Stegosaur in Cambodia?

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Take a look at the photos at:
Loren's Cryptozoo News said:
What real evidence exists for dinosaurs having survived into more contemporary times? What are we to make of the carving of a Stegosaur (Stegosaur stenops) on an ancient Cambodian temple at Angkor Wat?

Th[e] carving is now being shown to tourists, proclaiming it is a dinosaur. Such a situation, thusfar, has only caused a few comments online, at such locations as the Unexplained Earth webpage last summer, as well as other sites.

But all this appears to be changing, with more and more attention to this item. For example, there is new talk of this on the Interactive Bible site, giving this background to the location:

The magnificent jungle temples of Cambodia were produced by the Khmer civilization, beginning as early as the eighth and extending through the fourteenth century A.D. One of, if not the greatest monarchs and monument builders of this empire was Jayavarman VII, crowned supreme king in 1181. Portrait statues, depicting him meditating in the fashion of Buddha, have been found throughout the region. An excellent example can be seen in the National Museum Of Cambodia in Phnom Pehn. He built the beautiful temple monastery Ta Prohm in honor of his mother, dedicating it in 1186.

These awesome temples were rediscovered by Portuguese adventurers and Catholic missionaries in the 16th century and many were restored in 19th and 20th centuries. Ta Prohm, one of the most picturesque, was left in its natural state. It recently gained international attention as the setting for the first Laura Croft movie.

It has been on Ta Prohm, which abounds with carvings of all sorts of local animals, where a carving of a Stegosaur has been discovered.

How could this have happened?

Did the prop crew of the Laura Croft movie pull off a prank, and restore the temple, placing onto this wall a dinosaur facade? If you will note, on the photos, the panel seems to be of a lighter shade of gray. Is this due to it being kept cleaner for tourists, or because this is a newly added panel?

Perhaps it is nothing more than a rhinoceros? There is speculation that at one time or another Cambodia had Indian, Javan, and Sumatran rhinos living in the country.

Or have Stegosaurs roamed Cambodia, less than 1000 years ago and Angkor’s master artists created a representation of one, on a temple?

How certain religious groups may wish to use this material to promote their belief systems is of no concern to me, as long as what they are pointing out is precise and without fakery. In this case, I am sincerely interested in securing tangible, scientific evidence via cultural artifacts of the rather unbelievable thought of dinosaur survival, if it exists. If it is a hoax, I want to pursue that to that end result, too.

What do you think?


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I thought I should add to this thread a comment about the 'Ica Stones' which Laura writes about in 'Secret History'. It seems likely that there was an attempt by COINTELPRO to invalidate these stones which depict various dinosaurs quite clearly (do a google image search for Ica Stones) by suggesting they were fakes. What seems to have happened is that someone was replicating the original stones for tourists (ie. creating a sort of 'fake') and actually went to jail for this, allowing the control system to pronounce that the all the stones were fakes and the evidence is that a man was punished for it!

By correlating this with evidence from other areas, it seems both that dinosaurs have been around more recently than officially recognised, and Homo sapiens has been around a lot longer than officially recognised. As the C's say, radio carbon dating is not an exact science. Scientists should know this.

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I completely forgot the Ica Stones. Thanks for that.

There is also a fantastic book out. I thought I saw it already in English but now I can't find it. I read it in German. Its by Reinhard Eichelbeck and called "Das Darwin- Komplott. Aufstieg und Fall eines pseudowissenschaftlichen Weltbildes".

Eichelbeck presents a lot of archeological/fossil evidence that humans and some dinosaurs lived side by side, such as fossilized human footprints inside fossilized dinosaur footprints, just to mention one.


The problem with the Ica stones would be the cartoonish portrayal of various non-paravian dinosaurs. Not to mention they closely resemble popular depictions of dinosaurs at the time.


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Quote from: Loren's Cryptozoo News
What real evidence exists for dinosaurs having survived into more contemporary times? What are we to make of the carving of a Stegosaur (Stegosaur stenops) on an ancient Cambodian temple at Angkor Wat? said:
Q: (L) Who built the city of Angkor Wat?
A: That was built by the Lizard Beings themselves. Built
approximately 3108 years ago.
Q: (L) Who built the city of Mohenjo Daro?
A: That also was built by the Lizard Beings directly.
Q: (L) Did they live in these cities?
A: No, as stated before, they did not live there, they visited or
occupied on a temporary basis, but did not live there.
Q: (L) Who did they build the cities for?
A: They built the cities for themselves and their worshippers
amongst humans.

Q: What happened to the inhabitants of these cities?
A: Taken to another planet.

It would appear that the Lizzies were the ones with knowledge of dinosaurs. The human worshippers came later after dinosaurs were extinct (?) and those particular humans exited earth and none of them remains today?
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