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The Living Force
a little window of insight into the ponerised petty-beaurocratic world that the remaining sane members of the UK police force have to endure:

This is a great blog - if you're studing ponerology then you'll find lots of it here. and I just have to quote a bit:

coppersblog said:
The most difficult question I get asked by customers is, “Well would you call the police ?

As a police officer, my answer is always the same: “Err…well I err… couldn’t possibly say, I mean…err…it all depends really… the thing is it can take time and…well…it…err sort of depends what you want to achieve really and…things like that. Do you see what I mean?� This kind of devastating answer to a relatively simple question is my own pathetic attempt to avoid saying, “I wouldn’t call the police in a million years, even if my own life depended on it. The police are essentially an administrative service for the insurance industry.
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