Summing the current situation in a poem


Jedi Master
that I called
"The 11th hour"

Corrupted by money,
corrupted by power,
corrupted by sex.
Elites are regrouping,
elites are accusing;
it's very complex.

Supperssion, opression,
coersion, diversion
are tools of the trade.
They pulled all the stops,
they went overboard,
every trick has been played.

Have Biden elected,
after us, the deluge.
Mainstream media perjured,
Google, Apple unhampered,
there is no refuge.

The Corona pandemic,
that man-made epidemic,
like a jack-in-the-box.
It is so convenient,
vaccination is imminent,
AstraZeneca rocks.

And for very odd reason,
was accused of a treason,
president Trump.
He was smeared in feces,
was setup by Chinese,
but he went on the stump.

The eleven hour,
evil still has the power,
whole world is at stake.
I'm holding my breath,
it's a fight to the death,
I'm alert and awake.

I end up with a quote,
George Orwell's
two cents:
The heresy of heresies
is common
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