Smoking is good for you, and how they twist the facts


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I'm not neccesarily pushing the issue of smoking here. Please feel free to read the links in this post to explore the way facts and figures are distorted by TPTB in order to represent whatever they wish.

For instance, in the study that gives the anti-smoking lobby the cause to say "smoking causes lung cancer" in mice, the mice were bred to die of massive tumors. the 'smoking' mice had more lung cancers than elsewhere, but the same total number of cancers; the smoke promoted vascular development in the lungs. Also curious, the 'smoking' mice lived longer than the non-smoking mice.

Click on this link to go to the post in question

Also here in this post is an examination of the benefits of smoking regarding longevity;

Enjoy :-) The thinkers and truth seekers will have a good read.


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Very interesting take on smoking related to covid!
short, about 30 seconds, starts at 16:12 in the video here
I am just starting to listen so I don't know if Dmitry Kats comes up again, and if so he continues his thoughts on smoking.
this video (Awareness Foundation COVID-19 Roundtable) was released on Mercolas site 29 August.
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