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The Fed has been signaling that it will taper it's asset purchases and even begin to offload it's balance sheet in March. I think if they actually go through with it it will start to crash the markets - or they may reverse course as the markets start to react negatively to that action.

I don't think that the financial crash is imminent yet. Gregory Mannarino has been predicting what the Fed will do for over 10 years and he was wrong only twice. According to him, the Fed is lying and will simply continue printing and buying up everything. That is a big part of their plan basically.


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Read this today and I personally had run across the thing at the state level recently and it made me take notice...

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has partnered with a Virginia-based private identification firm which requires a facial recognition selfie among other things, in order to create or access online accounts with the agency.

According to KrebsonSecurity, the IRS announced that by the summer of 2022, the only way to log into will be through Founded by former Army Rangers in 2010, the McLean-based company has evolved to providing online ID verification services which several states are using to help reduce unemployment and pandemic-assistance fraud. The company claims to have 64 million users.
Some 27 states already use to screen for identity thieves applying for benefits in someone else’s name, and now the IRS is joining them. The service requires applicants to supply a great deal more information than typically requested for online verification schemes, such as scans of their driver’s license or other government-issued ID, copies of utility or insurance bills, and details about their mobile phone service.
When an applicant doesn’t have one or more of the above — or if something about their application triggers potential fraud flags — may require a recorded, live video chat with the person applying for benefits. -KrebsonSecurity

It made me think of Michael B-C's mention of the 'Go Direct' topic in this thread and also the FedNow program and the US version of Central Backed Digital Currencies (CBDC):
So that put the whole sector on notice that this strategy of 'resolution' by committing theft is to be their number one policy going forward. In alignment with what Blackrock told the Fed in the US, the game of faking it by continually printing new money from public resources has been bled dry and its time to 'Go Direct' - which means in a multitude of ways, more overtly turning to pillage and theft.
And also in this thread:
Add to this the Going Direct policy instigated by Blackrock via the Central Banks in late 2019 (whereby central banks are now taking control of both monetary and fiscal policy) and the huge moves now underway to monetize all of nature as a new asset class for Blackrock and palls control under the guise of 'sustainability' (excellent conversation between Corbett and Whitney Webb below), and thus we have the full-spectrum dominance financial tyranny emerging to match the political. Happy days!

From the Fed website on FedNow - Federal Reserve Board - FedNow℠ Service
The target release date for the service is 2023. As development of the FedNow Service progresses, additional details will be available through established Reserve Bank channels, including more specific timing, and implementation information for depository institutions.

So we have the IRS going big brother for anything electronic by the summer of 2022, and I'd image they will try to also go completely paperless at some point, which would try to force you to use this via an all digital IRS system, etc.

That sets up the identification and verification side, for one (the first?) interaction of the beast system, of what would likely be needed for an individual to participate in the central bank and related entities programs of Going Direct and FedNow. And hey!, wouldn't you know that FedNow is targeted for a "release date for the service is 2023." Huh... summer of 2022 beast verification starts to be required by the IRS... and then the beast monetary side will just happen to be ready and/or targeted for release in 2023.

I also figure a government built app will be 'made available' with respect to Going Direct and FedNow... and wouldn't you know, you will just happen to need to verification to use the app - my speculation.

I also figure given some nice fake economic collapse, for any given reason such as war with Russia on top of the issues created with the plandemic, and them trying to tell you their is justification for such drastic measures and needed changes and full digitization (ie The Great Reset, The Economic Rest), such as Going Direct and FedNow, and presto looks to me like there is your nice government issued mark of the beast system sliding right in under the radar. We will see how their plans pan out...


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Fwiw, it is a 'sign of the times' when someone as well know as John Stewart and a Federal Reserve President talk about such things as the unlimited money printing and therefore meaningless value of the US Dollar
In the 2008 to 2011 time frame, the Fed 'printed'/injected illegally at least 16 trillion dollars worldwide to underpin the global financial and unregulated derivative system. The Fed had to be sued into revealing this info with respect to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is my opinion that the last two years the Fed has injected over 100 trillion dollars (or some huge, gross amount, since there is no public data on this and public data may never be available) to underpin the global financial system and keep things running, since what has been happening the last two years in terms of the impact seems to me to at least be an order of magnitude more serious than what happened in 2008, etc.

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that is being discussed more and more publicly in the US and many places would be the same as what Stewart and the Fed guy are talking about. And many people will start to catch on to that more and more...

The point and topic of no central authority being able to print and control Bitcoin or other cryptos and such transactions will be discussed more and more... and examples like the Canadian government, banks, etc confiscating funds, such as the Trucker Convoy donations via GoFundMe, will be highlighted more and more in terms of Bitcoin and crypto advantages and utility.

Therefore, I can only conclude that TPTB want to drive people to cryptos via such things being discussed publicly by such people like Stewart.


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Not sure where to put this interview between DJ and CAF as they cover a wide variety of topics such as The Canada Conundrum - Revolt of the Truckers, bitcoin, and aliens: Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: It's Happening Now! Global Control Coup.

Another poignant piece is @40:25, where CAF describes the move to financial digital software and their increasing use of the Terms of Condition (remember a year or so ago when a lot of software companies issued new ToS's to sign?) She wanted to get an ACH account up with a bank, but after reading the terms of conditions (which took many, many hours of reading all the fine print), she found two conditions that she could not sign. So she called up a rep and asked if she could not agree to those, so they said sure, and sure enough upon login, she had to agree to those conditions! She called them up again asking what's up and they went so far as to design a work-around so that she did not have to sign that box. Afterwards, the rep walked her through setting up the new account and lo and behold, a new set of terms of conditions pop up (with the pressure coming from not wanting to waste the rep's time while he/she was guiding CAF through the process hoping that she would give up and just click the agree button on the ToS--how devious)!!

CAF persevered and to the dismay of the conniving rep, she went on to print out the 35 pages of this stuff, and near the end she found some insane clause where she could be subject to all financial laws in the world related to taking payments and financial services applicable to her, which she says that her team would need years to process this. The result if she were to agree to this? They would have a very easy time pinning people on some random, nebulous law and there goes one's bank funds :shock:. It's not just the bank that has this power, but also those above controlling these banks, or any other power that can pay for such services "under the table", so to speak.

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I know this is a place for more serious discussion and so I will keep my little observation quick.

While scrolling through a silver subreddit (yes I know reddit is the worst but I enjoy the occasional meme and pictures of stacks 😉) I came across a meme that said “999 stops 666”.
999 of course is in reference to 99.9%purity of bullion. I couldn’t help but think there might be something to that and it’s sitting in plain sight. I’m obviously suffering from confirmation bias as well since I prefer precious metals over cash, crypto and markets.


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Yesterday's session of the Grand Jury was about the economic collapse. I've watched about an hour of the live stream while in the car but was lucky enough to come across the presentation by Leslie Manookian (starting on 1 hour, 25-minute mark).
Zrzut ekranu-20220221102125-2062x1008.png
Zrzut ekranu-20220221102326-1952x1050.png
Her testimony was great. She started on how the biggest investors are just "dumb money", and don't involve in companies they own. They just cede all ethical dilemmas on the management. Then she went on how the current situation looks, and what are the plans of the PTB on retaining power while the system collapses. What was striking is that the EU is basically bankrupt now, without any policy left to maneuver.
I recommend her presentation for someone (family member or friend) that recently woke up in our economic reality, and started to ask questions on how bad the things are :)


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Not too late (...but heading there quick?) to lay in and store a reasonable amount of gas (with stabilizer to extend the storage time, if your vehicle can tolerate it), since after the price continues up (maybe even triple current prices or, gulp, higher at some point) I expect availability to be an issue at some point for some amount of time depending on where you are located.

"Gas & Diesel Prices Explode As Trucker Panic Sets In. As JP Morgan comes out and says that $200 a barrel of oil is now possible I say that we are about to see a massive price jump in fuel which will bring the economy to a grinding halt."

edit added: There was a price jump of about $0.25/gallon from yesterday to today where I live.


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Seemed relevant to post this here. Google Cloud claims it’s laying off dozens although colleagues at my co report that colleagues within Google says it’s in the thousands. Trimming excess before the fall 🤔

Google Cloud is laying off dozens of employees focused on cloud support, Business Insider reported. The Google job cuts are part of an overall reorganization that includes shifting some support responsibilities to third-party vendors, the report said.



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I don't think that the financial crash is imminent yet. Gregory Mannarino has been predicting what the Fed will do for over 10 years and he was wrong only twice. According to him, the Fed is lying and will simply continue printing and buying up everything. That is a big part of their plan basically.

Looks like they have the perfect excuse to do this now. The fed has a habit of feigning one way and acting the other.

This guy has an interesting perspective. Very based when it comes to all things "Reset". He called the oil move down to single digits and back up to triple digits. Last year he called for the asset bubble inflation to spill over into commodities and consumer prices.

Summary of the video is that with the instability and insane rises in commodities, they will walk back the planned rate hikes, likely supporting the markets, but that will of course only lead to further inflation. What is needed to really put the brakes on all this is a serious deflationary event (like march 2020). His pet theory currently is a cyber attack.


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Despite reservations about Hal Turner, this, imo, hits at some of the real issues with what is happening and will be building to happen. I think the author could have even expanded much, much more on the demand destruction feedback loops that are happening and will be developing in the economic system and supply chain system, and also the financial system will have its own feedback loops, some of which are directly tied to the feedback loops in the economic system. It is kind of like a tropical storm forming up and gaining strength toward becoming a CAT 5 monster economic and financial hurricane that will make landfall throughout the whole world at some point... some places may be feeling a slight breeze starting to gain strength as the first indications of the storm coming, some places are feeling the first heavy weather bands of the storm making landfall... Boomerang! European Industry Begins SHUTTING DOWN over Energy Costs
Q: (Tomek) What about April Drop Dead Date? Is this "the" April?

A: Very possible... But who is going to "drop dead"?
In another thread, someone mentioned the April Drop Dead Date relating to the economic and financial systems and/or the Petrodollar system. I figure by late April sometime and the getting well into spring we and maybe some of the masses will have a decent idea what is going to happening in terms of food availability, or lack there of, for 2022 crops and goods in relation to energy and fertilizer cost and availability. I'm not a farmer, but have heard this over the years:
As many gardeners know, there’s a common rule of thumb that advises when it’s OK to start planting flowers and vegetables: You should hold off on planting until after Mother’s Day. Many people grew up hearing these words of advice from parents and grandparents who likely heard them from theirs. The guideline is an important reminder that early spring isn’t the best time to start planting most things, but is it a hard-and-fast rule that everyone should follow?
In the US, Mother's Day is 8 May. If nothing changes to dramatically change the path that is being set now and what is happening now, then from now and leading into April the preparations and actions that are normally taken to get food growing or even plans being made to grow food that would normally take place and be put into action may not happen or be much different than 2021 and previous years. Figure we will have calculations made then about crop yield and animal stock, etc based on lack of fertilizer and other related things. And also calculations on the cost of food moving forward based on energy cost with respect to the full cycle of growing on the farm to getting the food on the table, which includes transportation. So by April or the end of April (ie April Drop Dead Date), we will likely have a good idea how food availability and cost, etc are going to affect people dropping dead from various things in relation to that and heading into the future. And also how it is likely to affect the 'leaders' who caused this to happen or allowed it to happen, since the masses tend to not value the lives of such 'leaders' when they are starving or have problems surviving...

Other relevant quotes from the latest session in relation to this:
(SummerLite) Is this an attack on the food supply also?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Russia has stopped exporting fertilizer - 65 percent of the world's supply. So, I think we can look forward to some serious food shortages. And that of course will lead to famine and make populations even weaker and sicker and more susceptible to pathogens.
Q: (Eboard10) Are food shortages going to be widespread across Europe soon, or more localised?

A: Widespread eventually.
Q: (Ryan) Will the economy remain fairly stable this year?

A: No
I'm not happy to see it, but I think I can really start to see the outlines forming up of the fake economic collapse turning into the real economic collapse...
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