The Mecca Mystery: Probing the Black Hole at the Heart of Muslim History by Peter Townsend


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[..]The stories of Paul's doings got amalgamated with the stories of Caesar and presto: "Jesus Christ".

Later on, it seems that Judaizers got hold of the early church and insisted on co-opting the Old Testament against what Paul taught. So, that fraud Abraham and Moses got grandfathered in there.

Still, when all is said and done, it appears that Christianity has more of a claim to being based on something real and meaningful, that is, not entirely a lie.

So, the question is: what does it do to the souls/minds of those who believe complete lies?

They become willing batteries for The Matrix, just like in the movie, I think. Perfect Possession, total mind control. 4D STS mission accomplished.

The opposite is more curious however: believing in at least the partial truth of Christianity or its closer truth - in case of a critical researcher - with strong faith and immutable spirit, appears to give protection.

I always wondered how the heck can baptism, Jesus and the Holy Spirit confer protection for some deeply spiritual people against possession, from becoming tainted by powerful evil, when the Bible is all lies?? Then as I read your books and followed the discussion here, it turns out that there appears to be enough truth in the holiness and spiritual connection to a group of pure entities [in higher densities] who are mentioned in Christianity. Specific persons and the mystical 'The Christ' as Holy Spirit is named pretty accurately, so - I think - the energy of the strong faith can connect to the addressee.

1. The Work teaches us how to throw the negative thoughts of the Predators Mind into the trash.
2. Malachi Martin gave a curious guidance to a caller in one of Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio shows, how to effectively deny evil entities/demons:
- "O', creature of God! In the name of God, who created You .. and in the name of Jesus, who saved me.., I exorcise You!"
Malachi then told the caller:
- "Spit that into their eye! They hate it!"
3. How the unceasing, frequent prayers of nuns were able to create a holy place in that chapel - good for healing - mentioned in the sessions.

It seems something like a deep soul-connection to The Holy is able to confer protection to people, who were able to develop strong, real faith [no lies]. Maybe prayers - when said with real faith and addressed correctly to higher density entities/persons who offer help - builds up a psychic body shield? I'm picturing Castaneda's luminous egg in its full, fat, healthy, restored condition.

Malachi Martin told couple times stories about Rabbis trying exorcism and failing, (IIRC). The Rabbi being, essentially a firm believer of Lies & is an acolyte of the Father of Lies. You can't cast out demons asking help from Satan. The demons possessing the persons must have reacted to the chanting Rabbi:
- What the Hell, Dude? What are you babbling about? My orders come directly from Da' Boss to possess this person and turn him a miserable wreck.. So piss off, you idiot!
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European Human Rights Court Backs Sharia Blasphemy Law

The ruling class of instigators in Europe are pouring more and more oil on the fire to achieve the clash of civilizations they want. As if the situation wasn't beyond repair already. More and more Europeans will probably look at Islam as a cultural occupation power on their continent. I am still trying not to anticipate (too much), though...

This report is by Soeren Kern of

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that criticism of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, constitutes incitement to hatred and therefore is not protected by free speech.

With its unprecedented decision, the Strasbourg-based court — which has jurisdiction over 47 European countries, and whose rulings are legally binding on all 28 member states of the European Union — has effectively legitimized an Islamic blasphemy code in the interests of "preserving religious peace" in Europe.

The case involves Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, an Austrian woman who in 2011 was convicted of "denigrating religious beliefs" after giving a series of lectures about the dangers of fundamentalist Islam.

Sabaditsch-Wolff's legal problems began in November 2009, when she presented a three-part seminar about Islam to the Freedom Education Institute, a political academy linked to the Austrian Freedom Party — which today forms part of the Austrian government. A left-leaning weekly magazine, News, planted a journalist in the audience to secretly record the lectures. Lawyers for the publication then handed the transcripts over to the Viennese public prosecutor's office as evidence of hate speech against Islam.

The offending speech was an offhand comment by Sabaditsch-Wolff that Mohammed was a pedophile because he married his wife Aisha when she was just six or seven years old. Sabaditsch-Wolff's actual words were, "A 56-year-old and a six-year-old? What do we call it, if it is not pedophilia?"

Indeed, most hadiths (collections of traditions containing the words and actions of Mohammed) confirm that Aisha was prepubescent when Mohammed married her and was only nine years old when the marriage was consummated. Mohammed's actions would today be unlawful in Austria, so Sabaditsch-Wolff's comments were factually, if not politically, correct.

Formal charges against Sabaditsch-Wolff were filed in September 2010 and her bench trial, presided over by one judge and no jury, began that November. On February 15, 2011, Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of "denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.

The judge rationalized that Mohammed's sexual contact with nine-year-old Aisha could not be considered pedophilia because Mohammed continued his marriage to Aisha until his death. According to this line of thinking, Mohammed had no exclusive desire for underage girls; he was also attracted to older females because Aisha was 18 years old when Mohammed died.

  • The European Court of Human Rights — which has jurisdiction over 47 European countries, and whose rulings are legally binding on all 28 member states of the European Union — has effectively legitimized an Islamic blasphemy code in the interests of "preserving religious peace" in Europe.
  • The ruling effectively establishes a dangerous legal precedent, one that authorizes European states to curtail the right to free speech if such speech is deemed to be offensive to Muslims and thus pose a threat to religious peace.
  • "In other words, my right to speak freely is less important than protecting the religious feelings of others." – Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.


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I have just started to read this book. I read the first chapter and even now I can say that I can't believe that this lie and nonsense exists all this time and how so many people believe in Islam as something that came from"god" or some kind of a Prophet.

To be honest, the situation is not much better with other religions, but this looks to me like an ultimate lie and deception.
So much blood, so much people died. so much misery and suffering from the psychopaths on power just to keep their tyranny over normal humans. And all that is based just on a lie and deception. Not just with Islam, but with all religions.

And I think that this grand deception will never work without 4D STS interventions. We can clearly see now how knowledge really protects.
It protects from believing in lies and deceptions.

I must finish this book. I don't have much free time for reading and it may go a little slow but I will finish it.


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It's worth the effort. Townsend builds a very methodical case for how artificial the edifice is for Islam. If scholars only took the time he did to consult non-Islamic documents contemporary to the era it was supposedly "revealed" (apparently there is a wealth of them), they would see it for themselves. He makes a good case that it was politically expedient for the Caliphs to create a Muhammed figure projected back in time. It helped unite a tribal culture, for better or worse, that was disintegrating in the face of many cultural influences in northern Arabia, with a possible cosmic catastrophe lurking in the background. A quasi-mythical figure of glory and hope to cling to would be even more alluring.

But undercutting Islam is a dangerous business these days.


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What is odd about that is that some of the most religious Jews are anti-Zionist too.
I think its to do with staving off the prophesied eschaton: the bringing about of the End Times/End of Days/Doomsday upon the return of the diaspora reclaiming ALL of the ancient Land of Israel.
For example, the Hasidic Jews are against Zionism because they really don't want God to bring about said "End of Days" which would also trigger the "Resurrection of the Dead". They believe this will happen with the reclaiming of ALL the West Bank right up to the banks of the River Jordan, and also those territories all around Mt Hermon - of which Zionism is seeking to 'reclaim' all of.

Alas... Anti-Zionist religious Jews are not "anti-Zionist" for reasons of morality in aid of the plight of Palestinians (in case anyone was wondering?)


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So, the question is: what does it to to the souls/minds of those who believe complete lies?
There's something you need to understand regards the mindset of practicing Muslims- and Jews - in relation to the cementing and the solidifying of lies (in both religious ideologies). It is the notion of that which is deemed "clean" or "unclean" (originated with Judaism and Islam has adopted it).
It is tied to matters of physicality, but underpins all notions of any sense of spirituality or of lofty virtues. It is subtle but very strong! It is always there in the back of the minds of all Muslims - and Jews. Though, I don't think most Muslims are consciously aware of just how powerful this concept actually pervades their lives (I don't know about Jews).
In practicality of everyday living and in dealings with others, this mindset actually supersedes concepts of spiritual morality and virtue. I can't stress enough the importance of this underlying psychology. It pervades EVERYTHING!
A Muslim can eat at the table of Jews - but should not to eat at the table of Christians, for example, as is well known.

To be "clean" within this world of the flesh equates to purity and superiority above and beyond, it would seem, of any spiritual progress for spiritual cleanliness in the lives of Muslims.

To give you an example what I mean: Pork is considered "unclean" as we all know (and then some!): For the majority of Muslim families, a son will bring more shame to his family if it is known by by the community he knowingly consumes pork - than if he were to be charged with sexual assault. Because, above all...

Clean = Supreme.

Because it is known Christianity doesn't subscribe to this - or at least not really, this is why Christians (let alone NON-Abrahamic kafirs!) cannot hope to gain headway to crack the lies of Islam, because Christian mores are poor in recognizing-

Clean = Supreme.

There is better chance for a Jew to break through because of this mutual recognition of ritualized cleanliness that pervades everyday living, in fact its recognized that Jews are even more so obsessed with being "clean" - but Jews don't promote their religion so such philosophical interaction is rare, and also, because the average Jew knows FAR more about scripture than does the average Muslim does his, so Muslims avoid attempting to give Da'wah to Jews - but are quick to give Da'wah to Christians Dawah - Wikipedia.
It is an affront to Muslims, however, if a Christian would do the same in return, because in the back of the Muslim mind, a Christian doesnt subscribe to-

Clean = Supreme.

This is also most likely the root cause woman are secondary to men - rather than because she is 'weaker' - because a woman menstruates which is "unclean". She must NOT touch the Koran during this time.
Im not 100% certain, but I think this is also why women don't give Da'wah.
A woman's tainted uncleanliness through her menstrual cycles is the root of why she must always get up to wash before dawn-break after she has sex - but the man does not.
This is a bit odd because surely her vaginal love-secretions are wetted all over his sacred penis whilst he gets to nod off back to sleep - and it is surely the discharge of his seed she is washing out?? I put this to a devout Muslim once. He got antsy and accused me of being "devilish".

Its also this notion of being "clean", of physicality, that is behind why, in point of fact, most Muslims DO embrace modern high-tech society and quickly adapt comfortably to modern high-tech areas of urbanization, even if very Westernized, because its sleek modern and is CLEAN.
Another reason modernization is embraced also, is because djinns dwell in the dark places and lonely places; the woods, the mountains and the desert plains... And do dwell in areas of dereliction and of those poorly lit places.
Djinns also play heavily in the minds of Muslims - and is up there with being "clean". Djinns are also associated with places that are of unclean places, so there IS a spiritual-based connection there regarding matters of "clean" and "unclean" - but, as usual, its purely fear based.

So remember folks, the key to righteous salvation while here on Earth is first and foremost...

... Yep, I don't need to say it.


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I had Muslims to eat at my table, and I eat at Muslims tables. There are Muslims and Muslims. My relation with Muslims were gentle and with acceptance. There is a danger to generalise.

Another thing is their vision of religion. As I already say: in some aspects about Mahomet they are closed. But in general Muslims have a beautiful quality: they are hospitalier.


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had Muslims to eat at my table, and I eat at Muslims tables. There are Muslims and Muslims.
Indeed. I have had Muslims eat at my table. Christians eating at their table is always ok anyway.
There are many Muslims who put having good relationships with others based on mutual respect and trust as a priority. They tend to be a little less... 'Beardy' though (at least in my experience)
There is a danger to generalise.
Yes, I am generalizing here.
But in general Muslims have a beautiful quality: they are hospitalier.
Muslims in my experience are the most hospitable of any of the 3 Abrahamic faiths, yes. In fact, I'd say, once invited into a Muslim home, you can trust that Muslim family for life. I can not easily say the same for Jews and Christians.

My point is the darkness of Islam that does, unfortunately, raise its ugly head from time to time - and its now growing in many communities - not least fanned by Western secret-services.

FYI I have *equal* beef with all religions but for different reasons. Its just here in this thread we're concerning Islam.


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So, the question is: what does it to to the souls/minds of those who believe complete lies?

Hopefully, all these studies on Islam and the monotheistic religions, DNA, sexual identity and the lies of Darwinian evolution will help Laura write the next book to give guidance for humanity to finally find truth and light where now there is mostly lies and darkness.

Session 8 April 2000:
Q: But then, as far as I can tell, the Hebrew monotheism is also derived from the Aryan, monotheistic, male dominated religion. It then "fathered" Christianity, and that has been the whole patriarchal, kill-em-all and let God sort-em-out war mongering thing under which we have lived for over 2000 years. This is the Western, European mind... it came from the Aryans, from the North; it was the so-called "civilizing" influence in nearly every respect that you can track. The cohesiveness and dominance of this type of thinking was able to civilize, but then civilization involves dominance, killing, war, territory, the Hitler scene, the whole nine yards. All of this is antithetical to all that you promote as far as being desirable. Yet, you have said that you were in contact with the Northern Peoples for millennia. Yes, Cassiopeia is a Northern Constellation, and probably figured in the early myths of these peoples in ways we cannot know, but the whole thing is that they represent all that is STS.

A: But so do you, so then why did we contact you?

Q: Well. I don't buy into that whole monotheistic, dominator, war-mongering, make everybody conform to one way of thinking head trip!

A: So, you think all individuals conformed then, or is it the soul that counts in the final analysis?

Q: Okay, obviously all individuals are different, and some did not conform then, either.

A: And neither do you.

Q: Point taken. I am just having a hard time with this. I wish you would just tell me! Who interacted with these Aryans to give them this male-dominated, monotheistic idea that they then sought to impose on every other human being on the planet - and are STILL trying!

A: Interactions were transdensity.


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I just finished this book.
This was a very interesting ride. First of all, it is written in a very so to say " easy" way so it is very suitable even for people to whom English is not the first language. The whole material is divided in small chapters and written in a very simple and understanding way. This helped a lot to me.

My final conclusion is that Islam is a huge pile of lies. Its a heavy mixture of ancient Arabic pagan tribes beliefs, Early Christianity sects, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and all other believes that existed in that region in that time.

In order to Unite all the Arabs and to brainwash them, ruling class created one system of beliefs, and force all people who lived in that area to follow this system and to believe in fantastic stories that united all of them around a pile of lies so that the ruling class could accomplish their hunger for power. The fantastic story of Muhamed and the holy book Quran was created. Muhamed probably never even existed and some person well known in their mythology or stories was taken as a model and Muhamed was created.

And the story of how Mecca was invented and is also shown in this book by many historical facts.

If we look today how some Muslims and their organizations are keeping Islam closed from critical thinking and questioning and how it is "forbidden " to suspect anything that Islam teaches, then it becomes very suspicious why are they acting like that. If there were real historical proves like Islamic history is teaching all Muslins around the world, then they would not be so afraid of investigating deep the roots of the Islamic religion.

The Author writes about this at the end of the book.

Overall this book gives us the basic picture of one big deception.
There are probably more influences and more details that shaped Islam as we know today than this book writes about, but overall, this book is excellent in debunking the big lie about Islam.

I am pretty sure that multi-density STS forces helped in this lie. It provides a lot of food for them.


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I also finished reading the book recently although I need to think upon various notes I took of it in order to bring some pieces together. I thank Laura for suggesting it. I also need to read a few more books on the issue to clarify some issues. “Did Muhammad Exist?” and “The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran” will be among those probably.

Although I haven’t embraced any specific religion, I was deeply influenced by the Anatolian Alevi (semi-Shia) political/religious identity of my family. Alevis in Turkey do not generally have fanatic or fundamental Islamic convictions and in fact have always been under severe opression from various fundamentalist and majority Sunni circles for their “loose” identification with formalist Islam and also from the State itself for their non-dogmatic and freedom-wise tendencies. Despite all the heavy difficulties Alevis have been suffering from ‘Islamic fundamentalism’, it has never occurred to me to question or rather doubt the authenticity of the most basic ‘information’ about Islam. Yes, there have always been discussions and claims about the corruptions and various deep brainwashings about it but I have never encountered the idea that Muhammad ‘himself’ might have been fictional. One of the sharpest critics of Islam in Turkey was Turan Dursun, who, being an expert of Islam himself, eventually decided to dedicate the rest of his life to disclose how rotten Islam, Muhammad and the Quran were. He was killed for this. I have always been familiar with his views and discussions but never completed any of his books. And I haven’t ever heard an idea or claim from him about a certain or possible non-existence of Muhammad. Or from any Turkish source but I’m not in a good position to claim that I’m sufficiently aware of all important or significant ideas or claims on most important issues in Turkey or around the world.

Now, after this discussion here, I check web sources and see in surprise that serious questions about the authenticity of Muhammad are not new. I might have encountered or approached to encounter but in any case, I haven’t or wouldn’t have taken it seriously. But now I do.

Townsend seriously questions the authenticity of not only Muhammad but also the four main caliphs! He says that reliable historical records about caliphs only begin with Muawiyah, who, according to him, was probably not actually ‘Muslim’ but a kind of loose monotheist perhaps trying to form a mixture of various monotheist beliefs including Judaism and Christianity for governing his society.

The idea that there was no Ali and that Muawiyah was not such a bad guy after all will sound almost unfathomable, to say the least, for a great majority of Alevis, let alone Shiites!

I currently don’t readily accept these views of Townsend and others but I do take them seriously.

By the way, as you know, there are some interesting non-Muslim historical references to Muhammad or to a ‘leader or prophet of Saracens’ relatively close to his alleged date of death, not really two centuries after. But as the author and some others indicate, that Muhammad or prophet or messenger doesn’t really look or sound like the familiar Muhammad in some significant ways. I’m trying to resolve such issues.

And, after all, whatever the actual history was like, the most important issue is what happens now and who’s doing what, although knowing actual history is so important to understand the current situation.

You know, look at Iran, for instance. It’s so deeply an ‘Islamic’ country and nation. All the possible lies and corruptions about the authenticity and history of Islam doesn’t change, I believe, the fact that Iran is, at least relatively, such an important ‘balancing’ (light-producing) country in the swampy realm of Islam. Today, there was a terrorist attack in Iran, another of a recent series of similar attacks.

Iran’s historical conversion to Shia and the position it has taken especially after the ’79 revolution has been playing suchh an interesting and hopeful role in the realm of Islam. If an extremist type of Judaism was one of the most important constructive factors in the formation of Islam, than it they might have created, among others, a Frankenstein turning against its creator. But Iran/Persia might be more than just a monster that has gone awry. I’m trying to understand it.
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