The Consortium and their desperation to control


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Hi guys,

Thought I would share a disturbing dream I had yesterday (kind of ironic it was on 9/11). Normally I don't dream for months, or atleast not aware of it, but those times that I do, they do leave an impact on my emotions that it takes some time to process them.

In this dream I was standing in front of a big building, it looked like a church/temple. The moment I stepped inside I felt fear like I hadn't experienced before and I mean fear in the sense of knowing that there was something evil connected to this place, like truly pure evil, it didn't feel like fear that is portrayed in horror movies with demon possesions or what not, but something more sinister and worse.

As I was in this building there was a big open area in it, near huge windows with strange pictures that I do not recall what they looked like. Near the center of this place there was a creepy looking priest dude standing, he gave a really bad vibe. As I walked closer to the center of the big open area I could feel that this evil was not related to one specific thing or entity but I could feel or somehow felt that I knew that it was instead connected to a small group of pure evil people from deep inside the earth.

As I reached the center of this area I felt dizzy -felt like there was something in the air at that spot that was stronger then the rest of that creepy place- (in the dream) and felt like I was losing consciousness and after I woke up (in the dream) I saw that I was floating in the air in the middle of this center, I was freaking out, from the side of my eye I could see this creepy looking priest smiling. As I was floating in mid air I felt it became harder and harder to stay conscious, I was getting in and out of consciousness and I was fighting hard to stay awake because I felt that something was trying to take over my existence and I realised that I have to fight and if I give in I will completly lose my sense of self, it was truly bizzare because I somehow remember it bleeding through to my waking state as in in real life I felt my mind getting really light, the more I resisted I started hearing whispers that felt coming from deep inside the earth saying I shouldn't resist and that I should embrace ''them'' taking control - I dont know why but the first thing during that moment that came to my mind was the word amalgamation that the C's mentioned in their latest session - , that life would be easier if I ''let go''. But I refused, I refused to let my sense of self or that which I identify as me to dissapear, I screamed at them, with some hatred and rage towards these pure evil beings.

As I kept switching between falling unconsious and forcing myself to stay awake I felt that these evil beings were getting frustrated that I was resisting, I dont remember exactly how but at some point during this push and pull event I forced myself with literally every drop of strenght I had to stay awake and not get overtaken by these evil beings and suddenly I fell down on the floor like breaking the spell, and the moment I fell on the ground I woke up.

During the day and today I reflected a lot on this dream and felt that it had to do with the current world events and that these pure evil beings will do everything they can to take control even if its by force and it angered me and made me sad that so many people are suffering because of them and it will only become worse and worse. Today a day after the dream I noticed in the news that the netherlands has also now planned to make the corona passport mandatory for people that go to events, restaurants etc which reminded me back to the dream.

I don't know how to exactly explain it, but I thought that I understood what evil meant, but what I felt in that dream was more sophisticated, calm and calculated and it felt really heavy as in the sense that this was a group of evil people that have accumulated so much evil that it was comparable to a black hole and the only thing could ever do was only to absorb and eat everything in their path as much as they can withouth letting a single speck of light to escape.

Note 1: As you can see in the title I used the word consortium as what the C's once mentioned about that group because to my experience in that dream that evil felt like it belonged in such a group. So it is purely an assumption on my part and I am basing it on how it felt to me.

Note: 2 months ago I had another intense dream but this was how everything was under layers and layers of snow , it kept snowing and not stopping and we had to scavenge buildings that were still accessible to get food.
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