Session 4 July 2020


The Force is Strong With This One
Thank you all for this session!
Thank you, Cassiopaeans!
You have lead this one with a focus on the positive in all this chaos around us, that is good example of what everyone should keep every day in their mind.
When can i expect the book to be available?


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Sounds to me like it'll still be a while before things really explode. But it's OK. I've got enough patience.

I think most of us have made this shift. A part of it is just logical and inevitable. At first, we were shocked that people could be so stupid that they would accept this madness without a word. But obviously, you can't be 'shocked' by the same thing for three months, so at some point, we just accepted that, sadly, people really are this stupid and have no intention of getting smarter, so there's little we can do in that regard.

But another part is that this is a new experience for us and we're learning something from it, figuring out our place in the big picture. We're learning what strategies work in this situation and what don't. And I guess there's also some sense of peace knowing that this will end.

I've been feeling pretty calm lately, though I must admit I have it easy. 1. Where I live, it's pretty much over now that the masks have finally been dropped. There isn't much reminding us of the madness. 2. I have no TV, no social life, no media presence, so there's nothing dragging me into the madness. I can just ignore it.

So like everyone said, I just briefly keep up with what's going on every day, but I don't invest much time and energy in it. It's just a phase that mankind is going through and all we can do is let them go through it to find out what's at the end. Clearly most of them aren't listening to us, so it seems we can do little else than watch the show and not be part of it more than we have to.

I focus more on books than news articles again. I think I've read enough retarded things in the last 3 months, so it's back to reading something more productive and meaningful.

Thanks for the session. It's great to be a part of all this.
Interesting what you are saying. I have an employee, previously near 180 degrees on things from me, that last week talked about how it feels that her whole perception of time has shifted and that she feels like she is in a different reality now. I don't talk to her about 'stuff'. Anyway, it floored me, as much as she felt it as that she said it out loud.


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Thank you for the new session. The advice to not stir the water was what I have been feeling lately to be the right choice.... I haven't been active on FB for a few years and I never had an Instagram or Twitter account. As for my friends or aquiantances, I first try to find out where they stand and how they feel about this virus and lost of freedoms.Unfortunately,most of them and some members of my family (except my very close family members with whom I had my experience of arguing over this and I realised it was not worth fighting) are so afraid that I didn't even try to reason over. I just respect their opinion and if they don't ask what I think I prefer not to tell them...It is very sad, but we all have our lessons to learn.
Each day I feel so lucky and grateful to have found Laura's work and this forum.Otherwise, I might be like most people, mostly afraid and looking for somebody to save me. There is so much work on myself to do and it seems that so little time left...I try not to despair and accept my limitations and lessons, although there are difficult moments when that seems impossible. Luckily, that feeling vanishes eventually and I find myself more hopeful and at peace(I am a born pessimist).
A big hug to all:hug:


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It was a beautiful session, thank you very much to all.

I drop a few tears reading this message, it is now in my top 10. Best wishes to all you guys and let be patient and circumpsect.

Q: (L) I mean, I made the best argument I could make, but there wasn't a whole helluva lot to work with.

A: History has been rewritten so many times, it is a wonder you were able to pick out the right pieces and put them together! But that was your destiny and task.

Q: (L) Well, I feel a huge relief having done it. There's more work to do, but that's like a major piece of it. Alright, anybody else got questions?

I was wondering if the astronomical phenomena from the last session could be related to sun´s twin brother :huh:


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Two minutes vibration of Larry Elder:
"Hard work wins, you get out of life what you put into it.
You cannot control the outcome, but you are 100% in control of the effort, and before you bitch, moan an whine about somebody did to you or said to you: Go to the nearest mirror, look at it and say "What i have done to change the outcome" and finally no matter
How good you are
How hard you work
How ethical you are, sooner or later bad things are gonna happen.
HoW you deal With those bad things Will tell Whether or not We're raised a man or a Woman."

Thank you for this aerial session and the safe landing post session.
To live and evolve in those moments, it is like walking in a dark night, before progressing you have to get your eyes used to the dark, then your other senses, to connect with one another and the environment.
In the last the most frightening is not really the darkness but the sparks...


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(Niall) Around the same time as these elephants, the prime minister of Burundi dropped dead of a heart attack. It was very suspicious...

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) An induced heart attack?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) By this satellite technology?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) Was that the same attack?

(L) Was that the same source, but maybe not intentional?

A: Yes
I'm unsure how it could be unintentional to kill a country's leader in this way given that they're apparently picking out individual elephants from space.

By the way, when I asked whether this attack was the same (as the one against the elephants in Botswana), I assumed that Botswana was geographically close to Burundi, but there's actually about 2,000kms between them. The 'heart-attacking' of President Pierre Kkurunziza did however take place during the timeframe in which elephants have been used as 'target practice'.

Apparently it has been going on since early May, and by now over 350 elephants have been killed...



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Thank you for this very informative session. Regarding the UK, I have concerns having family there. My younger sister has swallowed this narrative whole, she is a lost cause.

I have a niece, she has two grown children in there twenties and a grand baby, she is a lovely caring person with as the saying goes a good head on her shoulders. She has been doing charity work helping feed the homeless during all this madness. I did warn her about the proposed vaccines and the detrimental effects to health, she seemed receptive. When/if this becomes available and her family decides for whatever reason to accept it. I will inform her of of what supplements and intervention she can make to offset any negative side effects.

For now I am looking and listening from the sidelines.


Thank you very much for the session :flowers:
So uplifting (as always) and so much valuable information.

It's great to know that there is help around. I mean 4D STO supporting crystals charging process. That's a great news!

It was shocking to read about the elephants and satellites. It's really scary to think that they are doing such things.

Thank you C's for the precious advice in the ending message!
A: Keep eyes and ears open so that you can enjoy the show. But also pay close and careful attention to those around you in love and harmony. Balance is key.

And regarding balance. There is another quote from the C's that I remind myself often. It is really uplifting and helps to survive harder times. And because probably much turmoil is ahead yet, it may be worth keeping in mind in the coming days:
Universe is about balance. After each period of suffering there is always joy.


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thank you very much Laura and the crew for sharing yet another session full of great information, last part has touched me the most:

L) And their blindness in not understanding the reality of other worlds or other realms... They're so focused on their Darwinian materialism, they're going to get a snapback that's going to just destroy them, I'm afraid. So, we can BE different! We can DO different, and we can CHOOSE. We have a certain level of choice left to us, so let's use it!



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Is there particular reading material you recommend on the topic of "toning"? Interested to learn more about this and to possibly practice it. I read about "toning" or "sounding" last week in a companion book to the album Chant called Chant: The Origins, Form, Practice, and Healing Power of Gregorian Chant.

Cleo, I first learned toning as part of a "Music as Healing" class at Naropa University in Colorado taught by Don Campbell. It was our homework to practice toning beginning with the ah sound and progressing through the vowels. He has written several books on the topic of healing with music, including: "The Mozart Effect" which was popular awhile back. He has written at least a couple of others before that one that may have information about toning included. I imagine that these can probably be found on Amazon. Another important teacher for me has been Jonathan Goldman, who has emerged as quite an expert on the subject, authoring some books, teaching workshops and producing some healing music on CD's. His first book is: "Healing Sounds". I imagine he still has a website or his work is most likely on Amazon, as well. I purchased some amazing tuning forks from his website at one point and use them to balance myself from time to time. There is a beautiful one that is for crystals but I find I love that one the most for myself too.
Regarding toning in the group, I happened to meet a person who was teaching voice in Boulder and discovered she was into the toning. So we ended up just gathering interested folks together and trying it out. One does not have to be a singer...just have the intent, let your voice out and tune into the energy of the people with you. It can be a great experience!
Looking into the work of Dr. Hans Jenny also can be enlightening. Hope this helps and good luck with the learning!


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Thank you for the latest session. I have been trying to not give in to the emotions of the times we are living through. I have been enjoying my gardening, and we have been getting away from the city and going camping on the weekends, far from people. It has been refreshing to the soul for sure.

Kay Kim

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Thanks for new session. I am always appreciate new and more information/knowledge that shared with us by team’s efforts.

(L) Live through it! Because boy, it's just terrible. Okay. Um... Let me ask about my book. Ifinished my book. Following the clues and the guidance and doing 10 years worth of research - even more than that actually, but probably concentrated it would probably be 10 years of constant work - did I draw the right conclusions?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I mean, I made the best argument I could make, but there wasn't a whole helluva lot to work with.

A: History has been rewritten so many times, it is a wonder you were able to pick out the right pieces and put them together! But that was your destiny and task.

Q: (Ark) I'm worrying that there were times where I was having dreams. Now I almost never remember any dream and I don't have any. Is it something bad?

A: No.

Q: (Artemis) Why is he not dreaming as much anymore?

A: Sleeping more deeply and not remembering

May I ask, when Laura’s new book is available to purchase?

Thank you Ark, for asking about dreams that’s you don’t remember or don’t have any dreams.
I also have same symptoms that started about two years ago. I thought that was strange because until then I was having very vivid dreams and always remembered every details.
Now, I am relieved.
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