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The fairy faith in celtic countries byW Y Evans Wentz first appeared in 1911. The ufo researcher Jacques Vallee drew heavily from it for his book Passport to Magonia -subtitled on ufos, folklore and parallel worlds. The first 200 pages or so of the former title contains numerous first and second hand accounts of what ordinary folk had experienced themselves or had related to them. Tales of abduction, time distortions, weird lights,changelings (hybrids?) and frequent deceptive behaviour from beings from a realm just next door - so to speak. The book has quite a lot of dry academic discussions/explainations about what was really going on by several guest writers (usually psychological), but its easy enough to skip past these to read what the people themselves experienced and thought. I just think its illuminating to read a fairly recent account (historically) of these strange happenings, that was pre-ufo (1947 onward) and prior even to the mysterious airship sightings of 1897 in America. Nothing new under our sun or or it seems.

A comment on Starseed - The Third Millenium by Ken Carey.

I first read this channelled book when it came out in the late 90s. A couple of people I talked to at that time were quite taken by the positive feeling that this book induced, myself included. More recently I wonder if it just encourages complacency and even apathy to world events. To be specific, in chapter 13, under a subtitle section called National Psychology is the following:-
" The psychology of a nation can be heathly or unheathly, much as that of an individual. The study of national psychology has emerged in recent years as the newest and, for now, the most important branch of the social sciences.Many of the same criteria that have been used to evaluate the health of individuals are now being applied to nations.The resulting insights-often revelations, in every sense of the term- are leading to new, enlighted, and far more productive national and international policies"

Do we seen any evidence of this in the world around at the moment? What happened to these " productive policies" just prior to the war against Iraq? Where is the evidence of them coming to help the world out with war against Iran looming on the horizon? On the contrary nation states- or more exactly their psychopathic leaders- all seem to be jockeying for position, ready to turn on each other at a moments notice if expediency deems it necessary.

A lot of channelled books (or parts of) just seem designed to sent you to sleep and not research and study for yourself.
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