The North Side Flyover (CIT video)

Citizen investigation team has released a new video which has interviews with 13 north of the Citgo witnesses and one flyover witness. The video is extremely compelling since all of the witnesses who could actually see the final moments of the "Pentagon Jet"'s flight path report the plane banking to the right near Arlington cemetery and North of the Pentagon Citgo Gas station. Since this is inconsistent with the 42 degree damage path in the Pentagon (as well as the FDR path, which places the plane in a straight path south of Columbia Pike), CIT has proposed the hypothesis that the plane flew over the Pentagon timed with an explosive charge, which served as cover for the plane's escape. This video presents the first direct evidence in support of a flyover. Roosevelt Roberts, a pentagon police officer, sees a "commercial airliner" with "jet engines" immediately after the attack which subsequently takes a hard left bank around the Pentagon towards Washington mall. What is so compelling about CIT's work is that the witnesses all form a compelling whole picture of events- they are clearly not aware of the damage these details do to the official story. Definitely recommended for any serious 9/11 researcher.

Craig Ranke CIT

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Thanks for posting this Kesdjan!

It should be clear to all from this evidence that there was a plane, it flew north of the gas station, and therefore did not hit the building.

It really can not get any more definitive than this.

We also just released a new piece on Lloyde the cab driver with exclusive footage of the cab that will seriously blow your mind.

Ill make a new thread on it.


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