The Wachowskis and The Matrix (1999)


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I have a few curious questions about the creators of The Matrix (see down further). I recall a Cs session when Laura and the gang first watched the movie and were blown away by some of the concepts it portrayed. I can't find the session here on the forum, so unfortunately I can't quote it. I also remember discussion of beaming tech being used on Charlie Sheen and that FBI 9/11 whistleblower who started cross-dressing, but I can't find those sessions either. I guess we can safely conclude I'm terrible at using the search function on this forum. 😜

With that said, I'm fascinated by how startlingly accurate many of the things were in The Matrix. I also find it fascinating that there was such a noticeable drop in quality with everything the Wachowskis have made since. I'm hesitant to say they were one-hit wonders because Cloud Atlas wasn't that bad, but compared to The Matrix, it really does feel like they were one-hit wonders. I can't help but wonder whether The Matrix attracted a little too much unwanted attention and they were hit with the crazy beam right between the eyes.

It's worth noting that they wrote their first draft of The Matrix in 1994. It's rough around the edges, but the core premise and concepts are there. First public script was dated 1996. They also wrote V for Vendetta somewhere between 1997 and 1998. Also in that time they wrote a low budget thriller called Bound (with a same sex relationship that became a cult hit among lesbians) and another Hitchcock-style script called Plastic Man, which was never shot. They were married during the 90s and by the time my literary agent/mentor met them in 1999, he observed signs that their relationships were not going well.

The Matrix Reloaded was released in 2003. While featuring some stunning visual set-pieces (I loved their car chases and fight scenes), it seemed sloppy, awkwardly hedonistic (an interesting foreshadowing of their near-pornographic Sense8 over a decade later), bloated, and unfocused. There's also an early script for The Matrix 2 that is entirely different and involves Agent Smith riding a Harley Davidson. Fun, but better suited to a tie-in comic book. It seems that if you're looking for anything that might correlate with the Cs, you won't find it in any of their other work.

I'm sure there are more important things to ask the Cs, but here are my questions nonetheless:

1. The Matrix (1999 movie) has some insights into our reality that align with a lot of what the Cs have communicated. What were the Wachowskis' sources for these particularly accurate insights?

2. Were the Wachowskis targeted by 3/4D STS?

2a. Were their brains scrambled by beaming technology a la Charlie Sheen?

2b. If they were targeted, did this targeting influence their transgenderism?


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I got about a third through that rant, and decided that it was not for me. That is my "nice" report on the Matrix sequels. Going away from the Matrix movies, I do think "V for Vendetta" is a great work.


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I think that all of the prominent creative types have some sort of genetic predisposition that allows them to penetrate a semi-impermeable barrier that separates our physical reality from some sort of idea realm. This is a form of channeling and it's not necessarily contingent on them having anything real in them or being particularly developed as a person. I think Hollywood has a system for selecting this type of actor; they are empty shells but so good at their jobs because they have a propensity to connect with this idea realm and become that character because they are that character, as long as the impressions are flowing and infusing their bodies. To an extent they are possessed by the idea of that character, and this whole process is something of an ecstatic experience. They are easily controlled by Hollywood influencers and Deep State Operatives who can stimulate or direct the experience, who then proceed to fill them with their own ideas and propaganda. The Cassiopaeans have said that the creative force is closely associated with sexual energy, and the ability may carry a sexual tinge as one's libido may be raised or one may have an unusual depth or stamina in this area as a byproduct of being able to access this realm. A few actors may have something more crystalized in terms of essence, but they are a less coveted type because it acts as a filter on the impressions received which makes them more difficult to control and actually serves as an impediment to being able to jump effortlessly into any role. These types need more preparation and acculturation.

In the case of the Wachowskis, as writers I suspect they had a very keen ability to "pierce the veil" and transduce information from the cosmic information field. Anyone able to access a higher level of reality will not be tolerated by 4D STS, and they inserted themselves into the flow that was being channeled by the Wachowskis, occluding it with their own ideas and impressions. The Wachowskis, lacking the discernment to differentiate what part of the ecstatic experience was the transmission of genuine objective information and what was merely a simulation by 4D STS, opened their field to all energies indiscriminately and gradually became possessed in a way whenever they tried to access the information field. This served to turn the creative process into a caricature of itself, and the finishing touches were put on by the more prosaic but trendy propaganda of the day. Hence, the result we see is hip transsexual Wachowskis who lack most of their original substance.


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Don't forget Jupiter Ascending. Seems like they read the Cassiopaea sessions with that movie. For example when Jupiter goes to donate their eggs they are basically showing the public a little-known aspect of grays as hyperdimensional beings.

There is a scene that seems incomplete. When Jupiter goes to the farm where the bees welcome her as queen. Stinger is going to reveal a secret, the history of humanity.

It seems that the Watchowskis did not want to add more content to the scene or it was edited
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