Steven Greer's background?


I suppose he must be well known, because of the Sirius Disclosure and Unacknowledged documentaries.

Why I see his work as significant (for better or worse):

- Unacknowledged was featured on big platforms such as Netflix
- He claims to contact ETs frequently, and has group for frequent contact
- He managed to convince dozens of high-ranking officials and others considered "credible witnesses" to come out

Please, let's not just label this one a "gray-hugger" and move along as if "nothing to see here". He may well literally be a gray-hugger. Still, the whole context of those big projects are complex and fascinating. And if not highly informative, I'd find it a lof of fun to see how this stuff works. Learning is fun !!!

Moving on, here's what I've gathered about the guy so far, divided into seemingly legitimate stuff, and fishy stuff.

Fishy stuff:

- All that stepped forward in his documentaries are alledgedly legally defended by an attourney working pro bono, named Daniel Sheehan. This guy is supposed to be ex-director of legal affairs of the Jesuits in the US, and has 3 Harvard Graduations. He's also been involved in other documents disclosure projects.

_Daniel Sheehan (attorney) - Wikipedia

- Well, as said before, he takes folks to the desert to contact aliens. He calls the protocol CE5. That's pretty intense.

_Dr. Steven Greer – End Illegal Secrecy, Begin a New Civilization.

- The documentary doesn't clarify where all his funding comes from

- As said before, he says himself his family is very high in Secret Service and connected to Washington DC.

- He said he was trained in Transcendental Meditation, which was used in Mk-Ultra projects, or at least aleldgedly so. Heard about TM disciples consciously infiltrating academic institutions to take over "scientific" "reasearch" on meditation.

(On the note of TM, I've seen at least one guy got involved with it and then brainwave entrainment products that sounded and looked almost exactly like the CIA-based stuff. Then claimed to be Enlightened and a sort of genius then suddenly died of cancer. That's Bill Harris from Centerpointe Research Center Institute's "Holosync")

- He claims to enter a Samadhi state at will. If I understand correctly the yogic terminology, that's supposed to be a very, very advanced state. In terms of spiritual accomplishment, going around saying you can enter Samadhi at will is like going around saying you can turn lead to gold using salt, white sugar and a bit of olive-oiled rinsed pan and an old stove. Even if it was true, that'd be like a very bold or very careless thing to do.

For the seemingly legitimate stuff:

- Somehow government officials did come out and say to the very least UFOs exist. How much is conscious or unconscious dis-info, I don't know because I don't remember in detail what each said in the doc.

- Him, his wife and his friend - all working on the Disclosure project - got a very aggressive cancer. His wife and friend died. Father of the director got killed in a mass shooting. Documnetary collaborator Emery Smith says his whole family and friends either died or distanced. Emery's associate's mother died in a mass shooting in a small town in Oregon. Are these the kind of people who would kill their own families and friends to create credibility in the eyes of those who would dig enough to find those deaths? Did they finally give in to the intimidation and started to act according to the 4thD STS agenda after their close ones get slaughtered?

- Much of what he or collaborators say has been corroborated by many other sources. Again, this point is a bit hazy because I can't remember much of what was said. Also other sources might be fruits of similar COINTELPRO.

- This is quite subjective, but as far as I can sense it, he seems to be sincere, or a tremendously good liar. Not saying he's accurate in what he says, just that he seems to believe it.

So, does anybody have any background, in terms of:

- where did the money for the project come from?
- what are his past and present associations with Consortium?
- how compromised would he be, if he really is making those contacts?
- how did he really get involved in disclosures projects in the first place?

Appreciate it!
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