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Very good question . . . from LewRockwell:

Why Are They Killing Us?

• 96 food processing and distribution facilities destroyed since Biden took office
• People who received all five shots recommended by their governments increased the likelihood of their dying within the year by 35%
• Why are our governments killing us and how is Hunter Biden involved?

. . . and more than interesting how so much is seemingly tied together - the FBI, CCP, Ukraine, Hunter Biden, Jimmy Biden, the HB laptop, Belt and Road initiative, National Security intel, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, HIV/biolabs/biological weapons, DTRA, Karen Saylors, Labyrinth Global Health (previously of Metabiota), Rosemont-Seneca, USAID, Nathan Wolfe, Peter Daszak, Zhengli Shi, Pharmbiotest, Zelenskyy, Purina chickenfeed, egg yolk antibodies, Dr Huff, EcoHealth Alliance, Fauci, FASCAT, DHS, Chinese spy balloon, DOD, Minot AFB, China, Fargo, ND, Josh Stirling, Ed Dowd, Globalist vaccine mandates, increase in mortality, Project Veritas, Merck, drug caused virus mutations, Sasha Latypova, CAF. From the end of the article:

So, the question becomes “Why?” Why are our governments trying to kill us? Sasha Latypova posted about this on her Substack and she refers to a recent article by former Assistant Housing and Urban Development Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts and she explains that:
“Bankrupt governments are different from bankrupt corporations because they can print the money to stall the bankruptcy (instead of being forced to restructure by a bankruptcy court). However, that method is not limitless either. At some point the printing and stealing can no longer continue.”
Catherine believes that the “pandemic” was pre-planned specifically for this eventuality and it was kicked-off to both cover this up (temporarily) and enable to shut down the economy while unleashing a tsunami of printed money to further grab centralized power, cheapened assets, de-stabilize and remove power from any possible opposition.
“Every person regardless of age is a “claim on assets” in the form of usage of the dollar supply (or whatever succeeds the dollar). Incidentally, that’s why the push for life expectancy curtailing “vaccinations” is so massive in the West and seems much less so in Africa (they are not worth that much per head in dollar terms).

“The current war on the people is part of the restructuring that the globalist “owners” (owners of the central banks) are attempting – going direct reset and attempted CBDCs. This is also the fight over whose fake digital token is going to be the “global reserve”, and so we have the US fighting the Euro zone and Russia and China in various stages of economic/bioterrorism warfare progressing to kinetic war. While Russia and China and the Euros are also frantically restructuring their balance sheets by murdering and terrorizing their own citizenry.

“In order to succeed the owners need to install a global system of totalitarian control through various technological surveillance means, reduce the population, and utterly impoverish and terrorize the survivors. I personally believe they will not succeed because they do not have the tech they claim and will not be able to bridge it in time before the situation totally unravels. The more we are aware and educated about what exactly is going on the better our chances of surviving this mess. Acknowledging the reality is the only way forward. Despite the horror of what has transpired, I feel optimistic about the future in part because I met people like Catherine Austin Fitts on this literal trip to hell.”

[30:01 rumble]

Oh. what a tangled web . . .



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From LewRockwell article:

CEFC was one of the main exponents of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative, which seeks to indebt Third World countries with infrastructure projects that fall apart before they even go online.

That statement is a Big Red Flag for me.

Just to indebt Third World gets China nowhere, because eventually the cat will get out of the bag if it is just a scam. This in turn would give ammunition to the Western Owners to weaken China's influence in the economic as well as the geopolitical sphere.


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The chicken genocide continues:

Fire at Waikato farm kills 50,000 chickens

A fire at a chicken farm in Orini has killed 50,000 egg-laying hens.

Zeagold Nutrition chief executive John McKay confirmed there was a fire at its egg-laying farm in Waikato.

“A supervisor on-site at our farm called the fire department at 7.40am today. All 12 staff members on site are safe and unharmed,” McKay said earlier today.

“Ten emergency vehicles are currently on site to contain the spread of the fire.”

McKay said the cause of the fire had not been determined and the focus was on the welfare of their hens.

McKay confirmed about 1pm that the fire had been contained.
Crazy. And there's an ongoing chicken shortage in NZ too:



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Banks admit the COLLAPSE is coming and they don't want YOU to know about it | Redacted News​

Why are people around the world unable to withdraw money from their banks? Are we in for a "bail-in," meaning banks "borrow" from citizens to bail themselves out? It is not unprecedented. It has happened in more than 11 countries in recent years and very well could be coming in the U.S. and Europe.


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Very good question . . . from LewRockwell:

Why Are They Killing Us?

Just reviewing sessions tonight, so it probably depends on who 'they' truly are. Of course the tendency is to find the observable marks; the WEF who's who. The political and military so on and so forth crowd (you know who), and many more without forgetting the Rockefeller types and those who muck around in the realm of the satanic.

What you also said: "Oh. what a tangled web . . ." indeed.

So, the 'they' in 3d, possibly knowingly or unconsciously aided by and performed from 4d, want to replace us and that has been stated in sessions for a long time. A newer session (in terms of vaccines) stated:

Q: (Pierre) Is the reason why the Western powers want to enforce the mRNA vaccines because they contain obedience sequences?

A: Yes

That is one aspect, with much danger that can follow by an obedient population set against one another (it is well seen now). However, then it was stated:
(L) So, you're saying that there are some really bad cases of Covid, and you're wondering if that's due to those who have been vaccinated?

A: Most likely. But do not forget what is being done to the population in terms of terror and predisposed belief. Further, wearing masks creates a perfect breeding ground for mutations and intensification of the illness.

These numbers are already pouring in, which may be a drop in the bucket if the right mutation comes along:

Q: (Joe) Dangerous in terms of increasing the chances that people will get sick, or have some kind of... What's the danger from that kind of vaccine?

A: Messing around with DNA is iffy at best. Because of genetic recombination, each individual is unique. The purveyors of vaccines such as this have not well considered that some individuals might be transformed into mutation and amplification and mass production factories of something way worse than Covid.

Looking back, is it any wonder why the C's have always discussed diet so much?

Going way back in time (May 1996), the following details looked a little more at war and human replacing:

Q: (L) One of the questions we were dealing with was the use of warfare to create situations in which bodies could be taken...

A: Warfare has many "uses."

Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?

A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool {recent session discusses the portal over war torn Ukraine} Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings... {recent session hinted in key personal political direction (or see proxies in this session)}

Q: (TH) Who or what in the gene pool is being replaced? (TK) Whoever they want replaced. (L) Well, you know how it is in the movies... everybody is indiscriminately making love before they go into battle... (F) Yes... they said 'factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity...' (L) 'Replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...' Okay: do you mean to say that war...

A: Creates "environment" for unnoticed genetic modifications because of greatly heightened exchange of both physical and ethereal factors. {the biological labs and the information the Russians have gleaned may look to be factors}

Q: (L) What do you mean by "replacement of key personnel?" Key personnel according to whose definition?

A: 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Are these key personnel human?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) When you say replacement, do you mean something as simple as someone dying, such as a head of state, and being replaced by another person who comes to power? That would be the simplest scenario that would fit this explanation.

A: Your scenario is not simple.

Q: (L) I mean simple in terms of the machinations...

A: Both.

Q: (L) Would it also be that key personnel could also be replaced as in duplication?

A: Yes. And removing to secret activity realm. Enough wars have taken place to effectively create entire new "underground race" of humans, both from direct capture followed by "reeducation," and spawning activity using these persons and others.

Q: (L) What do you mean by spawning activity?

A: Those captured have reproduced offspring, these never having seen your world.

Q: (L) Are you saying... (TK) They have given birth and these children have never seen our world... (L) How can an entire race of people, or groups of people, live under the surface of this planet, without the whole 6 billion of the rest of us on top, or at least a large number, realizing that there is anything going on? This is so wild an idea...

A: No. How much space exists underground, as opposed to that on the surface?

Q: (L) A lot, I suppose. You aren't saying that the earth is hollow, are you?

A: No, not exactly.

Q: (L) Well, how deep is the deepest of these underground cities?

A: 3,108 miles.

Q: (TK) Well, we'll never explore all of what is under the ocean. (L) It just staggers the mind to think about it. What do they want these people for?

A: To replace you.

Q: (TK) And why? Because they can control them better. Right?

A: Completely.

Q: (L) Do these people being bred and raised in these underground cities have souls?

A: Yes, most.

Q: (TK) Are they just like us only raised differently?

A: More complicated than that.

Q: (L) How long have they been doing this?

A: 14,000 years, approximately. {this is roughly just before the Younger Dryas comet events. Moreover, those captured were essentially harvested for long term designs and in some cases relocated}

Q: (L) If they have been doing it that long, obviously the ones they have taken at the beginning have croaked and are of no use to replace anybody on the earth unless they have been replacing people from time to time for various reasons...

A: No, their technology makes yours look like Neanderthal by comparison! Hibernation tubes... One heartbeat per hour, for example.

Q: (TH) That means that for every year we live, they would live 4200 years... (L) Does any of this have anything to do with that crazy pit at Oak Island?

A: In an offhand way.

Q: (L) How do we fit into all of this? (TK) We don't!

A: You have been the "preparation committee."

Q: (L) What have we been doing? Is it part of the plan for us to destroy the planet, destroy the ozone layer, pollute the seas and so forth to make it more habitable for them?

A: Those things are inconsequential and easily repaired.

Q: (TK) With their technology, they can fix all of that. (L) This is really horrible, you know! To think of all this... (TK) Apparently, from what I am understanding, they can't just come in and wipe us out and replace us, because the 'rules' won't allow it.

A: Yet the natural cycles within the framework of the natural order of things will allow all these things to fall into place.

Q: (L) Is there some law within the realm of these beings, sort of like the law of gravity, that prevents them from just coming in and taking over?

A: No.

Q: (TK) I don't think it is like the law of gravity...

A: What "law" is there that inhibits you from manipulating 2nd density beings at will?!?

Q: (L) Well, I don't go out and deliberately hurt or manipulate anything or anybody. (TK) Of course, in our handling of these 'critters,' we are conserving them in some ways so that we will have an ongoing food supply... I think there are rules to the game. It's like a chess game. They can't just come in and change things, it has to progress in some way. But, there are loopholes and they can sneak in and manipulate and get away with some things... (TH) Then, there aren't rules - there are just guidelines.

A: Two important points there: 1) When we said "you," we meant 3rd density collectively. 2) You missed our statement about the natural cycle and order of things almost completely. We suggest you reread and ponder... Also, what if your race is manipulated to destroy yourselves, or, just hang around until the next natural cataclysm?

The "natural cycle and order of things" allows for many possibilities. One being the natural order of our galaxy, our twin sun, which by all accounts in many sessions may factor greatly. Many other things.

The "manipulations" are all over the map, yet this global top down commitment to AGW climate change is one, depleting, destroying or making food sources financially unattainable while offering up bugs, another. Social disruptions and upheaval on a mass scale - from again, the natural order of things or, from manipulated health, broken laws, debasing binary humanity through the medicallly and psychologically absurd, exponential corruption via fiat markets and control, and the overall Orwellian gambit (up is down, right is left et cetera) - the "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false" William Casey CIA thing.

They are trying in such asymmetrical ways to mess with humanity (the US is critical to the plan).

Lastly, moving much to 4d STS is also a stated goal, while leaving many in 3d to face a true planetary great cyclical reset.

What a mess, what show, and all we may really see is just the tip of the iceberg.

A thousand eyes to you a'll.


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From JEEP's post above:

There’s still protest from some environmental advocates over this strategy for tackling climate change. They’d rather see these brands stop pumping out pollution. Unfortunately, that’s not happening nearly fast enough to keep global temperatures from rising. And demand is rising for ways to clean up all the carbon dioxide pollution building up in our atmosphere.

Do you ever stop to think about what the real strategy is about the whole Global Warming thing? Humans and Plants have a symbiotic relationship with each producing what the other needs (an STO concept?). What if the evolutionary plan of the Cosmos intends a Human induced increase in CO2, at least a slight amount at this point in the evolutionary cycle of Earth? Might that at least mitigate the next Ice Age to some degree? Are there some other factors involved in the complex biochemical dance of Life on Earth?


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From JEEP's post above:

Do you ever stop to think about what the real strategy is about the whole Global Warming thing? Humans and Plants have a symbiotic relationship with each producing what the other needs (an STO concept?). What if the evolutionary plan of the Cosmos intends a Human induced increase in CO2, at least a slight amount at this point in the evolutionary cycle of Earth? Might that at least mitigate the next Ice Age to some degree? Are there some other factors involved in the complex biochemical dance of Life on Earth?
In the first place, reducing things to alleged 3D biophysical relationships is the wrong place to look. IMO. If the purpose of humanity is to be a vehicle for consciousness to evolve, then that lives in a different realm.

There is this guilt trip. This mess is the fault of humanity. Well, what if there is no mess? What if it’s all natural processes and what harm is being done is from the people laying on the guilt trip?

It’s ironic that the same anti-religious atheists who denigrate Christianity for laying guilt trips are promoting the mother of all guilt trips! “Your very existence is a pox upon the earth”.


Recently finished Michael Rectenwald's new book on the Great Reset. Highly recommended. It connects a LOT of dots and really puts everything in context. Review:

Your content and prose is superlative my guy—but if I don’t stop ordering all these books you reference, my Amazon points are going to start looking like a pinball machine scoreboard.

And as far as this goes.. This may be the most top-tier take that I have read to date on the stupidity of the ideologies that are driving the Great Reset:

Now compare to our modern obsessions: gender (über alles), “green” everything (even if we freeze), billions for Ukraine (even if it makes us poor and the money goes into a black hole of corruption), mass immigration, abortions for everyone, ESG scores, total information purity—and those are just the ones that immediately spring to mind. At least Mao had some real goals in mind, even if his proposed methods made them impossible to achieve. Our very goals are dumb.

Mao: “What do we want? Crop and steel production to outstrip the capitalist West!”

Woke: “What do we want? Pregnant men to have abortions, and lifetime bans for anyone who would misgender them!”


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Operation Choke Point 2.0 Is Underway, And Crypto Is In Its Crosshairs​

What began as a trickle is now a flood: the US government is using the banking sector to organize a sophisticated, widespread crackdown against the crypto industry. And the administration’s efforts are no secret: they’re expressed plainly in memos, regulatory guidance, and blog posts. However, the breadth of this plan — spanning virtually every financial regulator — as well as its highly coordinated nature, has even the most steely-eyed crypto veterans nervous that crypto businesses might end up completely unbanked, stablecoins may be stranded and unable to manage flows in and out of crypto, and exchanges might be shut off from the banking system entirely. Let’s dig in.
So why the push by bank regulators now? The FTX collapse and its ensuing effects, particularly on Silvergate, provides much of the answer. Financial regulators weren’t interested in FTX while the fraud was underway (with the exception of the SEC and its chairman Gensler, who had oddly close ties to the organization), but ever since the exchange failed in spectacular fashion, they are now contemplating ways to avoid the next such collapse. FTX as an offshore exchange was not directly supervised by financial regulators (aside from FTX US, which was a marginal stub), so it was outside of their direct aegis. However, regulators believe that they might have a silver bullet in the fiat on- and off-ramps on which the industry relies. If they can choke off fiat access, they can marginalize the industry — on and off shore — without regulating it directly.

Its like the old pirate business, allowed or encouraged when it suits certain needs but then it gets repressed.



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Recently finished Michael Rectenwald's new book on the Great Reset. Highly recommended. It connects a LOT of dots and really puts everything in context. Review:

I am just reading it and I agree it is highly recommended. It describes a lot of things, which may have sound good when I heard about them years and decades ago but are in reality evil. I agree it describes a very dark picture. But I prefer to know what may come in my direction. This may give me / us some wiggle room and opportunity to prepare. Knowledge protects.


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@BHelmet wrote:

"There is this guilt trip. This mess is the fault of humanity. Well, what if there is no mess? What if it’s all natural processes and what harm is being done is from the people laying on the guilt trip?"

When I feel the cloak of guilt coming upon me, I think of being born into a mud pit. Children are completely STS. Spend their first years wallowing in the mud pit. In time some of the humans realize it, and do their best to clean up. In time they find that they can’t help falling back into the pit as if its some kind of destiny. So, maintenance on cleaning must become a regular habit. Even when half-assed clean and staying away from the pit, some one can come along and throw mud on you, and there you are again. Anyone trying to guilt me or the human race needs to walk a mile in our moccasins. Try to imagine a 3D STS classroom without the struggles (mud-pits) of life.
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