Strange footprint in the snow


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Wolverine print is not even close...

I copied the original photos and videos here!AsPw4nZMFQ6HpC4hhmvQ_Wbvv5CT

The distance from the ground to the log with a foot print on it is 180 cm (6 feet). Although, I am not sure it was a jump from below, since I did not see any prints on the ground. Could have been from a wood pile on the left...

I speculate that this creature was moving South along the Eastern side of the ridge, since the wind (and snow) was blowing from the West. It was foraging for food and looking for a shelter. A pile of old logs could provide both. Our ridge does not continue much to the South - maybe one more mile and it ends. Then, it should either cross a populated valley to get to a parallel ridge and continue South or turn back...

Definitely a tresspasser, like myself:,45000.msg741084.html#msg741084



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Sometimes, the strange <events, animals> come close to you as if to see what have you been doing :) It would be up to you to notice, because they are not going to advertise their presence...

This is what may have happened this Tuesday, in the middle of the snow storm that hit mid-Atlantic states in the US.
When the snow storm paused in the late afternoon, I walked out to the yard. Virgin snow was covering everything. I trotted to a pile of logs stashed at the back corner of the property. I will tell you frankly, my intention was to climb on the top of that pile and pee... which I did.

When I started on my way down, I have noticed a single footprint in the snow, slightly to the right of mine. It was fresh. It was so strange that I paused... I walked around the pile studying the snow cover - there was no other footprints like this leading to or from the pile! I was wearing gloves and made prints in the snow to be sure that they do not leave prints like that! They were not even close.

I tried to embed that photo into the message using OneDrive and DropBox, but failed... Can someone point me to instructions on how to do it, please?
I will provide URL here: Dropbox - File Deleted

The logs are forming an improvised staircase and to climb on top of the pile I would step on every log on the way up. That footprint was made on one of the middle logs - as if the creature hopped on it with one foot and then it landed on top with the next jump. I left a large orange there, when I left for work the next morning. When I came back, the orange was still sitting untouched, buried in the fresh snow...

I posted a short video of it on youTube:

I will measure the distance between these small sticks when the snow melts. It is at least 15 cm long. We have racoons, but their prints are tiny comparing to this. Definitely not a brown bear or a large cat. Kind of monkey-like - a snow child :)

The back portion of the print is nearly rectangular, which reminds us of the prints from the Ronnie Zamora UFO in Socorro, N.M. But while there is some weight on the very back, the front portion has even heavier indentations and resembles claws of some type. It's possible that they wore a boot that had claws in the front to draw us off of their real nature. Interesting find.
Could be several types but carnivore is tops of my list.


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