Silent Night (A cappella)


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MikeBearCat sings! A 'little bit' loud and 'slightly' intense version of Silent Night (A cappella)… lol.

Joking aside. I decided to make a video of a version of the song in part to honor my mom and to share with others. She always had Christmas carols and songs playing during the holidays and a version of 'Silent Night' she had playing every year is my favorite Christmas and holiday song.

Also, since she passed away, on a number of occasions I’ve had that favorite version of the song come into my mind. I’ve noticed that it is often when I’m worked up or worried about something, and so having the song come into my mind at times might be a message of sorts from her. So, during the second half of this year I decided to work on a version of the song and this is how the song comes out of me.

There are other things I think about with the song, such as Caesar and current times…

A couple people have mentioned starting a Youtube channel to me and putting out some content. This is my first video. The content will likely be related to cryptocurrencies in general, but I think as I finish some original songs (A cappella) I will record them and put them up on the channel.

Merry Caesarmas!


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Not to usurp this post, but I am also reminded of a carol sang at Christmas time, I an reminded of my Father taking me to the town Manchester, where we lived, there were Chestnut rosters, on the streets, something I have never see since., he bought me a cone of hot roasted chestnuts, I didn't like them, they were too sweet for my taste. This was in the the late 50's very early 60's.

We entered a department store, and the carol, In the Bleek Midwinter was playing for some reason, I started crying, thank you for bringing this memory to my mind



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A wonderful full album of traditional Christmas favorites produced by Phil Spector in his distinctive rock 'n' roll style.



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Mike, I would like to hear you sing gently. I think your voice would be stunning if you would try 'crooning'.
Ok, thank you for the recommendation. I will look into what 'crooning' is, since I've never heard of it. I've never had singing direction or lessons.


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Strong voice indeed but you almost made me drop my tea mug. I wasn't prepared for the vibrations. After reading some sad and annoying things about covid on the forum it provided a good bit of light relief and made me laugh out loud. So thanks for that. :lol::clap:
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