Strange Alien Abduction Dream


I want to report a dream I had recently. In the dream I was walking in the neighborhood that I grow up in, as I was walking the sky turn dark and it began rapidly flooding I ran up on a porch but the water was rising fast, I was looking for a way to get on the roof, as I was looking around the sky got darker and I could see people all around being pulled up into the sky and then I felt myself paralyzed and being pulled upward towards the dark clouds.
I knew at this point it was a mass abduction, the next thing I knew I was in this very large warehouse full of people who had just been abducted, it's hard to describe the warehouse it was like a simulated reality everything physical was moving and changing very fluid it seemed to be connected to some sort of consciousness, at this point I still had my wits about me and was doing mental blocking for protection as I was looking around most of the people were in a paralyzed trance but some were starting to wake up but very confused, they started to come towards me. I woke up at this point thinking damn that was really strange! Normally I don't remember my dreams after I wake up but this one is still vivid and I'm not sure what is was all about.
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