Soul Disconnect


The Force is Strong With This One
While having my twice daily smoke this am, I had some interesting thoughts regarding fear, mostly surrounding the vaccines and separation of the soul.

My thought was, if separation of the soul from the body is the goal, is this really any different than death? The body may continue on for some time, disconnected from source but is that really any different than actual death? Would the soul then return to 5D (at some point) to continue its journey or is this attempt the “soul smashing” that has been referenced?

The answer I received in meditation was that what happens to the body isn’t as important as what happens to the soul and if one is truly connected, the fear is unfounded. Messages like, “all is as it should be,” continue to prevail and I wonder if that is simple “wishful thinking” on my part?

This after 5 days of mild (COVID-like) symptoms which also also reinforce my belief that it really was just a giant “scamdemic.” Granted, not tested, so unknown if we actually have the ‘rona, but two friends we were with extensively last week (one vaccinated, btw) did test positive.

My wife and I are both in the travel industry so the masking and vaccination talk is prevalent amongst co-workers.

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