Super Megaliths in Southern Siberia


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Siberia said:
Possibility of Being said:
There is another amazing and mysterious place east of Novosibirtsk. On Siberia's map above, it is placed very close, north-east of the green dot; you can see a boot-like area marked there and the 'toe' points to a village of Shira (Шира). That's where it is, more or less.

Thank you for the fascinating links, Possibility of Being! Sorry that it took me so long to respond. :-[

That American lady impressed me very much: she was so brave to travel to Siberia with no language skills and even ride a horse there!

And indeed, if we draw a straight line on the map, Shira is exactly along this line:

Nsk: red dot
Isk: blue dot
Megaliths: green dot
Shira (sunduki): purple dot


Another archeological puzzle in the same region is "Tilsulsky Princess" or "Тисульского Принцесса" in Russian. Tilsulsky is located in the region called Kemerovo, which is on the map that Sibiria posted. It is near the left upper corner, above the red line, it is the first free black square below the upper map border.

Here is what an article in English about this find has to say. said:
Tisulsky Princess
It happened at the beginning of September 1969 in the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago region of Kemerovo region. During the stripping work at coal mine in the core dvadtsatimetrovogo coal seam lies at a depth of over 70 meters, two meters miner Karnaukhov discovered marble casket amazingly accurate mechanical manufacture.

At the command area commander Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygina all work was stopped immediately. Casket brought to the surface and began to open, peck on the edges of fossilized time putty. Not so much from the blows, but from the effects of solar heat, putty into a clear liquid and flowed. One looking for experiences even tried it on the language (in a week was crazy, and in February froze at the door of his house.)

Casket lid was adjusted perfectly accurate. For a more permanent connection inside edge fringed double face pyatnadtsatisantimetrovuyu plugged into the wall thickness.

Discovery was a shock to the audience. Casket coffin was filled to the brim with pink — blue crystal clear liquid. By spring stitch, which rests high (about 180 C), a slim, unusual beauty woman — who looked about thirty, with a fine European features and large, wide-open blue eyes. Thick, dark brown with a reddish tint to the waist slightly curls covered resting at your sides soft white hands with short, neatly cropped nails.

She was dressed in a white lace transparent dress length just below the knee. With short sleeves embroidered with colorful flowers. Underwear was not. It seemed that she is not dead, but sleeping. At the head — a black, rectangular, rounded at one end, metal box (something like a cell phone) of approximately 25 to 10 cm

Tisulsky PrincessThe coffin was open for all to see about 10 to 15 hours. See the miracle was the whole village. Almost immediately, the finding reported in the district center. Validating the authorities, fire, military, militia. By 14 o'clock in the field of brick-red helicopter landed and took a dozen solid "friends" in mufti, who once said that the place contagious and told the audience away from the sepulcher. Then sealed off the place of discovery and rewrote all who touched the coffin, and even standing near, ostensibly for a medical emergency.

Coffin "friends" dragged, it was in the helicopter, but the burden was too heavy, and decided to make it easier by removing the liquid. After pumping fluid out of the coffin corpse right in front began to blacken. Then the liquid is again filled in, and the blackness was rapidly disappearing. After a minute late on the cheeks blush is played again, and all of the mortal remains of the former acquired lifelike appearance. The coffin was closed and brought in a helicopter to get together with the remnants of the land putty in cellophane bags and ordered the witnesses to disperse. After that, the helicopter soared skyward and headed for Novosibirsk.

Five days from Novosibirsk to Rzhavchik came elderly professor and read in country club lecture on the preliminary results of a recent laboratory findings. The professor said that this discovery will turn rzhavchikskaya very understanding of history. In the near future, Soviet scientists publish their findings, and that the scientific world will plunge into shock. Age burial, according to the professor, at least 800 million years old! This refutes the Darwinian theory of the origin of man from apes. The woman was buried in the Carboniferous period of the Paleozoic era millions of years before the dinosaurs, long before the formation of the planet coal, when, in the modern view is still the land of a complete plant kingdom.

Originally coffin woman standing in the middle of a wooden vault deep thicket of the forest. Over time, the vault is completely rooted in the ground, collapsed and without oxygen for hundreds of millions of years into a solid layer of coal.
Initially put forward an alien version, but genetic analysis of a woman's body showed a 100 — percent uniformity of the modern Russian man. Today, we are one to one are the same as were our ancestors 800 million years ago!

The level of civilization to which belonged to a woman, more than all the previously known, including our own, because the nature of the fabric from which made dress "Princess" is not amenable to scientific analysis. Equipment for the production of such material is not invented by mankind. Not managed to identify the composition and pink-blue liquid, identified only some of its constituent components, formed the oldest varieties of onions and garlic. On a metal box professor did not say anything, except that it is being studied.

Lecturer left, and after a couple of days in the local newspaper came tisulskoy tiny note that was found near the village of Rzhavchik archaeological relic, which will shed light on the story. Rzhavchane protested so much sensation, and in the newspaper three lines! Indignation subsided itself when Tisulsky area was suddenly surrounded by the military, the police went from house to house, removing "seditious" number in the population, and the place where he found the tomb, carefully dug and filled up with earth.
Yet despite the efforts of the authorities of the people in the village were found fighters for truth. One of the characters run around all instances, even wrote a letter to the Central Committee, but died a year (according to the official version — from heart failure). When, in the year one after the other in car crashes killing all six "pioneers" coffin surviving witnesses silenced forever.

In 1973, when, according to the authorities, "all was quiet" on the shores and islands of Lake Berchikul that six kilometers from the place of occurrence of the sarcophagus, all summer to late autumn in secrecy conducted large-scale excavations. Job site was surrounded by soldiers and police. But, as they say, murder will out! One guest workers who participated in the excavation and kept quiet for a long time, went to the shopping area, slightly drunk, and said that the islands discovered an ancient cemetery Stone Age. Share the details they flatly refused, but the village has seen both at the dig site and then flew to "brick" and the helicopter was taking something, and on completion of work on the islands and shores of Berchikulya are hundreds of carefully dug up and buried underground tombs …
I am not sure that a depth of 70 meters and below a layer of coal is enough to mean that it is 800 million years old. 800 million years is a lot, also in geology.

Anyway, here are some links in Russian of varying degrees of quality.

And Russian videos: "САРКОФАГИ Тисульского района!!" ТИСУЛЬСКАЯ НАХОДКА КОТОРОЙ 800 МИЛИОНОВ ЛЕТ

With the following youtube we are back to some old mountain structures or Super Megaliths in the Kemerovo region: НЕВЕРОЯТНОЕ ОТКРЫТИЕ в Кемеровской области!! There are good pictures, and they talk about the quality of the workmanship which was very nice considering the size of the stones and how the ancients have put different types of granite together, or put them together in a manner that resembles a transformer. All in all, there are many secrets preserved in Siberia.


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In this Russian documentary they have interviewed some of the people who were around at the time they found the Tilsusky Princess that I mentioned above. A retired FSB/KGB officer explains that during the excavations they found a grave that was estimated to be 200 million years old. If this study is know in some circles as a high probability, it has not entered the common textbooks.


The Force is Strong With This One
Megalithic cave in Kabardino-Balkaria

Ancient Underground Megalith at Kabardino-Balkaria

Megalithic cave:
Not so long ago in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Baksan valley, was discovered a strange mine. For a short time enthusiasts from around the world came to study the object. It turned out that this is a huge cave, more than 70 meters in depth, the walls of which are made of perfectly processed megaliths!
Without climbing skills to enter the cave is almost impossible. First you need to squeeze through a hole the size of 40 to 120 cm, then rappel down a narrow vertical shaft. It is formed by two parallel flagstones. After 9 meters — the first «knee»: hole goes away and immediately breaks down again. Right here you will cover the absolute silence — the outside does not get any sound. Another 23 meters in depth — and a new «knee.» To reach the bottom of the cave, you need to cover more than 80 meters, and it will take an hour. On the other hand, passing the «bottleneck», you will find yourself in a large room, which the researchers called «jar».

«The first thing that catches your eye — the wall in the mine is clearly artificial, — says Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator of the association» Kosmopoisk. » — They are made of smooth stone blocks, carefully polished. In the Egyptian pyramids there are blocks of approximately the same size. It is easy to calculate that each «stone» weighs about 200 tons. And how they roll over to gently lay down such a construction is unclear. And the fact that it is man-made, I have little doubt. «

In 1942 during the war the SS-Organization Ahnenerbe did some research at the location, probably in search of the Holy Grail.


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The C's said that there were/are crystal pyramids from that time not only on the poles and off Florida, but also in the Ural mountains (and off Japan). That seems to suggest that there might have been an Atlantean center in Siberia. The Ural mountains are not too far from the Altai region, relatively speaking.

Perhaps another hit for the Cs.

From article named: A Huge Pyramid Was Discovered In The Ural Mountains

Ural tourists from the club of expeditions “Wild North” found a huge pyramid in the Subpolar Urals, which is several times larger than the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. An unusual mountain was discovered when they were preparing for the helicopter casting of one of the groups and studied satellite images of the Polar Urals.

1 piramida.png

The height of the pyramid is almost 800 meters, the length of the faces is approximately one kilometer. In this case, the faces are located exactly at the cardinal points. The pyramid is located in the territory of the Itinsky People’s Range in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. – We were preparing a route and we found a pyramid. She stands in an arc from a meteorite impact crater. According to satellite data, the mountain with its shapes exactly repeats the famous Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Its size is only twice as big, ”says Evgeny Svitov, director of the Wild North Expedition Club. – The height of the pyramid is 774 meters, the length of each of its faces is almost one kilometer. The edges are clearly located at the cardinal points, as in a level.

“These are places forgotten by God, fishermen overlook them, they say there are not many fish,” said Yevgeny Svitov of the Wild North Expedition Club. – It is surprising that the pyramid clearly faces at the cardinal points. The sacred river of the shaman flows there. According to Eugene Svitov, nature could not do this: create relief so clear with 90 degree angles. “My version: This is a construction of ancient civilizations,” believes the traveler. – Most likely it consists of granite, quartzite, there is no vegetation there, it starts a little lower.

1 piramida 2.jpg

More on this subject:

Explorers Claim To Have Found Massive Pyramid, Twice the Size of Giza’s Great Pyramid

A Giant Pyramid Was Discovered In The Ural Mountains
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