The wave and the work. A divergence of energies

Out of this daily experience, I realize that I feel unstoppable. Maybe up to four to eight hours afterwards. Fear feels less powerful over my mind. Another thing happens, I see endless beauty in plants, animals, and in the eyes of smiling people, especially children. I had to sit down this Sunday at a park and cry because I couldn’t take how beautiful everything was.
These are strange and scary times to live in. Like you Steph I often feel drawn to tears. I love nature and animals and spend as much time as possible delving into both. The beauty of nature in the English countryside in spring is incomparable and makes me intensely happy. I do fight with negative feelings though. It is like a glimmer of unease that is present most of the time. Not actually outright fear but a subtle feeling of something very wrong deep down. I imagine this is my personal reaction and recognition to what is going on in our world and the evil that is entwining humanity. I don't allow it to possess me but I cannot completely ignore it because it never goes away. It is not a great way to live but we were all reincarnated here at this time for a reason and we have to deal with the situations sent to us in the best and most soul enhancing ways, while at the same time trying to find ways to assist others who may be struggling. My go to is definitely prayer. I have always believed in the positive power of prayer and I try to make as much time as possible for prayer in my life. It can be done anywhere at any time but as a lover of ancient places of power I feel it is particularly potent in ancient country churches. I enjoy history and church architecture and spend quite a lot of spare time perusing churches. The atmosphere of peace and sanctity in an ancient church is exquisite and I never leave without a prayer and often light a candle if they have that facility. The feeling of sanctity transcends any religion and makes prayer more powerful - to my mind anyway.
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