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Food prices traditionally rise in China as winter nears, but the price of vegetables has surged in recent weeks because of the extreme weather.

Meanwhile, the country is continuing to use strict lockdowns to tackle coronavirus. China hopes to reach zero infections before it hosts the Winter Olympics, which begin in February
This was a controversial statement issued from gvt, actually the reason was in case of potential lockdown, sometimes residential area may have to be closed and quarantine for 10-14 days. So, it is recommended to have enough food supply for at least 2 weeks.


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Seems like big news may be on the horizon
Very interesting, maybe a big change on the horizon – or maybe just the next step in the slow reset (though maybe not the Great Reset imagined by some)…?

I remember discussing the possibility of the Yuan becoming the worlds reserve currency in 2020 during the plandemic. It seemed like a huge change was coming as the Great Reset was rolled out and economies were put on hold with lockdowns. Numerous pundits seemed to be pointing to a huge economic shift, usually to a new single digital world currency.

Since at least 2014 (and I am sure long before), Russia and China have been working towards securing their own currencies shielded from US sanctions. This seems to tie in with the 2013/14 Maidan, the point at which Russia finally realised it would never be allowed to join the international ‘inner circle’. In March 2014 Putin makes an address stating Russia will move to the Yuan for trading oil.

A few other points along the road (mostly from SOTT as, although I can still reach RT, I know many cannot and most articles are available there) to try and tie things together:

In September of the same year a Euro-Yuan trading agreement is reached USD no longer needed Financial analysts hail yuan euro direct trading announcement and by December, Russia adds the Yuan as a reserve currency (actually takes effect in November 2016). During this same time period, the IMF considers and then accepts the Yuan as a reserve currency Chinese yuan becomes IMF reserve currency first new addition since Euro in 99.

The first mention I know of in regards to Saudi Arabia is from October 2017: China Saudi Arabia trade oil replace petrodollar nothing concrete at that stage, but the speculation is pretty much exactly what may be about to happen.

In March 2018 China launches the petro-Yuan, at which point analysts are warning that this could spark a Dollar crisis if countries begin to stop trading in Dollars Say goodbye to the dollar China launches the long awaited petro yuan

In May 2018, Iran switched to trading oil in Yuan to avoid US sanctions and this would ‘make the Yuan a more preferable currency than the Dollar on the oil market’ Thundering into action Chinas petro yuan takes off as Iran ditches US dollar for yuan in oil trade.

From another Putin speech in 2019, he states that "The main thing is, it (U.S. dollar) does not serve the interests of the future,” and that Russia and China are working to trade outside of the Dollar.

By 2020, Venezuela (while under sanctions) had started to trade oil in crypto, convertible to Yuan (among other currencies).

It was US (and NATO states) sanctions that pushed so many countries to create their own trade systems and further sanctions that have actually helped them to do it, with a fair amount of struggle along the way.

Perhaps a Saudi deal is the final step as suggested about 5 years ago? Feels very much like the events of 2013/14 in Ukraine pushed Russia and China to put their plans in motion and that today they are being rolled out. A Saudi deal with China would be a huge step in them securing their economies.

But how does this now play out now? Many countries are desperately trying hang on to the status quo no matter how obvious it is that it cannot last. Is this because really do not know what is next and do not know what to do? More likely I guess is that the PTB are still directing them to push the Great Reset forward. Will the Great Reset and all it entails become the west’s response to Russia and China?

Often seems like the current sanctions on Russia, that are so obviously having a greater affect on the west, are the final acts of a desperate psychopathic elite. But could they also be moves by those who want this change – members of groups such as the IMF trying to secure their own future?


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New World Oil Order

  • Saudi Arabia is in talks to sell oil to China and be paid in yuan, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • For nearly 50 years, the world's top oil exporter has traded crude exclusively in US dollars.
  • Relations between Saudi Arabia and the US have deteriorated under the Biden administration.
Saudi Arabia is in talks to sell oil to China and be paid in yuan instead of dollars, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

About 80% of global oil sales are done in dollars, and Saudi Arabia has conducted its deals exclusively in the greenback since 1974. So if a Saudi-yuan deal were to be made, it would bolster China's currency at the expense of the dollar as Beijing looks to challenge US leadership in financial markets.



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The transparent version would have been The Great Preset. Then, everyone would have known what's what. At least by judging by comparison, that not everyone can be happy with a size XS or nothing at all.
So the idea is that whilst Resistance can be futile in front of an application of a Preset something, the actual truth is that if you do not like what is 'given' you can always do your own thing.
That's why I really find the message a bit counter productive as it is a real waste of time and a spirit killer.



Pepe has more analysis. It seems that the strategic shift by multiple Asian countries, possibly soon, against the petrodollar (and dollar reserve currency) is about to unfold. No surprises to anyone here, of course, but it's always a wake up call when things move from theory to fact before your eyes.
For years the Americans have criticized the Chinese for not letting the yuan to free float in the currency markets to the point that restrictions were imposed with tariffs on certain Chinese goods. The yuan is still pegged to the dollar and it is still undervalued against the major basket of currencies. The euroasian nations have been cooperating and diversifying away from the us dollars for years especially since the great recession of 2008. China still owns a lot of us dollar denominated assets, us debt, treasuries, etc. The Saudis can accept payments in yuan but the currency is not convertible in the world financial markets as much as the dollar or the euro is, in other words, the Saudis can only use it in exchange for goods and service from China only, unless such a strong euroasian alliance occurs whereby all products and services among the nations in the pact are traded in yuan, we are still far from getting there. Remember, the Chinese have been working on diversifying their trade partners away from the influence of the US and EU for decades quietly, they can even swallow the whole Russian economy as a whole they won't even burp, they do everything for their own self interest but not out of sympathy to anyone, I just don't like to see Russia facing the same problem Trump had faced given the fact that Russia is of no strong position to negotiate favorable terms in this pact, not to the common Russians, that's for sure. As for the world hegemony of the dollar, it still is the most liquid currency in the world. The renminbi is still very far from achieving that level but maybe in 10 to 20 years will see some considerable shifts in the worlds trading arena. I've been reading articles and stories of how, why and when the major currencies like the dollar and EU would soon collapse for more than 20 years. I am not being biased, I am a realist and for that reason I am not investing in some exotic assets, bitcoins or currencies anticipating the imminent collapse of the western empire, I am not a speculator, I'd like my good night sleep. My bet is on China, not Russia, as the next dominant super world power but they too have long ways to go. What happened was that the purchasing power of the dollar dropped significantly due to inflation and accumulation of debt, technically the US should be bankrupt by now but the markets are so tangled up with $$$ and euro, that a default of the US is an inconceivable idea, they can print all they want, but it is going to backfire on them, not the right time..yet


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I've been reading articles and stories of how, why and when the major currencies like the dollar and EU would soon collapse for more than 20 years. I am not being biased, I am a realist and for that reason I am not investing in some exotic assets, bitcoins or currencies anticipating the imminent collapse of the western empire, I am not a speculator, I'd like my good night sleep. My bet is on China, not Russia, as the next dominant super world power but they too have long ways to go.

I know what you mean, the dollar has been propped up for a long time already. I think recent events, and possibly events in the near future (watching Taiwan and Iran closely) may accelerate the pace of economic change. A lot depends on how stretched the US becomes if its main rivals see an opportunity to capitalise on their obsessive drive to counter Russia.


A lot depends on how stretched the US becomes if its main rivals see an opportunity to capitalise on their obsessive drive to counter Russia.
That's what Biden doesn't want to do, he wants to play small, he does not want to commit large scale military resources to help the Ukraine's campaign, in fact this is what infuriates Zelensky the most, he is in desperate situation, now even resorting to false flag operations to coerce the west into committing more but the fact of the matter is the west can't afford major war right now, they are still recovering from the 2008 recession and then from the plandemic dip that has an enormous price tag on its own to reckon with. The west faces stagflation, their economies are very very vulnerable to any upward interest rate spikes, not conducive to a successful healthy economic growth, they implement damage control tactics to buy time, play waiting moves and exhaust Russian resources to the max. On the other hand Putin doesn't want to put all his eggs in the basket "made in China" as he is aware the Chinese are playing their own cards accordingly waiting on the sidelines like vultures to feast on road kills. This whole thing looks so surreal to me, so many elite private interests involved so very little concern about the common decency of being human or humane of that matter, makes me think the 'deep state' is playing all sides to their benefit, not sure where Putin sits in the midst of all, if he is figuring out or has figured it already, he needs strong and powerful allies who are willing to make sacrifices and unite to create something that realistically works but not another dystopia like communism was, fallen prey to the hands of the elites.


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It is kind of like a tropical storm forming up and gaining strength toward becoming a CAT 5 monster economic and financial hurricane that will make landfall throughout the whole world at some point... some places may be feeling a slight breeze starting to gain strength as the first indications of the storm coming, some places are feeling the first heavy weather bands of the storm making landfall...
The author mentions at the start that we are seeing a kind of perfect storm when it comes to farming and growing food. The article is very good at laying out what is happening in terms of farming (availability and cost of inputs for things like fertilizer, herbicides, diesel, propane, and labor) that is going to lead to famine, since nothing is being done to stop the 'Perfect Storm'.

At the end of the article:

We believe we are at the onset of a global famine of historic proportions. In a staggering defiance of logic, many US politicians are still attacking the lifeblood of our own energy production infrastructure, looking to score political points against “the other team,” blaming price-taking producers of global commodities for gouging, threatening producers of energy with windfall profits taxes, resisting calls to remove bureaucratic hurdles to new production, and refusing to open an introductory physics textbook to help guide them through the suite of policy choices that require true leadership to get right. They remain stuck in an endless loop of platitudes, blamestorming, corruption, and ignorance.


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I'm starting to think that most of the world will not be subject to a Great Reset.

The plandemic was a global affair, with near-total 'lockstep' from all nations, as far as I know. Some nations, like Russia and perhaps China, played along, but seems like they just didn't have their 'heart in it' in the way that NATOstan did.

So the current 'official' death toll is about 6 million from the bug. Including all of those people who got hit by cars, of course, who had the label affixed to their coffin. And also a good number who died from the vaccine, and had the same. And just checking in with the PTB gameplan, Event 201 predicted 65 million deaths in 18 months. And then the virus was to taper off into a relatively harmless bug that we all will learn to live with. So I don't think the PTB were planning on a viral forever-war. The main goal was this - get the population vaccinated. I think the goal was 80%.

So 6 million is substantially less than 65 million, no? I don't know if this constitutes a failure or not. Perhaps Sars-Cov-2 bolting from the barn at Fort Detrick before the PTB were actually ready had something to do with the 10-fold difference.

But yeah, main goal - (1) get the people vaccinated, but also (2) terrorize them, beat them, torture them, and weaken their resolve to prime them for the next wave of programming, and (3) begin to destroy the economy, in order to build back better with what we've come to discuss here - the heady mix of CBDCs, Mark-of-the-Beast bio-payment and social credit systems, abolition of property and bodily sovereignty, all in the name of a happy new world of transhuman slavery. Oh, and of course - to gather the terrorized population even closer to government skirts as the only hope.

So the viral phase is over for now. The Ukraine conflict marks the next phase. I haven't seen any Event 201-style 'prefigurative' documentation for the conflict. But despite the lack of a playbook we can refer to, the foreign policy wingnuts in Washington have certainly been belligerently clear who the main targets are. So it's not so hard to see the agenda at play. Continue to (2) terrorize the population and (3) destroy the economy, with the aim of building back better to the end of the happy world of transhuman slavery.

'Containment' of Russia and China is the current phase. Although in reality, it's been going for years now. And I don't think they really want containment. I think what keeps them awake at night is how to instigate the disintegration of both Russia and China into a war-damaged mess of internal ethnic conflict. The Yugoslavia Model. It almost worked in Russia, too - until Putin came to power.

Sergey Glazyev wrote about the failure of 'containment' recently, article below. He's also written about it before, apparently, and predicted the scenario we are seeing today in his book 'The Last World War'.

“After failing to weaken China head-on through a trade war, the Americans shifted the main blow to Russia, which they see as a weak link in the global geopolitics and economy. The Anglo-Saxons are trying to implement their eternal Russophobic ideas to destroy our country, and at the same time to weaken China, because the strategic alliance of the Russian Federation and the PRC is too tough for the United States. They don’t have the economic or military power to destroy us together, not separately,” says Sergey Glazyev, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and former adviser to the Russian President. Glazyev spoke in an interview with BUSINESS Online about what opportunities are now opening up for the Russian economy, whether the Central Bank is pandering to the enemy and whether a new world currency will replace the dollar."

Without China and Russia's participation, does the Great Reset - in its global scope - fall apart? Maybe. If there is an viable alternative, one which appears to stand for productive industrial economic development, a multipolar world order of adherence to international law, respect for national sovereignty... then these two nations are emblematic of the 'threat of a good example'. The question becomes, for any country - why should we listen to those whackjobs in the Whitehouse and commit economic suicide when there is a better option available? The G7 leaders have already the gun on the table and are proceeding to load it. Of course, they plan to punish their citizens and not themselves... I wonder how that will work out.

There's already this, the infamous gray swath of countries who haven't jumped on the sanctions bandwagon. I think this map indicates the 'threat of a good examples' to a tee. What a massive obstacle Russia and China has become for the Great Reset. The unipolar spell has been broken - by Russia.


This has me speculating that there may be a Great Reset (a destroyed economy and continued government-sponsored brutalization of the population)... but mainly for NATOstan countries, imposed on their own internal populations - while the rest of the world gets to experience something else altogether.

I'm painting to broad strokes here - I know some countries are already deep in famine and poverty, and this will most likely worsen - but I thought it worthwhile to put it out there.


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Unfortunately many of those gray zone countries are especially vulnerable to the acute effects of the decisions made in the West. Food shortages may well manifest there first of all, such has been the case for a long time. I'm not saying that the plan of the PTB is going at all smoothly, I just don't think we should underestimate how connected the modern world is by design.

It has been mentioned several times already that COVID restrictions may have been eased back but could be reinstated rapidly in response to the next 'threat'. Hope for the best, plan for the worst, as I see it.

I do think that the populations of many countries are likely to disobey if things get bad enough, but that is unlikely to be pretty. The masses are, after all, asleep. Governments have made preparations for unrest which may ultimately be unsuccessful but still pose a threat.

In any case the work before us remains the same and all kinds of nonlinear positive developments could be on the cards. Enjoy the show, that's what we always end up saying, isn't it?
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