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Also the overreaching thought of sacrificing lifes pleasures for the past 7-8 year above a 40hr work week to earn the money to then just invest it and it being taken away by fraud over and over again......
Perhaps beginning today I'd forget about investing and put that money into saving instead. Or pay off any debts you might have, then save.


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Perhaps beginning today I'd forget about investing and put that money into saving instead. Or pay off any debts you might have, then save.
I am fine financially the loss of money in and of it self is not what started the negative thinging thoughts it was the facts of sacrifice being for not and having things out of my control pushing me farther from my aim...But thank you all for the words and links I have a better outlook. Sleep paralysis and these black orbs figures in my life to me are now warnings that my thoughts are not on the right path. These entities are able to enter into my reality when I am not on my life path or going down the wrong road. They are actually helpfull if you think about it. To me it means I have to stop think and check in with myself.


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In the past 6 months I have had 4 cases of sleep paralysis. 3 times I know 100% for real and the 4th time I am not sure if I had a dream about it or if it really happened.

I have had sleep paralysis and orbs floating above me at night before i nthe past but very infrequent. This freqency is crossing a line as I need proper sleep to perform at work to make money to live. To me this is a form of tortious interference. The freqency is the problem here for me.

1st case December 2020: I was sleeping on my side and felt hands massaging my back my eyes opened and I was unable to move after some quick struggle I was able to use my voice to make a noise for it to go away.

2nd case April 2021: I was sleeping on my back and woke up to the feeling of being paralysed and something ontop of me (it was a black blob figure) I was able to say Hello? and then flop my arms a bit and at that time the black blob moved over my stomach and went to the ground

3rd May 2021: I am not sure if this was in a dream or not. I was sleeping on my stomach and felt like something was trying to hold me down I was able to squirm out of the sheets and the dream/or real sleep paralysis ended.

Last night June 2021: As soon as I went to sleep I had a dream that hands were slowly going around my body and pushed me down onto the floor at the time I woke up to sleep paralysis. I was able to speak and asked "what do you want" then I was able to kick my leg laying in bed and I heard something hit the floor. The black figure on top of me transformed into a large orb and then down to a smaller orb. It was floating over me as I kept looking at it in the dark and then it dissapaeared.

At this point I am tired and annoyed as I have a job that requires sleep. If I had sleep paralysis 1-2 times a year I wouldnt care but this is going on once a month...What is this exactly? Can I put anything by the bed to prevent this? What does this mean is it trying to tell me something? Is there something to learn from this...

Thanks in advance.
I used to get those every other night throught, very frequently thoughout my life, I notice i get them 100% if i oversleep or im sleep depraved
If i sleep twice or more than 7 hours in a 24 hour period i will get sleep paralysis.
If i don't sleep for more than 24 hours I will get them
Sometimes when i used to overeat and immediately go to bed i would get them.

But the frequency is much higher when i oversleep, makes me think that if i am energized and try to force sleep i wont go fully into sleep, if you are doing a bioenergetic breathing and end up with alot more energy thay might be it. Try cutting down or do it at another time in the day and see how it goes.

It could be a chemical imbalance.
If you get them, something that helps me snap out is
1) breathing as deeply as possible and fight it obviously.
2) there is a feeling when you know it will happen prior to, if you can spot the sensation in time move one foot like when you are trying to get warm. (Imo, in that state the brain gets confused between physical and mental sensations, that helps my brain reshuffle the attention back to recognize physical and mental) you are controling your foot moving so by moving you are preventing the paralysis because your muscles are awake.

Black figures or obrs or dark humanoids can mean something lurking in your psyche or environment. It never hurts to be vigilant regardless.
It is natural to feel fear, but then fear is an emotion of a certain frequency, a frequency can attract energies of the same frequency.
Or we resonate with whatever unsolved problems we have inside, like a bell, it is has all the potential to resonate a certain way, and when you hit it that potential is expressed, i.e. resurfaces in pure expression. So it goes back to the idea, is there something bothering you? Or lurking in your mind?

I've only had 3 or so instances in all these years of there being dark figures or sensations.

When I did not fight the paralysis it once, i saw a white light and an almost a seizure like feeling. Not fun.

Hope any of this helps.


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This is my experience with attempted communications during a visit. I've attempted to talk to them many times but I’m against communication now because it’s useless and dangerous. You can call me foolish but bear in mind when I began there was no internet. Information had to be obtained by reading expensive books that were difficult to obtain, buying expensive and largely rubbish fringe magazines or going to esoteric conferences infested with new age shills. Back in the day I thought I would have to interact with them in the astral or 5D zone so I thought I’d be dealing with them when I died any way so I may as well get used to it. I had no concept of 4D until I read the wave in 2009.

However, the Universe was there and that’s all you need! Still made many mistakes!

I began resisting in late 1994 and had results by early April 1995, was always scared but unlike previous times the fear was under control and steadily diminishing. I never attempted to communicate with them, just told them to go. I was feeling good, no more needle marks or bruises and no depression too but they kept coming.

1996-98 Australia​

I started talking to them, it was useless, they simply fled the scene but I kept trying. I’d wake up, sitting upright and pointing at a metre high column of distorted air. Usually there were 3 of these entities, after moving slightly left or right they’d shoot to the ceiling and ‘dive’ into a mass of distorted air. This mass looked similar to a mirage affected air or heavier than air gas pooling in a low area. It would distort all objects immersed in it such as light fittings and hanging pictures. When the entities ‘dove’ into this the surface rippled like a pebble in a pond.

I think it was their reconnaissance before fully materializing into a more solid form so they could more readily interact with me, under their terms of course. The distorted mass obscuring the ceiling was some sort of energy field, I think.

There was a wooden cabinet adjacent and at the same level to my bed. It ran the length of my room and there was a window next to it. I awoke before dawn to a pointed object tapping on my right temple, I was on my left side facing the cabinet. With each tap there was a popping/ cracking noise in my head accompanied by a bright flash. It was one of their wands, I stirred and then heard footsteps, little hard feet on a hard wooden surface. I said ‘hey come back, I won’t hurt you, let’s talk!’ I just managed to see the legs of the entity as it dove through the window which was open but covered with a fly screen and curtains which moved as it jumped through.

Woke up, 3ish am on my back and noticed the ceiling was awash with distorted air. Keeping my mind and body still I watched as it descended towards me. As this happened my quilt pressed around my body like a vacuum wrap, my pillow flattened. I said mentally, ‘come down, we’ll talk’, the distorted air quickly drained from the room and my bed covers returned to normal. I went back to sleep and the same thing happened a short time later, within 30 minutes.

Had a wild night about this time lasting from about 130am to daybreak. I awoke multiple times to their presence. There was a door leading to the attic from my bedroom, the attic light would switch on and I could see the light spilling from the cracks around the door. This happened many times before, in the late 70s and early 80s. Back then I could only lay paralyzed with fear before losing my memory, I would wake up the following morning, bruised, hurting and thoroughly depressed; often suicidal too. I thought it was poltergeists back then.

Anyway, upon seeing the light was on I jumped out of bed and walked over to the ladder to access the attic. During this brief journey my memory faded out twice, they were blocking it and I’d fight back. I entered the attic; sat directly above my parent’s room and in a clear voice invited them for a chat, no luck. This happened repeatedly during the night, I began taunting them with one of their catchphrases, ‘Is that the best you can do?’ and they got pissed off. They levitated and pressed me against the wall, not hard but I reminded them that if they kill me, it’ll level the playing field (not sure if that’s true) and they lowered me gently to the floor. At daybreak I finally got to sleep, I was exhausted but unlike the bad old days there were no bruises, needles, pain or depression.

2000-present Australia​

2002 Bought a house, turned out it was haunted. Someone would walk down the hallways and flick the lights on and off in the kitchen and living room area. My then wife and would wake up and tell it mentally to move on. Eventually I saw it, so did my wife, it was an old man and could not detect any malevolence. My then 3-year-old son saw him too, shortly after he left, lasted about 8 months.

2003, I was in bed alone and awoke 3ish to the sensation of 2 hands lightly groping my left upper arm. I was lying on my right side and looked over to see a humanoid being composed of transparent distorted air standing thigh deep in the bed with its ‘hands’ on my upper arm. My grandmother had recently died and I thought it might be her, whoever it was it seemed distressed, not malevolent. I said mentally, ‘Granny, is that you?’ No reply, the being continued to massage my upper arm. Turning my head away I said, ‘I’m going under now, let’s talk, I want to help you’. As I went under the light groping intensified to a painful Chinese burn, could actually feel fingers digging into and twisting my flesh. I snapped back to full consciousness and looked at the creature saying mentally ‘you’re hurting me, I want to help but you must stop this’. Went back under, same thing occurred, I told it to go. With the benefit of hindsight and awareness of 4D I’d have told it to go as soon as I became aware.

Around 2004 at 3am I awoke to the sound small feet running a circuit around my living room, kitchen and hall area. When on the bare floor the sound was sharp and loud, on the rugs, muffled and quieter. I lay in bed and said mentally, ‘come down, we’ll talk.’, no response but the running footsteps continued. I repeated this a few times then I said, ‘OK I’m coming down, stay where you are, let’s talk’. I slowly removed my right leg from under the cover and lowered it to the floor. As soon as my foot touched the floor the footsteps stopped. They fled.

2006, again around 3am I awoke lying on my right side. Weak red light streamed through the windows and drawn curtains. I thought a car must have been parked nose first in the neighbor’s driveway across the road and its tail lights were illuminating the room. It wasn’t, a tall grey began materializing in the corner of the room, I didn’t move or say anything mentally or otherwise, didn’t even blink and it continued to materialize. Suddenly my then wife gasped and cried out, the grey disappeared as did the red light. She had awakened to see it also but couldn’t contain herself due to fear. She was also paralyzed, I wasn’t and was disappointed that it had been scared off, I wanted to see the creature, interact with it on even terms. I looked out the window, nothing, there was no car there either.

Again in 2006 I had what was my last known physical contact with them. It was about 3am, I awoke on my back. There was a sharp, needle-like pain in my right upper arm, I just said something like -flick- off and soon went back to sleep. Come daybreak there was a clear puncture wound in the centre of a 30mm wide bruise. This was surrounded by an even larger palm sized bruise. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve already all the jabs’ people are getting now?

2011 Lying in bed with my new girlfriend. Awoke as usual at 3am staring at a large black humanoid being with massive shoulders standing in my bedroom doorway oozing malevolence. I said mentally ‘what do you want?’ No answer it just stood there and more details of its appearance emerged. It was tall, 2 metres at least and had a snout, it looked like Anubis or Sobek! My girlfriend screamed, the being left, she had awoken and paralysed she could do nothing but look at it in terror until she could cry out. I asked what she saw and she described exactly the same thing, she could only sleep with the lights on somewhere in the house. When I met her, I did warn her that I see strange and scary things that like to scare girlfriends. With the benefit of hindsight, I think I may have seen an actual lizard!

2016 I became manager of an old 3 level guest house. I’d be there alone or with housekeeping and sometimes we’d hear male footsteps ascending the stairs or clomping around on the middle floor. Depressions would appear in freshly made beds and pillows, all the staff who heard this entity were not afraid and would talk to it, me included. We didn’t want it to go as guests would tell me they’d heard a ghost and they loved it! One guest reported hearing a child’s footsteps running around too, as did my friend who lived there before it became a guest house. He and his family often heard a man’s and a child’s footsteps but felt no malevolence.

That is until I took an elderly lady, her son and his wife around for a showing. She went all way around the building and loved it. Loved it even more when she went inside and explored the ground level. As we ascended the stairs to the second level, her demeanour changed. She became quiet and moved to one side of the floor and scanned the bedrooms opposite, visibly afraid. Her son said ‘mum, not now, come on!’ as he said this, he looked at me, rolled his eyes and said ‘she thinks she sees dead pe…’ I said, ‘let’s get downstairs’ and by the time we got outside her eyes rolled back and she fainted. I took her observations and she was genuinely distressed. When she came to, she kept saying ‘that poor little girl, that poor little girl, how could he?!’ Exasperated, her son began to berate her until I interrupted him and explained the situation, son and daughter in law went pale. They realized mum does see dead people after all. Something ghastly happened in that guest house, I did some research but found nothing. I’m no longer the manager but I see the house almost every day as its directly across from my fire station, last I heard that evil bastard is still clomping around, guests still enjoy its presence.

Finally, a case where communicating with an entity seemed to work. A friend’s work colleague was suffering from an intensely evil haunting. The entity (see image) attacked her, her friends and her pets. It pounded the hallways upstairs and up and down the staircase. It was constantly opening and slamming doors and she couldn’t sleep in her bedroom; she would sleep downstairs in the lounge surrounded by her pets. One day while feeding her pets the cat suddenly lifted off the floor and was slammed against the cabinets. It was exactly as if someone had kicked it in the belly, the animal was injured but not seriously.

She lost it and began screaming abuse at the entity. She followed its footsteps around the house berating and threatening it. After this incident if became much weaker and was more or less an irritation. She could sleep in her own bedroom and her friends aren’t afraid to visit. Perhaps the righteous anger worked. This was a couple of years ago so perhaps things have changed. I began researching ways of capturing it on film and got attacked in my sleep, massive drain of energy, was lethargic for 3 days.

I’ll finish with two examples where I shouldn’t have attempted communication. In 2000 my then wife wanted to use a Ouija board. I declined at first but she kept bugging me and I gave in, bad move. Within seconds of starting, I felt 2 ‘arms’ slide over my shoulders down my arms and begin to link up over my chest. I released the pointer swung around and glared at it, couldn’t see it but it was there. I told it where to go but that brief encounter cost me 4 days of lethargy and depression. Don’t use a board with a negative person like my ex-wife, don’t use one at all if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On a hunting trip in ’97 with a friend who was right into ‘The Craft’ and well aware of my experiences, he even shared one during an earlier hunting trip in ‘94. The first night he constructed a salt circle around our campsite and spent part of the night summoning his ‘helpers’ to protect us, especially me. Come morning he forgot to break the circle, that evening things got interesting.

A heavy atmosphere descended on the camp; we both became uneasy. I glanced into the forest, a light flashed, long rays expanding from then shrinking to a central point and lasting about 3 seconds but I didn’t tell him. He didn’t see it, but noticed I saw something, never seen that before or since. Shortly after there was loud guttural belch close to and surrounding the camp, evil. Goosebumps, night fell and my friend became increasingly uneasy and said he wanted to go, gladly! We packed and left but the presence remained with us as we drove off, he began to panic, he thought it was coming with us! I did too but it was his baby, I didn’t ask for it; the oily malevolent feeling lifted about 10 clicks from the site. He admitted he screwed up.

Okay, summing up, if they come tell them to go. If you do talk to them, make sure its firmly within a resistance mindset. I keep researching but if I start researching something or interacting with someone, they don’t want me to they’ll pay a visit sooner or later. Whatever you do don’t summon them, you’re asking for trouble!

Keep asking The Universe and take care!

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