Small SOTT error needs attention

This headline needs two fixes, I think:

stone should be with a capital S and sentence should read sentenced - according to the article itself.
On SOTT in French, in this article :

there is a problem with a link numbered (4) in a paragraph titled "Shoshana Zuboff et l'âge du capitalisme de surveillance" :

The beginning (before "https") should be removed.
Unless there's an underlying pun I'm not familiar with, the caption under today's Quantum Quirk has a misspelling, I think.

It reads: Daracula's home and that should be Dracula's home under normal circumstances. ;-)

In this French translation (published on 2017-07-31) of Pierre's article on frozen mammoths (published on 2017-07-28), at the end, just before the funny picture "Putin did it !", there is this sentence :
SOTT Fr said:
Cet article a initialement été publié en anglais le 28 juillet 2017 :
(which translates in : "This article was initially published in english on July 28th, 2017")
with a wrong link to this recent article by Tony Costa.

I wonder how such a link toward such a recent article may appear in an article which is almost 3 years old ! :huh:

PS : I check the similar links at the end of two other translations of Pierre's articles on Mars water and Venus, they are OK.
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Something seems to be amiss with the latest video addition at the bottom of the SOTT front page. It's about this one: Objective:Health - ITN: Banning WiFi in Schools? | Flour and Rice Rot Teeth | Prescription Video Games .

Firefox is unable to display the video because of a faulty embedding procedure. It states:
Firefox cannot open this page

To protect your security, does not allow Firefox to display the page if another website embedded it. To view this page, you will need to open it in a new window. More info...

At the more info webpage it reads:
If you see this error, it is usually caused by a misconfigured website that is trying to display another website without the consent of its owner.

Websites can use x-frame options or a content security policy to control if other websites may embed them on their own pages. This is an important security feature to prevent clickjacking, which is an attack that allows malicious sites to trick users into clicking links on a site.

To visit a site that has shown this message, you can open the link in a New Tab or New Window in Firefox. Note that in some cases, the embedding page will not work correctly without access to the blocked page. In this case you will need to contact the owner of the broken site for troubleshooting.
I had a look and noticed the link was pointing to the channel and not the actual video, so maybe had something to do with that. Anyway seems to be fixed now as I'm not seeing the error anymore either.
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