The Dragon and "I"

WIN 52

The Living Force
Whether it is the ramblings of an old fool or that something of significance did take place makes little difference, it seems. Understanding the system of control we find ourselves in, it seems hardly possible that a person could have any effect on the outcome. It was the system that sprung into action, the very next day, when I activated an area of my essence. It was like having achieved some sort of level where I did access a super human state of being. It was Friday,March 30, 1980. Having been taking martial arts classes through the winter, the Thursday night before the 30th, I managed to access a higher state which part of it was a super human like strength as well as a whole different outlook.

The next day I was still experimenting with the new confidence, working on a house renovation where we were putting a second story on top. The upper walls were up and we were getting ready to put the rafters in place. It was a beautiful sunny day, however early in the afternoon it began to look like a storm was brewing. The boss decided to cover the construction with a tarp we had, for that purpose. I was up on top of the tarp, spreading it out over the project. I was almost finished when I heard an audible voice urging me to get down. I didn't know what to think, but I was almost finished at that point so I continued to work, stretching out the tarp . The voice came with more urgency, "get down dangerous". I thought ok, but I just need to do one more thing. It was at that moment, that a huge gust of wind blew up taking me with the tarp to the ground, a concrete patio, from two stories up. Luckily I only broke both feet. There were 14 other related accidents in the construction industry in the area that afternoon. After, as I drove myself to the Hospital thinking I got off lucky, I was hit with an excruciating amount of pain. Also it began to rain. I remember the rain looking like sheets coming down. Quite a storm the locals said.

After a couple of years, realizing that something significant had taken place and working with this communication, I was once again able to walk though in a restricted manner. My right heel was fractured and the arch in my left foot was completely crushed. In 1983 I had a conversation with what I had come to know as my guide. I was made aware of a woman who was going to help me. I remember quite well the joy being expressed about this work that she was to begin, but that I would have to wait for now. I was about to become a father and being a cripple with a family to support, there were other matters more pressing to attend to.

I eventually fell asleep, lost in life. But the one thing that remained was the connection I had with this guide. I have worked with this connection every since. It would be a great source of encouragement for me during the trying times that I was going through on a seemingly endless conveyor belt of life.

By 2005 I was on a runaway, divorced, drinking every day and at the end of my rope. This is when I suffered a stroke. During the recovery in the hospital, as my right side was paralyzed I spent several months in rehab, I had several experiences where I found out that there was more than one guide and I was encouraged to begin searching for the woman who would help me. I asked how could I find this person. The answer was that I would know her by what she was doing, no other clues than this. It was up to me to look. Having some time on my hands and getting a computer, I was able to get on line and start the search. I had glanced at the Cassiopaean material in 2006 but seeing it was tied in with The Signes Of The Times, I related this material to the Jehovas Witnesses. Now having studied with these people in 1981 and having determined that their way was an exercise in brain washing, I brushed it aside. I was on a website called Above Top Secret from 2006 to 2009, even having interactions with Laura. One of these was about parasitic infections and the need for humanity to recognize this condition and deal with it. I had already begun detoxification by 2007, encouraged by a self proclaimed 1014 year old man who sat beside me in a diner where I was having lunch. Come to think about it is that I never saw him actually eat anything.

It wasn't until 2009 that I decided to seriously investigate the Cassiopaean material as I had exhausted everything else and come up with nothing. Well, I was awestruck by what I was reading because it was so much like my conversations with my guides over the years that I was surely where I needed to be. I joined the forum, after reading the Wave on line, in 2010.

I was also aware of a mission, yet to complete. Whenever I would ask about it my guides would say that I was not to find out till the task was at hand. If I had any ideas about what the job was about, I would not succeed. The anticipation would cause it to fail. In fact it was only a couple of days before that I had begun to get an idea of what it was. By then my big I had taken command, reacting instinctively as the game of cat and mouse had begun. The only thing is that I was the mouse, it seemed.

I wrote a poem about it, as this took six or seven hours to write, I must ask for your patience.

WIN 52

The Living Force
The evil one, the Dragon is dead
I cut off his head
Four quick blows to his crown
One mighty sweep and he went down

A sword filled my hands
I know not from whense lands
The power of the spirit was on me
For I did not know and could not see

All I had was trust
I acted out of trust
Trust that justice would prevail
Beneath this murky moss filled veil

He thought me weak
From our first meet
Two broken feet in 1980
Many scars, the task must wait

Paralyzed on the right side by a stroke in 2005
Here today lucky to be alive
I was downhill skiing with my son
Trying to fly and having fun

The Dragon was watching and wanted to eat
What he thought looked like a tasty treat
His human abused him was given to me
His power was weak, though I could not see

My crystal was lost, my Dragon dead
I could not see what waited ahead
I had other Dragons estranged to me
Asleep in far off lands, lost hope in me

The years of learning to trust
That still small voice must trust, trust, trust
Gaining trust and skiing faster
First green, then blue and black to master

The Dragon thought he might like to play
A game of cat and mouse, the hit of the day
I saw a tree in the middle of the road
Trusting my guide I skied hard at the toad

Swerving left, right, left I shot past
An empty space where a tree stood last
There was great anticipation that day
While on the lift his eye followed me all the way

Day eleven on the hill fast and fit
Sun in the sky wanting to fly
The black runs beckoned, why
Wind to the face flying down what a hit

The Dragon was in a fit to eat
The prize he sought was slippery meat
A chuckle and a laugh, wind to my face
All I was doing was trusting, trying to race

Flashes of light as he followed close by
People on the lift wondered why I scanned the sky
The day was early when I decided to stop
My body was good but trust made me stop

The group veered right to ride the black
I went left down the blue
The Dragon set course for a black attack
His eyes were set on black not blue

So many green jackets on the hill that day
Which is the one who is my prey
The Dragon searched but could not find
That tasty treat, he was ready to dine

The night was young and karaoke beckoned
The star of the show
With a vodka glow
My voice was strong, and he watched, his dinner beckoned

The Dragon missed his chance on the hill
Seeing me drunk gave him the will
To come in my circle, to end my quest
I was to be his dinner guest

The light fence on the mirror worked that night
It showed me a great evil might
Was headed directly at me
It was time to fight and not flee

Hiding in the mirrors was his game
To pick the spot was all that remained
I spun up much light which I was to need
Should I complete this terrible deed

With energy flooding my body, I moved to my room
Facing a narrow mirror on the wall
I raised up my arms as if to strike
No sword in hand, what is the plan

The Sword came down into my hands
Four quick slashes to his crown
He reared his head back with great surprise
I chopped it off, what a prize

My Dragons death avenged
The power over the land is broken
The balance is restored
Now people will be known by their hearts

The Crystal Princesses found my crystal
They brought it back to me
The golden angel is with the Father
His fate will be just and swift

The deed is done, the Dragon is dead
My crystal shines brightly on my head
Now it sits for all to see
On my forehead where it needs to be

WIN 52

The Living Force
The next day, Friday, my Son's stepdaughter(Elsa) was talking to her Dad on the phone. I overheard her say with a sob in her voice "he killed my Dragon". Now I can assure you that I still wasn't clear as to what exactly happened that night. Her father was a self proclaimed head Warlock who also claimed to have a Dragon. She was six years old at the time. After overhearing this it was clear to me what did take place during the night.

All that I saw coming towards me through the mirror was a very slender head with a wide open mouth full of teeth. There was a long undulating neck that stretched through the mirror with no body in sight. The look on its face was that of pure delight at the prospect of what it was about to eat. It was at that moment, the sword came into my hands and I struck with lightning speed.

Now I was also quite disgusted that a six year old child should even know about this sort of thing. What is wrong with the picture? Why was she weeping for the loss of a beast such as this? What was going on here? Now, I have thought of a few things all of which points to some very sinister activities on behalf of the self proclaimed head warlock, her father. I have taken steps to try and deal with this issue and up to now, two years later, they seem to be working. I cannot be sure however as I am not always available to monitor the situation. Elsa did help my granddaughter Anna, who was two at the time, recover my crystal.

On Sunday I was given a reading by a medium, White Elk Medicine Woman. It was her who described what had happened. She said that after I had cut off the beasts head, it was thrashing around on the ground, it was all black and ugly. As it thrashed around all of these black things came out of it and went into the ground. Eventually the beast turned into a beautiful golden angel who got up and flew off saying "remember our deal". She said that he was the most beautiful angel that she had ever seen. It was also her who told me about Elsa helping Anna recover my crystal from a cave and bring it back to me.

At that time I was also seeing current events in the clouds. On Monday my son and I were driving home from skiing. I said look at that cloud. There are three guys in a boat. Look, one guy fell overboard and one of the other guys just jumped in to save him, however he couldn't get to him. When we got home a half hour later there was breaking news on the radio that there was a boating accident where three guys were on a boat, one guy fell overboard and one jumped in to try saving him but couldn't. I had just seen it all played out in the clouds. My son was a bit shocked, as was I.

WIN 52

The Living Force
What deal?

In 1997 I was working with a Chinese partner doing an Import Export business with China. We had been working together since 1995. We exported livestock and imported hotel supplies. The livestock exports were supervised by Canadian and Chinese veterinarians. The head Vet for Canada had been specific when we started "I can make it easy for you or hard for you. ", which meant that he wanted bribe money. We didn't pay bribe money. The first few exports went very smoothly.

In 1997 we won an opportunity to export 250 Ostrich, a contract worth $1.5 Million Canadian. There were other exporters who were not pleased with the fact that we had won this contract. We had toured the buyers around selecting the birds, pre tested the birds to meet with the protocol and arranged for the birds from farms who had negative results, disqualifying any farms who had even one positive result, to enter our quarantine facility for the 30 day quarantine prior to the export.

The testing was going on and negative results were being shown on all the birds. One of the last tests needed to be sent to a lab in Iowa. There was no Canadian Lab that could do this test. They knew me so well because I had been on the phone so often to this Lab during the previous months, that they called me Dr. I was anxious about this test so I called the Lab on the Friday that the testing was completed. There was only the technician who was posting the results available. It was a long weekend. I spoke with him and he informed me that all of the tests were negative. However, when the official results were posted on Tuesday, roughly one third of the birds had a positive result. We immediately retested the positive birds, gave them new Id's, sent the samples to the Lab and got negative results on all. But, the Export had already failed.

WIN 52

The Living Force
We had already invested roughly $400,000 by this point. Things didn't look too good. I was outside leaning on a corral depressed and disgusted. Going over all that had happened.

I was approached by what can only be described as the devil. Aware of something that didn't seem quite right. He began telling me that he had a great deal of influence with people. Things weren't as bad as I thought. He said that he could help me. Not sure if I was loosing my mind, I said if you can get me out of this mess I guess that I will owe you one. Thinking, what a strange conversation to be having with yourself. With that said, he said "It's a deal! " and left.

Because of the mixed results with the testing, all of which was supervised by the Chinese vet. We had only one chance to make the export work. Cull out the birds that tested positive. Replace them with new birds from other farms. There were still enough birds available to fill the order. We also needed to renegotiate the protocol to allow for the birds to be quarantined on the farms of origin and brought directly to the plane for export. This way we could cull out birds from farms that had a positive test. This also required paying bribe money to the Chinese. Yes, I did break down and pay bribery. This followed the protocol for exporting pigs to China which made more sense than bringing all the birds to one place for quarantine.

After a three month delay, the export did go. I was stuck with about 90 Ostrich that were worthless. We were being sued by the Bank of Hong Kong for $200,000 and only had a profit of about $60,000. The Bank ended up not going through with the law suit and eating their loss. They were being stupid and it cost them. Everyone thought the export was doomed to failure, but we did it, we made it happen.

The next two exports were also full of problems created by the Canadian Federal Veterinarian's. By 1999 my marriage was on the rocks and I was drinking every day. I had $90,000 of credit card debt and the farm was tied up in a divorce.

I had forgotten about that deal I had made with the devil, till he reminded me of it.

But hey, seeing as how I am STS in an STS place and all that there is are lessons. I can and did reject the deal, without feeling any guilt whatsoever. It was my free will choice.

To put an exclamation point on it. How much help was he anyway. He probably set me up in the first place. The bottom line is that there never was a deal, just a setup for an opportunity to take advantage of someone or some event.

WIN 52

The Living Force
The light fence.

About a week before the fateful night, I was cleaning up around the yard. There was an old string of Christmas lights that was only half working. The entrance to the courtyard was dark at night. I thought to put up this string in front of a mirror that was outside by the door into the inner space. When I got the lights hung and plugged them in, they all started to work. This gave a good amount of light to a previously dark area.

That Thursday night as I was standing looking out into the courtyard through the glass door that was the entrance to the house, the lights began to flicker. They became very bright and then all of the lights burned out at the same time. I looked at the string in the morning and all of the bulbs were black.

The cat was going back and forth around my feet, as cats will do when they are looking for a treat, when the bulbs burned out. He immediately arched his back and headed for the hills. Now I started to get an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I began to get nervous. I felt like I was being stalked.

Not knowing what was going on, I decided to go into my room. There was only one mirror in the room, a long narrow mirror. At this point I seemed to be on autopilot. I went and stood in front of the mirror, raised my hands above my head as if I was holding a sword waiting to strike, bowed my head and stood there, waiting.

It didn't take long for that narrow head with all those teeth and the long snake like neck to show up, coming straight at me with great anticipation about what it was about to eat, out of the mirror. It's eyes were almost shut, just open a slit with a look of pure delight on it's face.

That is when the sword of light came down into my hands. Once there I began to strike. Four precision blows with great speed to four different places on its head. It reared its head back with a look of surprise. I made a horizontal swing, severing that long cord like neck. The head made a summer salt, I turned the blade flat and batted it out of the house. I also became aware that there was something sitting on my back. I turned the sword and skewered that beast, pried it off and cut it in two.

I just stood there for a minute or two, kind of dumbfounded, trying to make sense of what had just taken place. Looking at the sword in my hands. I decided to give the sword back to wherever it came from. That was a decision that I would later regret. You see, there were other beasts with different ways, yet to battle.

WIN 52

The Living Force
Since my youth, I have always considered myself to be a Viking. Reading of how genetics kind of work, it seems like the mother has more influence on the outcome of the child than the father. My Mother is of French ancestry. Her cousins on her mom's side live in a Castle, in France. She is of direct lineage to the virgins from Fatima, where the Mother Mary appeared. We put red roses carved into her coffin, because this tradition was deeply rooted in her ancestry.

I am the second oldest of eight siblings. Each one of us think that we are her favorite child. We were very lucky to have a mother like this. Back in 1980 after I had the accident, she came right away. She had to travel from Winnipeg to Salt Spring Island, BC. She came right away and stayed for two weeks, with my youngest sister who was five at the time. Yes, she always had a great concern for her children and later on for her grandchildren.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit her everyday for the last six months of her life, kind of fulfilling a promise I had made to her. I seemed to be the one who went away, not being able to visit. I missed out on many Christmas Lute Fisk dinners. That was something she picked up from dad's side of the family and it is carried on by my siblings. We are quite a family thanks to her.

Now my Sweedish father also seems to have a curious background. When I was five and my older brother, sixteen months, was at school, I spent a lot of afternoons with my Sweedish Grandmother. During one of those afternoons, she was telling me about her family secret. They kept quiet about it, because people didn't appreciate the old ways. In the past people were persecuted for doing what they could do. They had certain powers that were somewhat super natural, the gift. She said that the old ways didn't work anymore, anyway. According to the old ways, my dad was supposed to be a girl. Consequently, he spent the first two years of his life dressed in pink. He was born with one testicle and his initials were HEN.

While reading through the transcripts, I have often come across aha hah moments. With links directly to Jesus through the maternal side of my mother's family and links to the gift through the maternal side of my Sweedish Grandmother's side of the family, it's no wonder that my life has been filled with high strangeness. I come by it honestly.

Deep down inside, I have always known that I have chosen this time to be here. I have never thought that I was special. I was just here to do something that needed to be done, for the future of humanity, in general. There are many of us who have chosen the same thing and each one of us has something to do. Though my main mission may be completed and I can cross over at any time, I choose to linger on. After all, it's kind of fun to watch things progress. Besides, I still am able to help others and of course now there are grandchildren. It would be sad if at least some of them didn't get the chance to know PaPa. Yes, I fully plan on doing the transmutation to 4D. Do you care to come along for the walk?

WIN 52

The Living Force
It seems fitting to bring a bit more of the tale, in light of other information recently brought up in another thread. The December 10th, 2016.

The third day of walking the Labyrinth began with light showers that later turned into a warm sunny afternoon. There were quite a few people who came by that day. That was the day my Harmonica was playing in reverse. My diet at the time, for the past few months was made up mostly of lard with a bit of protein and a smaller bit of carbohydrates. I would give the others most of the bacon, ending up with a bowl of oil and a few pieces for breakfast.

That day, especially in the afternoon, after a surveillance truck parked in the next parking lot which I could see off in the distance. I got the feeling that my body was being bombarded by some unseen force. In light of what had just happened, the energy felt like it was from a dark place, evil. What ever they were doing was not working. There were quite a few observers around. A lot of them seemed to be perplexed, by the looks on their faces. It was as if they were expecting to see something, yet nothing was happening. At the time I asked myself if I was loosing my mind or was this really happening. All afternoon there were ambulance sirens going off all over town. The town is full of elderly people and a lot of them seemed to be in distress. Anyway, it is what it is.

I stayed in the park till about 10pm. I was afraid to go home. They were locking the park gate so I had to leave. I ended up driving around all night, followed everywhere by a group of cars. Over half of them had Washington plates, which I took notice of. I would see the same vehicles following me around in Parksville and Quallicum as I was driving back and forth between the two towns.

At about 4am I was driving around in Quallicum, with these same group of vehicles. There was no one close by so I ducked into the Municipal Pool parking lot, which was in the trees, hidden from the road. To my surprise, there was a big tandem Truck with US Military plates parked in the middle of the parking lot, running and all lit up. There were a bunch of people in fatigues walking around and a few in suits.

There was a large generator on the truck and I could hear it humming at full power. There was a large apparatus mounted on the back, pointing up at the sky. It looked like lightning was coming out of the end, shooting up to the sky. The people in Suits, 3 of them looked to be Japanese, were looking up at the sky and pointing as they seemed to be discussing something.

I was taken a back by the scene. I drove in circled around a bit and drove out. No one seemed to pay any attention to me as they all looked wrapped up in what they were doing. I went to drive around with the group of cars again. By 8am the group of cars had dwindled to a few and I felt comfortable enough to go home for a bit. I didn't stay there for very long and I decided to go to Salt Spring Island for the day. It began to rain during the night and by morning it was pouring rain.


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Sorry to ask WIN52 but I'm not sure what your trying to convey here. I maybe am missing the point but I'll ask anyway are you attempting to write a short story based on actual life events?

WIN 52

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Thebull said:
Sorry to ask WIN52 but I'm not sure what your trying to convey here. I maybe am missing the point but I'll ask anyway are you attempting to write a short story based on actual life events?

Yes, but it seems that some of it was not in the 3rd dimension, but rather somewhere in between 3rd and 4th. I have posted about it in other threads here and will bring those posts into this thread also.


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WIN 52 said:
Thebull said:
Sorry to ask WIN52 but I'm not sure what your trying to convey here. I maybe am missing the point but I'll ask anyway are you attempting to write a short story based on actual life events?

Yes, but it seems that some of it was not in the 3rd dimension, but rather somewhere in between 3rd and 4th. I have posted about it in other threads here and will bring those posts into this thread also.
I will read all your post's before I comment again. I suppose I worry as I see you've drunk heavily at times and it is very easy to project/imagine these things I've done it myself in the past. It could be a program/programs you've used to justify the events that have happened. I look forward to catching up with all the posts.

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The drinking part was between 1998 and 2012, by 2013 I was only having 4 drinks a night, one night a week, Karaoke night, Thursday. When this all took place, I stopped going to Karaoke and haven't had a drink since. Prior to 1998 I was an Elder in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and hadn't had a drink since the 1970's. In Karaoke I was known as The Neil Diamond guy. Also I started Karaoke in 1999, my cherryoke. Throughout my life there have been many things happen to me which can only be described as high strangeness. Once I got into the Cassiopaen material, all of a sudden, things finally started to actually make sense. As I said in the beginning, it could be just the ramblings of an old fool, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide.

WIN 52

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Creative Acts / Re: Re: THE Sign that Things are about to change drastically?« on: March 06, 2014, 05:51:22 PM »

Angels of the Purple Light
Take the moss off your crystals
For clearer sight


Creative Acts / Angels of the Purple Light« on: March 06, 2014, 02:34:52 PM »

Well, the task is done
Now with tenderness in our heart's
And in our minds
Angeles of the purple light
Write it on your heart's
Write it on your minds
Never forget to treat people this way
By their feel of their heart's
Trusting within, love can win

A Fairy Tale

The Dragon is dead
I cut off his head
He thought me weak
Form our first meet

A broken foot, many scars
Paralyzed by stroke 2005
Here today, lucky to be alive
Downhill skiing trying to fly

The Dragon watched and wanted to eat
What he thought was a tasty treat
His master abused him was given to me
His power was weakened though I could not see

My crystal was lost, my dragon dead
I could not see what waited ahead
Many years of learning to trust
A certain feeling, must learn to trust

I have begun to put pen to paper
There already is a chapter or two
Our healing is beginning
Our hearts are beginning to heal
We look like beggars
However our will is strong

Puff the magic Dragon
Open your heart's with tenderness


This was just after the slaying of the Dragon and just before undergoing a posting ban on the forum. As I read it back, it does sound like I was a bit sketched out. Well, I was!

WIN 52

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Baked Noodles / Re: Dragon on a mountaintop question« on: March 06, 2014, 08:39:46 PM »

Wealth draws greed
The real treasure is
Tenderness of heart and mind
In there you will find Love
Love is the way, love is the way
Love is the treasure
That will sattisfy your heart

I believe! Medeusa was caught in a snare.
The woman is the crystal child's mother


I had thought that the octopus was gone but it keeps coming back. It was something that would come up out of the mother of my Granddaughter. She would seem to call it up and then she would become very violent. I am thinking that as long as she continues to allow this evil thing to operate her machine, she will continue to have violent outbursts. She just had a violent outburst last week where she took to beating on my son. He ended up going out and spending the night in my Daughter's Travel Trailer which is parked in the yard. They have decided to go for counseling, separately, for starters. They have 2 children Jonah who is 10 months old and Anna who is now 5. It seems that lately she is becoming more violent, which also fits in with the snowflake thing going on in the US. I am not sure if petty tyrant is the world to use but she could also be a victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Either way, she does need help.

WIN 52

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Baked Noodles / Re: Dragon on a mountaintop question« on: March 07, 2014, 09:34:38 AM »

The one eyed deamon
Was seeking a battle
I greeted him with tenderness and mercy
Welcomed him in to walk with me
He could not see that death is walking next to me

This is our power
This is our fight
Lay down your daggers
Give them to death
Tenderness and mercy is the way


Ah, the one eyed demon. This is the last post before undergoing a 6 month posting ban on the forum. It was just before I began walking the Labyrinth in Parksville for 3 days.

The first time that I saw this guy was shortly after they put up the microwave tower 3 miles from our farm. It was in 1967. I was ploughing in the field with a 3 bottom plough pulled by a John Deer Model A tractor, an open platform tractor with no cab. It was in the middle of October. I had lots of spare time to watch the clouds. There was this black cloud hanging above the field that was quite large. It looked like the cloud had a pair of horns and a clear spot that you could see blue sky through right in the place where a single eye would be. Every once and a while I would catch a glimpse of a tail with a shovel end that would be flicking back and forth. It was there just hanging over the field. I was 15 years old at the time. There was a cold wind blowing and I began to feel uncomfortable so I unhitched the plough and went home, about a mile away. Mom asked why had I quit early and I told her that I just got cold.

From time to time I have seen the same cloud pattern over top of me, throughout my life. The last time that I saw it was 2 days after walking the Labyrinth in Parksville. It was in the morning on Salt Spring Island. I had spent the night in a Motel on the Island. In the morning I went down town. There was a guy standing on the boardwalk looking up at the clouds so I looked up and there was that cloud again. It was the same cloud with horns and the eye. There was even a shoveled tail flicking back and forth. I said strange cloud and the guy agreed.

Because I haven't seen it since, it doesn't mean that it is not around somewhere. Now that I am aware of it, could it be keeping it's distance? Or is it a part of what they were using that machine for in the parking lot at the Quallicum Pool? I guess that I will have to wait and see on that one.
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