Shouldn't we be fighting this?


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I think the choice needs to be flexible and circumstance dependent.
Nice analysis. One thing we have focused on all these years is 'fixing our machine.' That is, working towards a single I, not subject to programs and triggers, or at least able to act independently from them. Now is when we find out if we've done our Work well. And as we've learned, there's right and wrong and the circumstances that determine which is which.

Just saw Gary's post which is precisely what I was getting at.


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Thanks for all the replies, good pondering!

I guess what it comes down to is, that at this particular time and with all the things that are happening (and being propagated), 'all bets are off', so it's difficult to say what will be happening in the near future, but what we do know is that agitating the opponent (too much) will not be useful – we will be of no use for our family and near ones if we're dead or rot in a cell.

Still, that nagging voice keeps popping up in my mind, the old saying: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." And, having read 'Defying Hitler' some years ago, I'm reminded of how 'people did nothing', and finally when they woke up to the reality, it was too late. Where do we draw the line? When they come knocking on your door with a syringe...would that bee too late to start protesting and to fight back? Would that be of any use?

The C's have indicated that the Covid/Corona PSYOP will fizzle out because of their 'overdoing' things and wishful thinking. I'm thinking: are all the Corbetts and Pollys needed for this to happen, or would the turn out be the same if no one would be purposefully exposing these things?

On a more humorous note, I'm waiting for @Mandatory Intellectomy to give his/her 'brutal' reply, to help me put things into the right perspective. :-D


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I've thought about this a lot myself Aragorn over the last few months and it's difficult to be aware of the destruction to people's livelihoods and mental health by the Covid scam, bailouts for the corrupt, etc, and not feel an intense anger and need to do something about it like protesting in the streets.
I can understand the feelings can be more intense when it comes to children. I don't have children myself but when at work or out shopping I overhear little children ask their parents whey they can't go somewhere or do something, that was no problem a few months ago, and are told 'it's because of the Covid', i get feelings of more sadness than anger and wonder what must be going through their minds, what fear they must be going through. All because of a big fat Lie.
I have taken part in protests in the past but I don't anymore. Not only because of awareness of how they can be co-opted and manipulated, and misrepresented by the control system and their minions in the media, but also because I've come to the realisation that nothing will change as long as the large majority of people refuse to switch on their critical thinking and I don't really think this is going to happen without major shocks to their deluded box of reality. That's assuming they will still have their minds intact when it all falls apart. I see this mental disintegration beginning to happen to my own family.
What was said during the last session with the C's makes a lot of sense to me. I make sure I'm aware of what's going on now but not to be sucked in to a destructive emotional whirlpool. It'll be hard to watch but, on the other hand, knowing that wishful thinking will eventually backfire big time on the 3rd and 4th STS PTB , does cheer me up.
In the meantime focusing on cleaning my pipes, looking out for my circle, participating in the forum and taking joy from creative activities is, I think, the best choice.


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Still, that nagging voice keeps popping up in my mind, the old saying: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
For sure, that hits home for me as well. As the Cs said, "But one can continue to share truth in a careful way." That's the route I'm taking by using official channels and an alternative site to email my state legislators and the governor with scientific facts regarding masks. I've done the same via the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.
Why now and not before?
for many years I know that children are trafficked, tortured and murdered
Certainly, the Franklin Conspiracy/Cover-up, call boys on tour in the Bush W. White House, the McMartin pre-school scandal, etc. have brought this scourge into public view, yet they remain the bombshells that didn't explode. Same for 911 and all the truther organizations that formed to vigorously debunk the official story. Has not done plenty to expose these crimes against humanity? Hasn't Laura published books and articles on these subjects? On a personal level, I have done what I'm still doing today - communicating to others the facts plain and simple. When I realized my city was rolling out smart meters, I personally handed info to my entire neighborhood about the dangers to health and privacy. I also spoke at city council two times. I wrote letters to the editor on this and also fluoride in our water. I did prevent installation on my home, but the neighbors just went along. I've signed actual petitions and those online. I supported MoveOn until I realized that they, like Planned Parenthood/NARAL, were not what I thought they were. Same with the Democratic party. I contributed to an environmental group. I voted.

If you've ever listened to the words of The Impossible Dream, you will understand why one continues to oppose evil against impossible odds. The play that embodies that song, Man of La Mancha, was a real epiphany for me.

I just read an article from
Thanks for the link - sounds like a great article!


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I wrote on barf comment how it is in Croatia, 2 year olds have to wear face masks in closed public places, my almost 12 year old son had to wear a mask to go to toilet today as we were driving home:scared:. You can see in my post what was done to children in kindergarten, how they got rashes from desifections. I worked as a kindergarten teacher and my contract wasn't prolonged, I didn't get fired, they found a substitude they thought was better ( who only worked for a month and then quit) because I was apparently too kind to children??? Kids loved me and we had a great time, so what to tell you we live in such a sick world, how can you change it without a consiquences? And this was 3 y ago, can you imagine how they treat people now. I never put my son in kindergarten, this is how we avoided vaccines. It's hard but you really need to somethimes put yourself through hell to protect your kids.


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I feel very sad about all that situation, because again we see in which world we live in. I saw one interesting video which Laura put on Fb, now ofcourse the video is unavaialable... The Doctor was answearing a question about hmanity and all the craziness about virus that people are doing. He said that we are all virus so why we have to to be skirt one from another. I see it the same.
We cannot fight as we know :) only what we can do is to tell the truth one to another if necessary i think this is the only one way to"fight" with system. They are ruthless. Each day they kill people if not is in hospital is the other places. They pretend that they did everything when in real they kill people deliberately,because of the procedures they have. They make human and child sacrifices for a very long time. They take us for food.


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Maybe we should get rid of the idea that fighting back needs to be overt and openly (if protesting really worked, we would live in a totally different world). And if we look at our "enemies", most of their way is covert. Maybe it's the archetype of the hero that plays here, but taken in the wrong way.

If we think about "the battle is in us", then you already fight back! If we live in a world of information, then giving more gravity to what it's true, take care of your loved ones around you, is the more powerful arm, maybe more powerful than we could imagine.

Or maybe I'm just reassuring myself by saying this. I don't know for sure, but since we're lucky to have the C's, thanks to Laura, let's follow their advice to keep a low profile.

And I'm fine with this, since me, with my 40 kg, I've a hard time imagining myself playing the hero, but.... getting totally hysterical and shouting at everybody, yes it passed in my mind two or three times!

But, ohhh yes, I understand you!


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Hi Aragorn, I hear your frustrations and also your pendulum swinging and hitting hard to both opposites. It is difficult, dealing with it all and good to speak up about mixed emotions, perspectives.

When I was a kid I collected stray dogs and cats on regular basics. At least that's what my mom thought, the truth was they would find me and I couldn't leave them behind. It was driving my mom crazy, they all ended up right back on the street and I was heartbroken each time. Later in life I spent 4 years saving highly traumatized and sick animals on my own expense, I would rehabilitate them physically and socialize them with help of my pack of dogs and then found them a proper family. Over 100 dogs and a dozen of cats went through my home, only few I couldn't help, their lil bodies were just too week. It was extremely painful and yet somehow enormously healing experience for me, a way to 'correct' the wrong I experienced in my childhood, to make things right as an adult for the old injustice imposed on them (and on me) during my childhood.

During my first 6 years of primary school, while learning about the world around me on a larger scale, I was then 'picking up' kids, neglected by their parents, mistreated, shy, misunderstood ones. I would defend them from other kids if needed or just hang out with them. Later in life kids from the neighborhood would hang out in my back yard during summer or we took long walks with my dogs, all throughout the year. Kids whose parents were relieved to get rid of them for at least a while. I'm not saying they were all bad parents, some of them were just overtired. Wherever I moved - kids would appear. I also worked as animator on kids birthdays just for the fun of it and took care of other people's kids as a mean to earn money and be with my kid when she was little, not have to send her to the kindergarten.

Kids and animals are the only constant through my highly adventurous life. Those two. I love them unconditionally and would give up my life for them in an instant if needed. No brainer. When I was doubting everything and everyone during some really rough times of my life, I never doubted them. Their innocence which should be protected.

I spent many hours fighting with God about it, crying cause of the injustice, yelling at the Universe for such cruelties against those most vulnerable! I couldn't grasp the reason for such affairs, I just couldn't! How could any of it be even remotely acceptable to some higher being?!? I was baffled by my perception of the ignorance of God!!!

It took 40 years of my life to make me fully understand. I had to see the worst of the worst, to dwell into the aspect of nature of self absorption in my own life as well in those of others to finaly surrender, to give up on ALL of my presumptuous conclusions, confronted with the Reality, with its core impulse and reasoning, for its right to exist. The duality.

Some say it came into being as an abbreviation in the algorithm of creation and how God decided, instead of erasing it in one sweep - to use it as a tool for accelerated learning. For the most brave and most stubborn souls. How God said "Hey, lets see if we can repair it from within instead! Lets insert some brave souls into this mess and let them fix it from the inside, to bring it through their inner struggle back into the balance!" I like that story...

I guess what I am saying is how things happening around us ARE wrong, but at the same time they ARE NOT. If you can help one or few human beings with their struggle to learn and to progress a bit easier and faster in their lessons then great, go for it! But if you plan to stop this world from further harming all the children and all oblivious people then I would have to say it's a foolish endeavor. You can try but you won't succeed. All is a lesson, on a personal and global scale but we can influence it, in a meaningful way, only through personal/individual lessons.

To put it in different words: you have to make a real personal sacrifice in your 3D existence in order to make a true impact! And that is just the start! You have to take many things into consideration and have the ability to see beyond the cosality of this world's events, to be able to access the clear imprint of higher realm's intentions and you better be sure how what you are sacrificing is going to make some, if any, positive change for others! Often what we believe to be right for others turns out to be just a painful lesson of our own ignorance.

Hope this helps! :-D


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But if you plan to stop this world from further harming all the children and all oblivious people then I would have to say it's a foolish endeavor. You can try but you won't succeed. All is a lesson, on a personal and global scale but we can influence it, in a meaningful way, only through personal/individual lessons.
Accepting the two extremes of existence - the most good and the worst evil - is something I still struggle with. I remember commenting on Veterans Today (years ago) that God isn't just good - that God is ALL, God is everything - good and evil. And that it is our job to recognize that and to do everything we can to keep evil in check. It can exist but we can keep it contained, OSIT.

The question then is, can it be contained and will that interfere with the lessons that need to be learned? Knowing the soul crushing horrors and atrocities being perpetrated especially on children, this is what I struggle with the most.


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Aragorn, I ask myself the same questions you do. I have grandchildren, the last one is two and a half and I'm afraid for them. I have just listened to a scientist on TF1 television who said " we must let the young people contaminate each other so they will become immune, on condition they are separated of their parents and grandparents". They are preparing the ground. How many people are going to accept this horror ?


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Accepting the two extremes of existence - the most good and the worst evil - is something I still struggle with. I remember commenting on Veterans Today (years ago) that God isn't just good - that God is ALL, God is everything - good and evil. And that it is our job to recognize that and to do everything we can to keep evil in check. It can exist but we can keep it contained, OSIT.

The question then is, can it be contained and will that interfere with the lessons that need to be learned? Knowing the soul crushing horrors and atrocities being perpetrated especially on children, this is what I struggle with the most.
One fights the evil through understanding his/her own evil character traits and doings in life in order to then act upon it, to change for the better. It's so ridiculous when people ignore evil existence in this world with an excuse how God is Love etc. Yes, God IS love and love IS knowledge and all of us here are still learning about what it truly means.

We learn through duality, good and evil. Take one from the equation and learning stops. We 'contain' evil through understanding and elimination of it in our own inner structure of this earthly existance, through doing good and what is right. Not through trying to eliminate it in others. My understanding of it, fwiw.


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It is a rollercoaster of emotions that we experience. I stopped enlightening my environment because it feels like running into a rubber wall. Everything is stuck - crystallized as Gurdijeff describes it. My energy now belongs to people who are really desperate and can't think clearly anymore because of all the fear about the future. Which world shall I save? A big ship of fools with blind passengers? We should take care of ourselves, our families, our children and all the networks we have built up over the past years. Not to cast pearls before swine. I am often overcome by sadness because I realize that we can't stop anything and that it is not wanted. Everything is a lesson and it is all about universal balance. The universe does not ask us if we are comfortable or if we are ready to let go. It is the flow of life and infinity. My gut says there's no point in throwing yourself to the wolves. Let's rather put the energy into good thoughts and good deeds, celebrate together and live together now the reality we wish for all people. Peaceful, harmonious, understanding and respectful for man and nature.


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One fights the evil through understanding his/her own evil character traits and doings in life in order to then act upon it, to change for the better.
Another epiphany I had not too long ago, was that 3DSTS can only result in one outcome - exactly what is occurring today. Service to Self cannot "evolve" any other way than a continuous downward spiral into complete entropy. I do wonder then, just how 3DSTO avoids the traps of physicality, the sexual aspect particularly. Is it possible for total wholesomeness to exist? Sometimes I think that it surely can if the reality is actual STO. It's what was intended for the organic portals. They were screwed over even more than souled humans by the really bad "choice"/the fall. Payback was psychopaths bringing total ruination to all.


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Maybe it's DCM that will give everyone it's due, that is, those that chose to be ignorant and blind to what is happening around them may open their eyes, at least some of them only when they will be hit by a real shock, by a billboard 'thrown' at them by the DCM. My thinking about all of this situation may be subjective and just wishful thinking thus I would really appreciate any feedback on this matter.
I think this is the most important point to keep in mind. We can be *fairly* sure that humanity is on a path now that requires many people to suffer in order to learn very important lessons, and it's likely that the suffering has only just begun. From that perspective, there is a kind of 'dance' going on between 'dark powers' of this world and the human population, where the former provides the suffering through which the latter learns.

At this point, no amount of protesting will stop or change this trajectory, because it is necessary and even useful, although protesting can be a way in which people who need to, can asset, mostly to themselves, their choice to say 'no' to 'dark forces', to consolidate that choice within and to themselves through that kind of physical action. But you've already made that choice long ago, including through physical action, so you don't really need to protest for that reason.

So we're left with protesting for the reason of stopping or changing the trajectory, but I don't think that's going to work. The PTB may drop the masks and social distancing thing to some extent, but we're fairly sure that there are other things coming down the line that will make this covid business seem like a walk in the park.

So have faith in the choice you have already made long ago, and where necessary reaffirm it to yourself. Interestingly, the events that will play out in the near future will actually serve that purpose: they will confirm to you that the choice you made was the correct one (I'd say they already are).

Remember, your/our perception of life, it's meaning and the events unfolding right now are (according to the Cs) what is useful to the 'universe' in terms of 'transducing' certain energies that 'shape a new reality'. That process occurs naturally, you don't actually do anything to make it happen, other than staying the course as you are. Just a little reminder of the theory there. We'll see if it pans out.

So it seems that there isn't much left to do than 'sit back and watch the show'. That said, I'm not sure I'll be able to avoid the odd finely-tuned dig at the PTBs now and again, or at least as long as that is still possible, and events are not so dire that people no longer have the time and energy to pay attention to social media because they are focused on basic survival.


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@aragorn Nice thread which I appreciate.

1st off, I don't think any of us would want to be on the streets protesting at the moment....Too many dangerous ppl out there and others who easily get caught up in the violence. Sadly, many of our children have been taught to engage in violence by sick adults. What they don't understand is who the forces are fueling this, what they really stand for, and that they would be some of the earliest people 'taken out' by those same provocateur agencies.

As far as any sane protests against undue measures against us, that window of opportunity was lost during the initial rollout of cv-19 and government's suggestions.

So, in that senerio I do see the wisdom of laying low. I still see action to take, however, at least for me. I have always been politically active and tried to present truth and transparency to others where our government is concerned. We are in a window period, again, where many elections are to take place, not just the presidential election.

Our government federal, state and local has been infiltrated. And a good portion of the blame lies with people turning away from government or little participation in it, even at town and school district levels. And yes, one could say humanity was groomed for this through counter culture, steered away because of gross corruption and a subsequent feeling of, "It's useless. Nobody is listening...." One only has to look at the mayoral levels to see that ppl weren't paying attention to candidates or they weren't participating.

Our judicial system is a mess!

I don't know when any large catyclismic events will happen in my life. But I am wittnessing catastrophic events happening within our government, affecting us all.

I don't know where I'll be 3 or 4D but I do believe that humanity has much to learn about self governance. Many of the draconian systems placed upon us were not invented by mankind. But some of our own attempts in government and society organization were beautiful in their scope. Even if you do not believe it, on paper, we are very free in the United States, a last vestige of hope in our world. All other countries are actually kingdoms....look it up. The Kingdom of Spain or Kingdom of Greece....

So, besides my own spiritual development, I choose to learn as much as I can about what's going on behind the scenes. There are plenty of people concentating on this; not in some hopeaholic, I need a savior way, but really waking up to how all was put into place. And while, I don't put myself in a frontline writting position anymore, I do belong to groups who know much and/or are learning. They're great people very supportive and patient with all.

I'm not a Q person but some in these groups are and I learn much from them. They are all digging for truth and transparency in government, medicine, education, etc...
And they share and post and make the most amazing finds. They tag the justice department, the WH, their reps who they may or may not be calling out on issues. Their saftey is in numbers, individuals of little importance individually, but as a group, they are amazing and their drive impressive and they are bringing the light on corruption and pedophilia/trafficking, where investments come from and so on. In my most active days, I yearned for this awareness to happen.

Plus, they're at various degrees of spiriual awareness, they're learning and I give nods to the C's, Gurdjieff and others. I get many questions. And, there is a basic understanding that what is happening are pains towards the birth of awareness of the many stragglers, those too bogged down with distractions and/or survival to notice and perphaps some very programmed ones.

A good indication of awareness is...Look at a Trump rally, out of thousands of ppl, it is a rare individual you'll see wearing a mask! And I offer this tweet from Millie as an example of their basic essence.

Thank you for this thread and giving space to voice mine and other's 2 cents worth....💚
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