If we were to move...

A: Changes will follow turmoil be patient.

Q: (L) We would like to move into the country. Will it be possible to get along without this credit/debit card leading that kind of life?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are they going to have the kind of capability of controlling everything and everybody no matter where they are?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Even if we moved to Guyana and built a log hut in the rain forest and didn't bother anybody, we'd still get sucked into this thing?

A: Laura you will feel the effect of the Lizard beings desperate push for total control no matter where you go.

Q: (L) That is inexpressibly depressing. Do you understand?

A: Why? Change will follow.

Q: (L) Will it follow soon?

A: You are slipping a bit. Refer to Literature "Bringers of the Dawn". Challenge will be ecstasy if viewed with proper perspective which is not, we repeat: not of third level reality, understand?

Q: (L) In the reference cited, Joan of Arc is described as feeling ecstatic while burning at the stake. Is that what you mean?

A: Sort of, but you need not burn at the stake.

Q: (L) That's small comfort. There's other ways to die.

A: We are not speaking of death, Laura. If you listen to those who are firmly rooted in 3rd level this is when you run the risk of slipping in your knowledge learned no matter how good the intentions i.e. L*** {Laura’s then husband, now ex-husband}.

Q: (L) What do you mean about L***?

A: Guyana.

Q: (L) What do you mean "Challenge will be ecstasy"? What sort of challenge?

A: Living through the turmoil ahead.

Q: (L) Several books I have read have advised moving to rural areas and forming groups and storing food etc...

A: Disinformation. Get rid of this once and for all. That is 3rd level garbage.

Q: (L) We feel pretty helpless at the mercy of beings who can come in and feed off of us at will. Do we have someone on our side, pulling for our team, throwing us energy or something?

A: Who do you think you have been communicating with?

Q: (L) Are you going to be able to assist us through this turmoil?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are you going to?

A: Up to you.

Q: (L) If we call, can we get your assistance?

A: All you have to do is ask.

Q: (L) Will we go through any periods when we may be cut off from help?

A: You are never ever cut off.

Q: (L) Oh, I don't want to suffer!

A: You need not suffer. Stop thinking 3rd level.

Q: (L) I don't want anybody I love to suffer either. I don't want any pain. I've suffered enough!

A: You are stuck at 3rd level tonight.

All of this IMO points in the direction that we are at a major crossroads right now; "changes following turmoil" might be in the cards? How much more turmoil is there going to be?


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Two more thoughts on this: first, the whole credit card thing is not only about our ability to pay. Perhaps that's not even the main danger here. It's also about our ability to receive payments in the age of the internet. I.e., the overlords can shut down businesses at a whim if they don't comply with their ideology. That's of course especially dangerous for dissidents dependent on donations, for online shops etc. Maybe the Cs foresaw that back when they made their comments about the cashless society?

Second, all of this ties into the whole brainwashed millennial generation. I used to think that the problem is that everyone got brainwashed into capitalist ideology, i.e. "all that counts is profit". There may be some truth to that. But actually, the main problem seems to be the opposite: young people are being brainwashed into "saving the world", "making a difference", "having a positive impact" and all that superficial crap. So what happens if more and more of these ideologically possessed folks enter the credit card companies and Big Tech? They will seek to "make the world a better place" by pushing their values onto the world and going after the "bad guys", i.e. those who question their ideology and in their insane minds are hindering progress towards a future of love and light, no pain and no controversies, no criticism and no hard feelings, with everyone in an eternal, dead bliss.

I mean, it's bad enough when those ideological zealots enter politics, but at least that's the proper place for debating such ideas in a democracy. But if they take over powerful corporations? Then they can just rule the world without ever being held accountable or questioned. We are at a point where it's not only about making money anymore in the mega-corporations, but about "creating your own reality based on your delusions".


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Although some of it might be a bit over the top/"pattern recognition run amok", I think the case could be made that Mastercard/Visa are among the main players driving this censorship madness. Geez, these companies are soaked in SJW ideology!

It sure looks like it. Patreon admitted in the below tweet that Mastercard "required them to remove" the account of the Jihad Watch founder, Robert Spencer:

Robert Spencer replied to this tweet:

Here's a relevant article from JihadWatch by Spencer:

MasterCard says it blacklisted Robert Spencer because of “illegal content”

Another one on this the topic from CBN News:

Visa & Mastercard Reportedly Refuse Service to David Horowitz - Newest Victim of SPLC's Anti-Conservative Purge?

Apart from Spencer's Jihad Watch, Patreon was influenced by Mastercard to other more sites too:

The subscription crowdfunding platform Patreon confirmed that they are increasing efforts to review content, due to payment processor pressure. (...)

In the aftermath of Charlottesville payment operators, such as PayPal or Visa, were said to ban hate groups from using their platforms.

I also came across this article: Visa, PayPal and More Are Banning Hate Groups. Will It Work?

In the aftermath of a recent white supremacist rally that turned violent, several technology companies moved to curb the use of their services by extremist groups. But some say the firms’ decisions will have at best a muted effect on hate organizations, thanks in part to the practical limitations of their policing efforts and the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Payment processing firms including Visa, Discover, PayPal and others have recently said they are working to prohibit violent hate groups from using their services. That followed last weekend’s rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia that left three dead. Reuters reports that crowdfunding platform GoFundMe also shut down accounts created to support James Alex Fields, who is accused of driving a vehicle into counter-protesters, killing one. (Separately, two police officers were killed when their helicopter crashed while responding to the rallies.)

Still, experts argue that these steps won’t fully block people from financially supporting hate groups. Brendan Miller, a Forrester Research (FORR, +1.94%)analyst who covers payment systems, said that’s in part because people signing up for PayPal and similar services often omit their intent. “It can be hard for Paypal to know that a specific account holder is a white supremacist,” Miller said via email. But he added that payment providers certainly can and have shut down hate-mongering websites.

Cynthia Miller-Idriss, associate professor of education and sociology at American University, also pointed out that it will be hard to track the impact of payment companies’ restrictions on extremists. It’s not as if these groups issue detailed financial statements, after all.

Meanwhile, financial services firms also face the tough task of deciding which groups violate their rules and which are merely unpalatable, a free speech debate similar to the one being hashed out by executives and users at social media companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Given that the phrase 'hate speech' is thrown around to describe anything not liberal enough these days the words of a member of this forum don't sound very unlikely: "Next is performing a "opinion report" as part of the credit check where they deny your credit card request because you followed Alex Jones on Twitter."

Paul Joseph Watson has an interesting video on Chinese Social Credit System:

Among multiple other cases, it reminds me of this tweet by Peter Sweden:



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I recall some time ago, while trying to follow what happened to Faith Goldy, (one of the coal mine canaries banned and un-personed) that the CC companies and intermediaries like "Stripe", (who I'd never heard of until then), held a sort of silent majority above the silicon valley geeks.

Faith tried to set up a new funding option after she was booted from her original partner, (I believe it was also Patreon), and just as with Subscribestar, the conservative option she fled to (I can't recall its name), despite its promises to work with her fairly, was immediately shut down because the intermediary service everybody uses, a company called "Stripe", refused to play ball. -I believe the service supplied by Stripe is that they provide the infrastructure and software to allow access between card readers and banks and that they are something close to a monopoly.

Consequently there are giants who most people have never even heard of, who aren't in the social media twitter chain, who remain the ultimate gate keepers when it comes to moving digital money around. And they're backing the SJW line.

When Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin declared their intentions to set up an alternative service, I thought immediately that they were being overly optimistic in their projected time frame to say the least. I suspect certain entrenched players are going to have to be won over before the gates open on such a project.

I rather wish Jordan Peterson and others had shone a light on Faith Goldy's travails during her election run in Toronto, where Regressive Liberal corruption showed its horrible face in full glory by executing blatantly illegal acts which the justice of the peace turned its nose up at even hearing.


With more global attention on her case, we might be a step or two ahead now with entities like Stripe.


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This is a bit left of center (or right of center? :lol:), but I thought I'd share a video on the Mukbang craze by Felix (PewDiePie). The topics of his videos vary wildly, but this one really caught my attention because it touches on quite a few interesting topics explored on this forum. And you get a good laugh out of it too.

Wikipedia said:
Mukbang [mʌk̚.p͈aŋ] is an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large amounts of foods while interacting with their audience. Usually done through an internet webcast, mukbang became popular in South Korea in the 2010s. Foods ranging from pizza to noodles are consumed in front of a camera for an internet audience.

Although he spends most of this video making fun of Mukbang, he raises some interesting points about the fetishization and obsession with food (3D STS materialism and consumption), self-medicating and substance abuse via overeating, and even the state of YouTube and censorship. Or to be more specific: the fundamental misunderstanding of copyright as "something I disagree with" ... which is ultimately one person's desire to censor and remove something because they don't like it.

Not to mention the complete lack of experience that younger generations (including my own) have in taking any kind of criticism. This is something I personally didn't understand until my mid-twenties, that criticism was essential to becoming better and more skilled at something. Of course this runs counter to the prevailing message today: that any criticism is an attack and we should believe in ourselves at all costs because we're already perfect, something that Diversity & Comics frequently observes with SJW creators on his channel. In this Mukbang video, we see one popular personality going as far as to censor a parody of herself, and then supplant it with a weak attempt to parody herself in an effort to control the signal.

Given there is no mediation from YouTube when it comes to these copyright strikes, it's pretty much a free-for-all automatic approval where anyone can be accused of copyright strikes, and those accused are presumed guilty. Which ... sounds a little familiar these days.

Also, watching people slurp gallons of noodles dripping in MSG-laden sauce is gross. :shock:


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Paul Joseph Watson has an interesting video on Chinese Social Credit System:

Given what's happened in the West in recent years, is this not similar to Patreon revoking accounts on behalf of Mastercard, etc? Youtube demonetizing based on 'ideological non-conformity'? Or Twitter shadow-banning (or outright banning) based on publicly nebulous (but secretly consistent) 'rules'? Is it not essentially the same 'social credit infrastructure', only covert? (and thus worse??)


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I believe the service supplied by Stripe is that they provide the infrastructure and software to allow access between card readers and banks and that they are something close to a monopoly.

Stripe is just an online payment processor, like PayPal. It also happened to be initially funded by (surprise) Peter Thiel of PayPal fame and Sequoia Capital (a biggie venture capital company that's funded damn near everything in Silicon Valley).

We actually use Stripe as an alternative payment method for donations on SOTT.

At the end of the day, all successful payment processors will be in bed with whomever is pulling the strings, either directly or via the fact that they have to work with the likes of Visa and Mastercard. Smaller payment processors - conservative or not - will most likely use one of the bigger providers to handle payments.

So, if somebody "pushes the button" on you, chances are you'll be kicked off all money transfer systems. That's just the world we live in, I'm afraid.


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JP and Dave Rubin just announced that they will be leaving Patreon on the 15th January!
Dave Rubin stated it was about making a stand against the ever-encroaching limitations on freedom of speech. They also discussed the importance of questioning what kind of internet do we want, who gets to decide who gets blocked/ de-platformed and where do we draw the line?


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And now they've gone after Mikhaila Peterson

There might be a more mundane reason for this, as someone on FB noted to her:

You had a "Live" Video that you started and never used on Dec 9th. I saw it there last month and it was confusing as the video said it was waiting for Host to start. It seems that is the video that they deleted. So most likely you are not banned but you are not allowed to leave open "Live" streams for a month. Hope that helps. Anyhow you have 4 videos up. Looking forward to the next one.

Now of course I'm not discounting that there could be more to this, but the above seems realistic.


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There might be a more mundane reason for this, as someone on FB noted to her:

Now of course I'm not discounting that there could be more to this, but the above seems realistic.

You're right, it does seem to be a good explanation. The comment was posted 3 hours ago and Mikhaila hasn't replied yet. I'm curious to find out if it's correct that she's not banned but only limited.


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This could be a game changer regarding YouTube's monopoly status. JBP has now 'migrated' his videos to BitTube. It started with the tweet above and yesterday JBP tweeted this:

and then:

I don't know enough about BitTube and Bitcoin to say if it's good or bad, but my first impression is that this could lead to something positive. I found an article from August describing BitTube:

From: BitTube Airtime Explained: Get Paid for Your Time Without Third Party Involvement on the Uncensored…
BitTube Airtime Explained: Get Paid for Your Time Without Third Party Involvement on the Uncensored P2P Network

BitTube Airtime will launch 13 August. I decided to learn more about it. This is an interview with the Bit.Tube Team. Enjoy reading and share on social media if you like or learn from this interview.

To remind us, could you wrap up the vision of BitTube in few lines?

Our vision is to bring video sharing to the next level where monetization is fair to everyone. The goal is to utilize the blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that is secure and transparent for the users and moreover to offer an ad-free experience. BitTube is part of a bigger vision: the one that people want to express themselves freely.

What did you accomplish since the start of the project?

We have been working on the platform for a year before we launch it publicly. After the initial development, we went through a massive rebrand which came naturally and established the brand. Then we polished the algorithm and did some necessary forks that protect the mining and issuing of the coins. We wanted to get rid of the mining in the media player which benefits mobile devices, and overall user experience. Every week we publish an update article where we describe the progress and the improvements we make day by day.

What is Airtime and how does it work?

Airtime is a game changer in the way how video popularity is measured. It replaces the view count with actually the total amount of time a video has been watched. This gives a much better perception of how the content is able to maintain the interest of the viewer. It removes the clickbait videos whose title aim you to click just for the sake of the number of views. We go much beyond measuring the total watch time. It is a complex system evaluating content creators and bringing transparency to the whole community or businesses, whoever wants to get access to the rewards explorer. It puts a frame of the rewards distribution and a fair ground for incentivizing the videos which stand with high quality and importance.

How does this benefit all the parties using BitTube?

The Airtime model which governs the monetization system on BitTube is clear and unlikely to change. It gives trust and motivation for the video creators that put so much effort and time to produce engaging material. So far they fear censorship and demonetization on any other platform even after years of work. All users are involved in the P2P network, and no third party is involved, what more benefit we would ask for? It puts the power in the hands of the community.

What other developments and nice things can we expect from BitTube in the future?

We have developed a whole set of tools available for the professional producers or copyright holders. They can decide which content to monetize through Airtime and which to offer as a premium. Those and more features will be available for the Pro membership. We expect at the end of the year to make it possible earnings on the BItTube platform or any balance in the online wallet to be spendable via our Debit Card in any POS system or ATM wherever MasterCard is accepted. Owners of the card will have the option to take part in the video moderation against piracy and inappropriate content.

As for upcoming features and products next developments will be focused on deploying apps for Smart TV, Win, and Mac. Then opening a creators marketplace for businesses and product placement. BitTube will be the one-stop solution for the viewers as well offering a broad range of free and premium videos/ channels. And lastly, I can give you a hint: Content from music and movie labels will follow.

Ideally, could you describe what BitTube and its usage will look like 5 years from now?

There are definitely interesting times ahead. It will be the biggest P2P network in the world as video sharing and consumption grows exponentially. From the developers’ point of view that will bring large data for improving and bringing the network to its unlimited capacity. Like most of the successful platforms right now BitTube will “employ” and provide full-time or additional income to millions of people passionate about making cool footage. And for the video and movies enthusiasts a user-friendly and accessible rich data selection of entertainment.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Like and share it so other people can learn about it as well.
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