The Situation In Germany

Germany may introduce War Tax

fueled by the self proclaimed peace loving, uhm, nowadays highly war mongering Green Party, which wants to introduce a War Tax in Germany. Other parties are beginning to jump on the same train…

Last time a War Tax was introduced was on 4 september 1939. The green party in Germany is wandering on a very dark path, indeed.

It really is an upside down world.

It really is an upside down world.
I know what you are saying, and I agree with it. But it really is not upside down, but more revealing what are the true intentions, as opposed to the flowery language that is spoken of their green platform. Double speak has the two sides, and this is some of their true intentions coming out, IMO. I am seeing a lot more of this nowadays, at least it is becoming more obvious. Thing is, at the moment, most people will not see these paradoxes, as they have been sufficiently programmed to not see them.

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Germany Decided Not to Nationalize Gazprom Germania, As It Could Anger Putin - Reports

4 hours ago
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - German Economy Minister Robert Habeck advocated the complete nationalization of the former German division of Gazprom, Gazprom Germania GmbH, but Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejected the idea because he was concerned it could anger Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reported, citing sources.

The German government said on Tuesday it had decided to extend the external management of Gazprom Germania GmbH, and provide the company with a loan to avoid bankruptcy.

Gazprom stopped owning Gazprom Germania at the end of March after media reports about searches that took place there. And already on April 4, the German authorities took Gazprom Germania under temporary management, deeming the acquisition of the company without their permission by new investors invalid. In May, the company found itself on the list of retaliatory sanctions imposed by the Russian government.

According to sources that asked not to be identified, Scholz was concerned that the nationalization decision could anger Putin and lead to an escalation in the standoff over Russian gas imports.
'A good step for Nord Stream 2 to start working.'
I just saw this news on the Anti-Spiegel:

The headline goes:

Freedom of Expression? German public prosecutor investigates Alina Lipp

The German public prosecutor's office has opened an investigation against the journalist Alina Lipp, who reports directly from the Donbass. Having a dissenting opinion is in fact a punishable offence in Germany.
You can find that one here in german language:
Meinungsfreiheit? Deutsche Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen Alina Lipp – Anti-Spiegel

It is about a german-russian blogger who's bank account was robbed by the german government (1600€) and afterwards they closed her account and that one of her dad.
They not even gave here the chance to say something about the accusations they made...
And she havn't done anything else than report from the eastern Ukraine, she shows what's going on there...
There is a lot of similar BS going on in Germany.

Remember the Weimar court, one of the extreme few courts who actually did their job relatively early during the Plandemic. The court came to the conclusion that the masks were not working and violate the german law. Well not only did the judge get an unannounced visits in his home and confiscations of material, but now faces the risk of 5 years in prison for having "misused" the german law (or something like that) - essentially for having done the proper job as a judge, he was supposed to do - which most courts/judges in Germany have utterly failed to do !

Paul Brandenburg, a quite well known, former emergency doctor, got a visit from the Berlin Police, Spezial Kommando (Verfassungsschutz? Constitutional protection Unit ?), breaking into his home on 23 May 2022 (while he was baffled standing naked at the door as it was very early) and put into handcuffs, and his phones were confiscated. Why ? Being too critical about the Plandemic.

The BS media ('B&Z' as well 'Der Tagesspiegel'), then spread publicly false accusations, with the claim, having found weapons in Brandenburg's home - which was a plain lie.

Going against the Plandemic narrative... is being punished (under false pretense / false reasons).
'The German banks are preparing for a deep recession.'

German banks prepare for energy-related defaults – Bloomberg

5 Jul, 2022
The country’s lenders are reportedly hoarding cash to support businesses if Russia halts gas supplies

Banks in Germany are expected to put aside extra funds to be able to tackle a potential spike in defaults if Russia cuts off natural gas supplies, several high-ranking banking officials said, as quoted by Bloomberg.

In case of a complete suspension of Russian gas supplies, Europe’s largest economy is projected to fall into recession and the lenders will be required to bolster corporate loans with more capital, according to BNP Paribas Germany head Lutz Diederichs, as quoted by the media. He echoed comments made by Commerzbank Chief Financial Officer Bettina Orlopp published over the weekend in an interview with the weekly Focus Money.

The senior figures in the financial industry are reportedly concerned about scheduled maintenance at the Nord Stream pipeline, the key gas route connecting Germany with Russia, as several EU officials have cast doubt on the potential resumption of supplies.

Both strings of the pipeline will halt operations for annual repair works from July 11 to 21, the operator said last week, adding that the shutdown was previously agreed to with all partners.

The precautionary measures taken by the German lenders in the face of potential economic consequences stemming from the current sanctions war between Russia and the West have so far been lower than the large reserves they hoarded at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Germany is highly dependent on continuing energy imports from Russia and a complete loss of access to the supply would hit the nation’s economy hard. Deutsche Bank Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing reportedly said such an event would force “a deep recession.”

04 July 2022
Germany 2022 in a nutshell


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I had observed the significant increase of ambulances (seen and heard) after the mass vaccination campaign had begun. It went in for a few months and I was by no means the only one to notice. This includes several ambulances parked on my street, in the space of a few weeks, which is very unusual. The frantic noise of the sirens are hard to ignore. Conversely, there were very few ambulances during the lockdown.
This post has been from last year, but going over this thread, I thought to post the following piece from Boris Reitschuster forwarded to me by a friend:

Too many emergency calls: critical meeting at Berlin fire brigade
"At times, not a single ambulance available".

"Then there will be deaths": These are drastic sentences that were spoken at the crisis meeting of the Berlin fire brigade today, Monday. The reason for the extraordinary staff meeting, at which the fury of the firefighters was vented: "The current emergency situation, a state of emergency is being declared almost daily," as the Berliner Zeitung reports: "At times, not a single ambulance is available."

Due to numerous problems, the worst is looming, according to a fire official. According to the report, the officer told state fire director Karsten Homrighausen in front of the assembled crew: "If we continue the way we're going right now, there will be dead people." Emergency calls for sleep disorders, nausea or sprains would tie up cars and crews, who would then be absent "for real emergencies such as strokes or heart attacks".

Conditions at hospitals are also reportedly worrying. Only recently, a nine-week-old baby had to be resuscitated. What happened then is speechless: "Shortly before the colleagues arrive at the hospital, the hospital calls us and says: we can't treat." The crew had to drive on, as the official at the meeting reported, according to the Berliner Zeitung: "They then turned around, with the mother on board. Such a thing cannot be!"

The report continues: "A representative of the staff council said at the meeting that they were currently 'in a state of emergency' and had an 'acute problem'. However, that is not what the management of the authority says. A central accusation in this context, for which there was much applause: the higher the rank, the less responsibility is taken."

According to the Berliner Zeitung, the Berlin Fire Brigade's rescue service is currently "in a state of emergency almost every day": "In 2020, according to information from the fire brigade, there were 1280 calls a day. Since May 2021, the numbers have jumped to an average of 1430 (until September). It was not apparent what was causing this increase in the number of calls, it said on Monday."

I leave it to you, dear readers, to decide whether you assume that there is a white elephant in the room here or not.
At least that was my first thought. It is a pity that, at least according to the Berliner Zeitung report, no such questions were asked at the staff meeting. And the Berliner Zeitung itself does not address them either.

There is no white elephant in the room, however, that the conditions at the Berlin Rescuers are an indictment of the red-red-green senate. It prefers to deal with niche issues. Life-saving is obviously not one of them.

PS: After writing this article, I remembered a letter from a reader with whom I now have regular contact and whom I trust. He wrote to me:

"Heart problems/firefighters.
I ride along in the ambulance service about once a month, about six to eight missions.
I can confirm from my own experience: Patients call the ambulance service because of heart and circulation problems. They report that they were vaccinated a few hours ago.
We take them to the hospital and enter "syncope", for example. The vaccination thing is not mentioned.
This case happens at least once on almost every shift."

Translated with (free version)

Some reader comments below say:
"I live next to a hospital ... yes, you hear more blue light sirens on the street all the time. My impression: the injection works."

"I can confirm that the injection must work. I don't live near a hospital and live in a small suburb of a big city. In one hour at the composter, I have now seen the emergency doctor rush past 4 times. That's striking because there was no such thing before."

I can corroborate as well from observations over the last six months or so that the frequency of ambulance activity has increased. Living in the center of a big city, with the ringroad in front of the house where my apartment is in, I was rather careful about such assessments before since firebrigade and ambulance drivers use that road frequently.

But the frequency has risen; and this was also observed by the friend who forwarded me the article and happens to live in the same city, but more in the outer fringes.
What displays the current situation in Germany on another vein - and quite visibly - is the recent absence (as one example) of the chancellor, his ministers and many German MP's from a critical parliamentary meeting about the bad state of the German economy. And Scholz had the nerve to intend the wedding party of Christian Lindner, minister of finance, at Sylt island.

This comes again from Reitschuster (from his Telegram channel):

The Federal Republic is facing perhaps the greatest economic crisis in its history. The Bundestag talks about it. The Chancellor and all the ministers stay away from the session and there are hardly any MPs present. Yawning disinterest. But criticism of it today is "populism". Once upon a time, such criticism was considered an essential prerequisite for a democracy.
Olaf Scholz has stayed away from a Bundestag question time on the economic situation in Germany (just like all his ministers).
Instead, Scholz is coming to Lindner's wedding in Sylt.
That's all you really need to know about this chancellor.
A truly responsible leader who alleges to represent the people would not be able to sleep at night in light of this situation - less even attending a wedding celebration.
This is a disaster....

Germany to stop buying Russian coal on Aug 1, oil on Dec 31, says deputy fin min​

Germany will completely stop buying Russian coal on Aug. 1 and Russian oil on Dec. 31, marking a major shift in the source of the country's energy supply, deputy finance minister Joerg Kukies said at a conference in Sydney.

The key challenge ahead will be filling the huge gap that will be left when the European Union weans itself off the 158 billion cubic metres (bcm) per year of gas that Russia supplies, Kukies said.

"We will be off Russian coal in a few weeks," he told the Sydney Energy Forum, co-hosted by the Australian government and the International Energy Agency.

Russian previously supplied 40% of Germany's coal and 40% of its oil, he said.

"Anyone who knows the history of the Druzhba pipeline, which was already a tool of the Soviet empire over eastern Europe, ridding yourself of that dependence is not a trivial matter, but it is one that we will achieve in a few months," Kukies said.

Germany is rapidly developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals to help fill the gas supply gap, but he highlighted that while the United States and Qatar could together supply around 30 bcm of gas in LNG form to Europe, that still left a huge gap.

"We can't just imagine this problem away," Kukies said.

He said while Germany was focused on the transition to net zero emissions and had recently put in place legislation to accelerate the development of renewable energy projects, gas would be essential to the shift.

This is insane.... They cut of russian gas and coal but have no means to process extremely expensive LNG! What madness is this!? And people are ok with that... Fascinating...
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A leftist party in Germany is pushing for a new policy that would see free crystal meth given to drug addicts in an effort to “reduce the pressure” on the prosecution of drug dealers.

Yes, really.

The Left Party has filed a motion in parliament that states drug users must be “consistently protected from criminal prosecution” and supplied at taxpayer expense.

“As reported by the German news outlet Junge Freiheit, hard drugs such as methamphetamine would be distributed to addicts under close “therapeutic support” to bring down criminal prosecutions; other hard drugs such as morphine, ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, and even heroin would no longer be prosecuted if users were found purchasing or possessing small quantities,” reports Remix News.

Decriminalizing hard drugs would follow in the footsteps of policies already implemented that have led to federal states not prosecuting people who are found in possession of small quantities of marijuana.

Amphetamine abuse is already a massive problem in Germany, with crystal meth offenses rising in 2020 by 18.9 percent, a number that has likely significantly worsened since those figures were published as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Leftists in Germany previously began a national conversation about legalizing crystal meth back in 2015.

The enlightened liberal policy of handing out free drugs and needles to drug addicts while refusing to prosecute those found in possession of hard drugs has led to an absolute nightmare in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In San Francisco, where millions of free needles are given to drug addicts every year, the streets are littered with them while semi-conscious meth heads and heroin junkies lie prostrate on the sidewalk.

Good luck with that, Germany!

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