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I had my first experience of the "Speaking in Tongues" at my in laws church a coupe of years ago. I used to go to a Lutheran church when I was a teenager so I thought their Pentecostal church was going to be similar since they're both protestant churches. Boy was I wrong! I was in the front of the church waiting for the service to finish when, out of nowhere, the pastor starts to "speak in tongues". As he continued to do this, one of the church members starts to shake violently as if having a seizure and I was just taken back by the whole thing. I think its a psychological and emotional thing that the church members do to feel accepted as well as to show status ( they speak in tongues and have been blessed by god).


I've spoken in tongues for 35 years now
I'm interested to know what it feels like to speak in tongues ? I spent much time in various churches when I was younger and remember seeing people do this.

Do you feel any loss of control ? Energy depletion / increase afterwards ? And what brings it on ? or is it seemingly spontaneous ?
Do you feel any loss of control ? Energy depletion / increase afterwards ? And what brings it on ? or is it seemingly spontaneous ?
On my part, I got interested in it when I was a Christian because they said that it's the language which Satan and his forces doesnt understand. So I prayed to have that gift for I was desiring intimacy with God.

Since I believed that it is true, whenever I speak in tongues, it calms me whenever im weary or fearful. There are people that can do it spontaneously and some who dont. On my part, even now, I can still say it at will. Im not sure with energy depletion or increase since I believed at that time that speaking in tongues is powerful so the effect to me that it is good could be true or just placebo. 🤔🤔🤔
And just to add, you can also have impartations of gifts. There are times when I help people speak in tongues and help them with their intuition when I was still in ministry. I think when both have a sincere intention with their heart and agree on a thing, it happens. 🤔😊


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Well, here is a weird and true story. I was camping with a few people in Joshua Tree National Park, located in the Mojave Desert in southern California. Joshua Tree has long been known as a place of multiple vortexes...a place of increased energy and healing besides being beautiful and unique. We climbed a butte and found a spot at the top that appeared to have been a sacred space where people had gathered. The stones were laid out as seats in a circle with one flat one in the center...maybe an alter of sorts. We took a moment to meditate and suddenly I was taken over by an energy and began speaking but not making any sense. The words came so quickly that they were just garbled and out of my control. This went on for a few seconds when several others began to do the same. There was only one woman present who was unaffected by this phenomenon. She stood there in shock, watching and not understanding. The experience was short and we were unaffected but we all wondered what brought it on. Why did everyone, except for one person, experience it? It was too intense and too quick to conjure it up just to be one of the crowd or call attention to oneself. Furthermore, none of us, especially myself, has a personality that would enjoy that kind of display.
Previous to this experience, I had never wondered much about speaking in tongues, nor was I at all fascinated by the idea. It was the furthest thing from my mind and hearing about it as a young person, I thought it was strange. I grew up Lutheran and the goings on in some of the more demonstrative churches were foreign to us and frowned upon. I certainly at that time, because of my upbringing, would never have ventured into the territory of speaking in tongues and risk the playing with darkness as taught by my elders. But the main point is that it just was not in my consciousness at all, never having witnessed it. Presently I have no judgement on it, only remembering and curiosity as it is being discussed here.
So, what was it? It didn't feel negative...more energizing is what I recall. Was it the same as speaking in tongues? I do not know...but it happened and never has happened again.


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Unless there are recordings of average people speaking in some ancient dialect, and even then it could be possession or something else. Who knows?

My stomach rumbles when I am hungry, a few times I could have sworn it said something in English, who knows?
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