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Germany submitting to the US?
In the thread about the RU-UA/NATO conflict, I wrote a paragraph that has much to do with the situation in Germany:
Ray McGovern Analyses Sy Hersh Report on Blowing Up Nord Stream, in the first about 8 minutes.
McGovern compares the current situation for Germany to the Reichtag fire, since the German authorities are folding to the US agenda similarly to what many parties did in 1933 to the NAZIs. He thinks the event will come back to bite, but acknowledges, that major media in the US have not been willing to take the story on and have successfully suppressed other stories as well.
And Sunday:
Newsreal with Joe and Nial commented on the Nord Stream sabotage event:
Here, Joe put out the idea that the relationship between US and Germany is similar to an abusive relationship.

Statements like Nuland's "F*ck the EU", can be taken to support such a claim: it symbolically describes the relation between the EU/Germany and some of those who consider themselves to represent the US political elite.

Since what is going on is quite extreme, with the leaders and populations bending over as if with submissive satisfaction, I took the interpretations of the symbology a step further and looked at a paper from Archives of Sexual Behavior volume 46, pages735–745 (2017), where one finds:

The Sadomasochism Checklist: A Tool for the Assessment of Sadomasochistic Behavior by Roland Weierstall & Gilda Giebel. They actually work with a wider concept than SM:
Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism (BDSM) (Connolly, 2006) was often viewed as a controversial type of human sexual behavior, as it can incorporate activities that might appear to resemble a sexual assault (Beres, 2007).
In their study:
The sadomasochism checklist was administered in an online study to a sample of 652 adults (345 female, 307 male), with 527 participants being active members in the SM community.
They distinguished between dominants, submissives, and switches (those who acted in both roles) and write about their findings:
"People who preferred playing the dominant role in SM practices were named “dominants” (N = 136, 26 females), people who preferred the submissive role were named “submissives” (N = 230, 170 females), and people who enjoyed both sides and switched the SM roles were named “switches” (N = 155, 74 females). A total of 131 participants (75 females) had no explicit SM interest (“conventional group”). [...] Comparisons of the proportions of female and male participants among the three groups demonstrated that more males were in the group of dominants than in the other two groups of switches, χ 2(1) = 26.32, p < .001, and submissives, χ 2(1) = 103.17, p < .001. Likewise, more women were in the group of submissives than in the group of switches, χ 2(1) = 27.33, p < .001 and dominants (see above). The primary sexual orientation was measured using a 8-point “slider scale,” ranging from heterosexual (“0”) to homosexual (“7”): 56 % of the participants indicated being heterosexual, 17 % bisexual, and 10 % homosexual. The remaining 17 % felt dedicated to possibilities between the three options. Attendees participated voluntarily. Ethical review boards approved the study."
When it comes to the US/NATO, some of the EU politicians are like submissives, whether men or women and in case of those who with satisfaction submit their own people to trouble, can we say switches?

Is it a coincidence, then, that there are so many women in European politics that dance to the tune of what comes from the US?

To view male-female from yet another angle., there is this from Session 29 December 2018
(Artemis) They're blaming everything on the Russians!

(L) The Russians are practicing with their beam weapons or something.

(Artemis) My lemonade is too sour. Must have been Putin!

(Joe) Putin ate my lunch! Is the promotion in Western society of a hostile attitude towards traditional masculine qualities part of a broader nefarious plan?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is part of that to try and make a generation of weak men?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is that with a view to some kind of post 4D transition scenario or something like that, or is it more of a takeover on 3D?

A: More a reflection of desired relationship between 4D STS and humanity.

Q: (L) So in other words, they want to get into doing anal probes. [laughter]

A: Not far off! Dominance over the normal male.
If you want to dominate an area, as the US obviously intends to do in Europe, it is in a better position if it can support the placement of leaders that are weak or can be dominated. Viktor Orban, Recep Erdogan, and the leader of Serbia are examples where it has proven more difficult. But then think of Urusla Von de Leyen, Annelena Baerbock, Mette Frederiksen (Denmark), Maia Sandu (Moldova), Sanna Mirella Marin (Finland) that all have done well to accommodate the wishes of the US, though it will be a case by case study to accurately understand and explain what is at work.


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If true - I find it interesting, because somehow i can't shake off the feeling, that Germany is deliberately targeted to get destroyed, or at least, never to rise again - if you ever made the Zionistic interest community angry - they never forgive you and will make sure, you will never have anything to say again.
Agreed, and the US was targeted for destruction a very long time it up, use it as your war dog and when finished, draining all the life out of us...destroy the country! Perfect timing to match the timing of worldwide digital currency....US dollar is about to implode....don't need it to fund world shenanigans anymore (or fund every country there is) because there's a new sheriff of monetary control in town called social credit system.....I am getting to the highlight of this post....promise!

The meme below, summarizes what is stated in Douglas Reed's book, "The Controversy of Zion" ....Destroy!
(And I do understand how the Jewish ppl were gaslighted and distorted with a victim mentality, since....forever!)

I used to like Leonard Cohen, until I realized what he was singing about. If one wonders,
"WHAT WAS Leonard Cohen TELLING US?", the following video gives an answer.

It is quite harrowing and thought-provoking. There's a coldness to Leonard Cohen's demeanour and a certainty in his arrogance. It's interesting that he began as a poet and didn't start his musical career until the age of 33; it's as though he was always looking for the most effective outlet for his words. (He also moved within Jacob Rothschild's circle) I can't help but wonder what may lay in Berlin's future....I think we can take an accurate guess, though.

Lyrics from "First We Take Manhattan":
"I'm guided by a signal in the heavens
I'm guided by this birthmark on my skin
I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin"

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My personal suspicion is that the mob long planned to take control of Russia, China and other developing countries, their labour and their rich resources by corrupting their systems and institutions - and to milk the Western countries dry on the way out.

This accelerated when the 1960s showed that people in the US and the West were waking up, demanding decent working conditions and were no longer en-masse ready to march singing off to wars of aggression on thelr leaders' say so.

While the rhetoric says otherwise the liberalisation of financial and other markets in the 1980s ended serious investment in strategically significant education and fundamental wealth producing activity (manufacturing etc) in the West and led to the debt bubble/funny money/derivatives etc scenario which almost collapsed the banking system and still poses a major risk.

The push for global control went into hubris driven overdrive following the collapse of the USSR.

Following initial success in the latter country the long established cultures in the developing nations (luckily for the world) pushed back. They while playing the mob have built themselves into situations where they cannot easily be pushed around - most notably in the cases of Russia and China.

The result it seems likely is that the mob found that they could not jump ship as intended. That they have been reduced to trying to progress their agenda from the rapidly weakening bridgehead that is the West - the latter weakening the result of their own short term profit oriented policies.

We're in fact lucky that these factors plus rampant corruption, short termism and increasing incapability have so seriously undermined the Western militaries and their supporting industrial base.

They have arguably since proceeded through use of ever more rapacious methods to try maintain their incomes and to assert ever finer control over Western populations -essentially by declaring hybrid war on us.

This in turn (assisted by the internet) has greatly accelerated the awakening of complacent and self satisfied Western populations.

The above can be read as a tale of the elite baddies causing all of the trouble - but this is not so. The factor which has always permitted the elites to maintain control has been the complicit readiness of large numbers within our populations to regard progress withinin those powerful hierachies they encounter as their best shot at a comfortable life - and to hell with whether or not what they are consequently asked to do is for the greater good.

It's hard to think other than that the situation is well on its way to sorting itself out - while avoiding catastrophe.

The shift in power caused by the rise of the developing countries and the more enlightened leadership coming from them and the awakening of many in the West has opened the way to this, but the outcome will unltimately be determined by whether or not enough of us take responsibility for ourselves and commit to acting for the greater good...


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Annalena Baerbock - German Foreign Minister
Head of Diplomacy... so not

It is regarding her earlier statement that Moscow should turn its position by 360 degrees :umm::rolleyes: That Green Lady has barfed out so many frogs in record time, its simply mind boggling... And Dmitry Medvedev got it right


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After another “performance” of the minister, one of the readers of the German newspaper Die Welt commented on the activities of Baerbock: “This woman still did not understand what her work is… And she doesn’t understand that foreign policy is based on diplomacy. An absolutely illiterate person in the post of Foreign Minister, who has no idea about the specifics of the work.”

You never know what she's going to say next, and neither does she... :rolleyes:


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'Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soeder to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: You should stop Baerbock's stupidity before it's too late!'

22 Feb, 2023

And who is stopping Markus Söder's "stupidity" ?

His rat-race and sneaky way of constantly switching side when needed - while covering his a** ? He was one of the fiercest mask, Corona and "Vaccine" advocates - and then it all just... "Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen" (A german saying; everything is fine or translated "Peace, Joy, Pancakes"). And while we he is at it - oh yeah - lets attack Baerbock's stupidity and collect points, shall we ? So, i shall become German chancellor - which is the wicked dude's primary goal after all.

He is a really nasty type of troll. What's needed are massive amounts of sun rays to punch holes into the rubbery shell of that guy's whereabouts, in order to expose and reveal the dirty games he actually is playing.


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Supporters of the right-wing AfD, the Left-Party and the libertarian FDP would vote for a party led by Sahra Wagenknecht.

The politician combines two aspects that no other party has so far, says a party researcher. (From an article by the Tagesspiegel)

Why would a Wagenknecht party (a KANTAR poll gave her supposed party a share of 19% of voters) attract supporters of such different political orientations? "It would fill a gap that exists in Germany right now," says party researcher Sarah Wagner. The 'left-wing authoritarian spectrum', in which she would locate a Wagenknecht party, is covered in other European countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands, she says. But not in Germany.

Wagenknecht combines two important aspects that no other party has. She stands for a left-wing economic orientation, and for a conservative stance on social issues such as migration or the delivery of tanks to Ukraine, which she clearly rejects.

The poll revealed that most of Wagenknechts followers are from the conservative AfD party, her own Leftists, and from the Free Democrats (FDP) whose supporters did not agree with the delivery of tanks to Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war of in Ukraine, Sahra Wagenknecht has never tired of criticizing the German government for its course in Ukraine. Most recently, she also came under heavy criticism among the Left party with a peace demonstration in Berlin, which she held together with Alice Schwarzer.

According to the poll and its analysis a Sahra-Wagenknecht party would both crush the Left party and the libertarian FDP as well.
Both parties, still members of the federal parliament (Bundestag), are simply hanging on by the skin of their teeth.
Voters often select the FDP as the party of last resort which would end with the arrival of new competitor.

East Germans would consider the GDR-born Wagenknecht as one of theirs allowing her to retrieve voters lost to the AfD if she would recognize their fear of being inundated by migrants.

That's all assumptions. Will there even be federal elections in 2026?

Probably not...


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Jordan Peterson Calls German Government A Kakistocracy
(a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous)
Unfortunately, it seems that this video has been generated via Artificial Intelligence (embedded in the article below) - a so-called DeepFake. You can see it if you observe Peterson's lips very closely, they are moving not really synchronous to what is being said.

AI already seems to be on a level that the voice of a person and their unique way of using it can be emulated 1:1. I suppose the AI generated voice sequence has been layered upon the video sequence here. Also, Peterson can be very blunt in telling things as they are but he probably would not go so far to be as blunt as to name Lauterbach a "Coke-Head".

However, what the AI posing as Peterson says about the German government is so very true. Here's some article from a Swiss newspaper (Weltwoche) about it (I can't add a hyperlink for some reason, so the link to the article is posted below in full):

"Germany is -flicked-": Fake video puts shockingly real truths about Germany in the mouth of bestselling author Jordan Peterson

Matthias Matussek

What artificial intelligence (AI) can do!

After all, it is accused of being left-leaning because the web predominantly offers texts with this bias from which it feeds itself, so much so that Elon Musk now wants to develop his own, less biased one.

But one can apparently also educate the previously common one: A resourceful mind has managed to elicit critical political truths from her and put them into the mouth of Jordan Peterson, the guru of political incorrectness, so convincingly that many have fallen for it.

In his "Deep Fake", the video produced by an AI, Peterson, a psychiatrist and influencer with a following in the millions, made fun of Germany with the conclusion that "Germany is -flicked-".

Of course, the fictitious Peterson was not referring to the country with its mountains and rivers and lakes and avenues, but to the political caste that is currently ruining it. For this he examined the government bench of the red-green traffic lights and said what every cabaret artist would say today: "a bunch of clowns and freaks".

And he enumerates: There's a dyslexic foreign minister who can't get a straight word out, an economics minister who hasn't got a clue about economics, and a head of government who is not only - like Joe Biden - "sleepy", i.e. sleepy, but "in full sleep". In addition, he is under investigation for his crooked cum-ex deals.

Such a funny and clever fake: in it, Peterson argues that there is this classic concept of "kakistocracy", that is, the rule of the worst. And no nation in the world provides a more vivid example of this than the current German government.

He asks his audience if they have ever seen a speech by this Annalena Baerbock, and answers himself: "A single embarrassment, she struggles with language, confuses capitals, mispronounces her own name and calls Ukraine Kokaine. And asks Putin for a 360-degree turn, that is, to stay as he is. Please, somebody get rid of this woman who embodies this terrible negation of the simplest human capacities."

Easy to say, the unsuspecting consumer might say, but who would take her?

And might then have a no less fun idea: perhaps Canada! Their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is just as woke as our trampolinist, reportedly took part in the mysterious Young Global Leaders programme run by Kaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum in Davos. What belongs together could grow together.

But the inventor of this video has already qualified for the German Cabaret Prize.

Translated with (free version)
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Unfortunately, it seems that this video has been generated via Artificial Intelligence (embedded in the article below) - a so-called DeepFake. You can see it if you observe Peterson's lips very closely, they are moving not really synchronous to what is being said.

AI already seems to be on a level that the voice of a person and their unique way of using it can be emulated 1:1. I suppose the AI generated voice sequence has been layered upon the video sequence here. Also, Peterson can be very blunt in telling things as they are but he probably would not go so far to be as blunt as to name Lauterbach a "Coke-Head".

However, what the AI posing as Peterson says about the German government is so very true. Here's some article from a Swiss newspaper (Weltwoche) about it (I can't add a hyperlink for some reason, so the link to the article is posted below in full):

Thank you very much for this information. One has to be careful and careful and careful and keep a close watch to everything . . .
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