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The amazing colorations of nature, specifically in moths.

In the dimly lit night, an event happens every night at my house. In the silence a flutter happens and a single moth lands near the low light of the light fixture. Then others join in and it becomes a color party on my wall. You see, I am blessed with Moths. Not just one or two varieties, but a whole slew of species for some reason come to my door. And never in the same pattern or color, it is fascinating.

Now most moth species derive their colorations from their environment. And I must have some great colorations of bark on trees to create the variety that I get on my doorstep. I am lacking a photo of it, but I have a totally white version that must get its coloration from the local houses as I have no white colored trees in the area.

And since I am living in an area that has the majestic redwood trees (once having 300’ plus tall ones, a hundred years ago) I get the one of the grandest moths, the Redwood Moth that absolutely covers you hand. That is Ceanothus Silkmoth Hyalophora Euryalus for the technical folks out there. It is so impressive to hold one, I cannot understand why my wife will not hold one, imagine that.

Now down to the down and dirty. Moths are filthy. The spots on the wall are feces of the moths, and it is nearly impossible to wash off. Then the spiders of the area drop in and build may webs to catch the errant moth or to drain the old ones that do not leave. I also have many that stay day after day eventually dying of dehydration, more food for the spiders. You may see a few body parts remaining in some of the pictures, sorry.

So, I will continue photographing the moth varieties, see if I can catch another of the white species to post. I am posting this in creative acts as I see no better example of this, as it is, in nature. Someone is busy in one of those higher densities creating this showing for me to share with all of you. I have become the Moth-Man, just not the one with glowing red eyes. Haiku …



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