Session 4 July 2020


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Thank you all for posting this latest session! Knowledge protects and gardening empowers 🧙‍♂️ It really is a great distraction from all the madness out there while staying informed yet grounded. Our zucchini machine is in full speed and hoping some soap berry seeds sprout soon 🌱 Remaining vigilant :cool2:


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Thank you all at the chateau so very much for this wonderful latest session!

Q: (L) What were those voices?

A: 4D STO support for charging magnification.

Q: (L) Were those voices that I was hearing coming from our throats, or from the air around us?

A: Your voices enhanced.

Q: (Chu) That's like what they said about your voice when you were doing EE, remember?

(L) What about it?

(Chu) That your voice carried more than what could be heard.

(L) Well, this went to the point that we could actually hear it.
I wonder whether this is the same phenomenon that Karina Kaiser is talking about. She is german, lives in Australia, and does analyses of so called "reversals" of recordings. Means she records her questioning a client (who comes with a certain question or problem) and then carefully listens to it being played backward (and a little slower). The answers are often very astonishing and not really explainable. For example she once asked a client whether he will do anything to counteract this try of finding the truth, and he answered no. But played backward it was a clear yes, no doubt about it.

If you are interested in this: Check out her website, she has lots of stuff to read about her method. Or go on Youtube, there are plenty of interviews to be found.

Website of Karina Kaiser: Inner speech revelations

(Andromeda) And I think this is part of the reason that I had this major gardening bug recently. The focus is on this kind of... creating good impressions.

(L) What's an apocalypse without flowers?!

(Andromeda) Exactly! It's focusing a little bit on the BEAUTY of something instead of just all of the darker stuff.

(L) Gardening is a very cleansing activity. Bringing order and beauty to the Earth is really just... it's extremely satisfying.

(Andromeda) It's kinda making that more the focus than the chaos.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Same here, with exactly this thinking/awareness actively in mind. Doing some good, relaxing and working on something so beautiful was so .. so .. liberating? Is that the right word? I felt free and easy and relaxed and somehow unvincible. Plus: It was time away from the computer. So I also sign the "more distance to the news" thing. I don't have to think about what goes along their lines and why all the time. Gives them much to much attention, energy wise.


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Thanks for sharing, very interesting as usual!

I was wondering about this bit:

(Niall) Around the same time as these elephants, the prime minister of Burundi dropped dead of a heart attack. It was very suspicious...

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) An induced heart attack?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) By this satellite technology?

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) Was that the same attack?

(L) Was that the same source, but maybe not intentional?

A: Yes

I searched for 'prime minister of Burundi', but based on the search results maybe the guy you meant was President Pierre Nkurunziza? He was the guy who refused to impose lockdown and threw the WHO people out of his country (see below). The answer "Yes" by the C's – should that be interpreted as it being an accident or intentional? In other words, are they saying "Yes" to it being the same source or maybe not intentional? I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional, since he made 'them' look bad.

Quote from article linked below:

"As the Covid-19 pandemic rolls on there have been a steady stream of people who publicly dismissed the dangers of the virus, only to die of it shortly thereafter. Now the president of Burundi has likely joined that list, although officially his cause of death is currently being called a heart attack.

Covid-19 arrived later, at least in large numbers, in Africa than most of the rest of the world. Despite the limited health infrastructure and the greater logistical challenges of imposing lockdowns where poverty is so prevalent, most African nations took advantage of the extra time, instituting policies designed to limit viral spread. So far these seem to have at least delayed the impact seen elsewhere.

Burundi has been an exception. President Pierre Nkurunziza not only refused to take drastic action, but he also kept sporting events and other large public gatherings open. World Health Organization experts were expelled from the country, while most nations in similar positions are welcoming any help they can get.

Unbothered by the spiraling death toll elsewhere, a spokesperson for Nkurunziza told BBC News in March: “Burundi is an exception among other nations because it is a country which gave God first place, a God who guards and protects [us] from all misfortune.”"

So, maybe 'they' decided to teach them a lesson?



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thanks to all of you for another great session! gotta agree on working to not draw TOO much attention to ourselves and to focus on the 'little things' in life.. but, isn't that what life is about anyways?? now more than ever, as you have said, balance and composure must be maintained! although, i am sure all of us understand this and have been putting it into practice, the reaffirmation from you and the c's helps quell those thoughts that may be causing us to get TOO caught up in the chaos.

personally, the ol lady and i focus on cooking! we have been grilling out every weekend (weather permitting) and have even begun trying our hand at smoking meats! we have always cooked together for years but with the chaos these days, it has truly been a blessing to be able to share this together.

as always, much love to all of you.


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Thank you for this session. What to say. This session brings us more subtle information about our reality and how to navigate through it in those dark times.

(L) Balance, like the C's said... You give it the attention it needs and the amount of behavior modification it needs. Whatever you need to do to deal with it. I get up and read the news every morning and go through all of that, and then I close the door. I know what's going on. Even if I don't see something today that I need to react to, I know what's going on. Now let me turn my attention to what is beautiful... And then I turn my attention to it. And for the most part, it's Ark and you kids. So, that's what I wanted to say.

(Pierre) Lately, when I've been reading the news, I feel more distant... not dissociation, but...

(L) I feel more distant from it too.

(Andromeda) Yeah.

(Pierre) More accuracy, but more distance. It's almost paradoxical, but...

(L) The splitting of realities. That's the reality they have created, and I do NOT wish to participate in it! Or at least participate as little as possible. I can move through it carefully if I must, but then, my mind is focused on love and beauty.

I felt exactly the same. After the initial shock when all this madness started back in March now I really feel more distant from all that madness.
Like refusing to put energy and to participate in that crazy reality.
I can't really describe it but this way I feel it is better for me. It is like not allowing all that dark energy to enter inside me. Like creating a defense system that can filter those dark energies and not participating or enhancing them.


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Thank you for another information packed session! :flowers: :wizard: I must admit it made me a little concerned. It really hit home for me that I live right in the belly of the beast. I guess it's about time to make long overdue decisions and take some decisive action to make sure I go through the turmoil ahead without too many scratches - so thank you for the much needed push.

(Pierre) Lately, when I've been reading the news, I feel more distant... not dissociation, but...

(L) I feel more distant from it too.

(Andromeda) Yeah.

(Pierre) More accuracy, but more distance. It's almost paradoxical, but...

(L) The splitting of realities. That's the reality they have created, and I do NOT wish to participate in it! Or at least participate as little as possible. I can move through it carefully if I must, but then, my mind is focused on love and beauty.

I can relate to that. The idiocy in the news mostly elicits raised eyebrows or an eye roll. And interestingly enough, once I became more detached from all this mess I started posting more on social media. I used to be afraid of possible confrontations but all of all a sudden the thought of clashes with both friends and strangers stopped making me uncomfortable.

From a personal perspective, initially I had a few clashes with friends and acquaintances over Covid but lately I've been reestablishing some of those connections. Just yesterday I had a chat with a friend whom I hadn't spoken with since the beginning of the lockdown. We concluded that we may not agree on everything and she said that although she respects my drive to research everything she prefers to simply do what she's told just to be on the safe side. I said that it's perfectly fine and if she ever has questions I'm here to answer them.

It's clear that we are on different paths but I don't want to waste my time and energy on arguing, disappointment and resentment.

That said, there are personal plans and hopes for the future that have been affected by this entire mess and I can't say I feel completely neutral about it. But I guess I'm going to have to learn to either let go of adjust the sails in the storm.
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Огромное спасибо!
Меня переполняют эмоции. Положительные эмоции, точнее я пока не могу выразить.
То что можно определенно выразить, так это радость за Путина. Я переживал и спрашивал об этом после прошлой сессии. Да и вы, наверное, переживали раз спрашивали об этом. Наконец то мы получили удовлетворительный ответ.

Thank you very much!
I am overwhelmed with emotion. Positive emotions, more precisely, I can not yet Express.
What can be definitely expressed is the joy for Putin. I was worried and asked about it after the last session. Yes, and you probably worried if you asked about it. Finally we got a satisfactory answer.

Mrs. Peel

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I've been posting anti-Covid stuff and trying to leave "common sense" comments on the seven local Facebooks groups that I belong to. Every other post is about masks (currently we have to wear them all the time in public), the sheep bleating that "masks save lives!" and "we're in for the second wave!" and lately, "the rising amount of cases!" supposedly brought on by people not wearing masks, going away on vacation, and the protests. This has prompted the closing down (again) of some businesses and more "stay-at-home" orders. It doesn't seem to matter how many people say it's B.S and whatever documentation they provide is scoffed at. So yeah, I'm ready to back off the political stuff cause it's been a source of frustration to me that people can be so blind, that all my friends are buying into it, and it's just making me crazy and I'm expending way too much negative energy on it. :headbash:

I can probably give myself a heart attack without any help from STS satellite technology! :nuts:


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Thank you all for the new session!

I've been slowly disengaging from social media over the past few weeks, and just trying to connect with others in real life more and doing things together. It's good to know what's going on in the world but it doesn't need as much of your personal energy as some people give, OSIT. It's reassuring to hear things will ultimately fail for the controllers. We'll hopefully be free from them someday. Until then I'm trying to guard my attitude such that I'm not "feeding that pendulum," and moving towards something instead of simply away from something.


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Thank you for the new session.

I was wondering today if perhaps sharing certain articles wasn't helping so much anymore and was instead feeding into people’s negative emotions. I've also been feeling disconnected from the news, even though I mostly (hopefully) understand what’s going on.
Although I still get cought up in it sometimes.
I know I don't want any part of the chaotic world that’s being created.

Have been getting the urge to do more creative projects (woodworking, furniture etc) again, so looks like it would be a good time to do that. Singing practice sounds good too! If you guys come up with a list of songs, I'd be interested to know what they are.

I guess (especially for people in the UK) we should keep our heads down, be creative, stay focused on the positive emotions, and pay enough attention to know if we need to do something?


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Thank you for this amazing session! The section on singing was especially meaningful to me. I was reminded of the calm, peace and healing that has occurred for myself and others using the voice in "toning". For those not familiar with the term, it is a practice of using the voice and sustaining a tone, often using a vowel sound. It can be done alone or in a group setting. The notes are randomly chosen by each person as the feeling directs and through intuition, a beautiful moving and flowing harmonic can be created within in the group. It is amazing how a group will naturally harmonize by using this free flow technique and end up coming into resonance. I have enjoyed practicing it alone as well and sometimes hear overtones giving the sensation of many tones in one. Crystals love receiving it and also all the cells of one's body seem to feels like a balancing occurs on several different levels whether alone or in the group.

In addition, I have had many experiences using toning as part of my prayer and meditation. Sometimes, I have heard the toning continue on for several minutes after I have stopped making a sound. Since I have been alone, I cannot prove that this was real or just something my own inner ear was creating. Regardless, it has been a positive experience personally and sometimes I entertain the idea that if there are angels around us they may be joining in the harmonic.

I haven't used my voice in awhile, and especially since this shutdown has been going on and current events are so chaotic and negative. This session is reminding me of how some of the things that were once joyful and a regular part of my life have been replaced with some numbness and distrust that there is any beauty in life. I still have so much work to do...thanks, all, for the wake up call...once again.


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Thanks very much to all for this wonderful session.

A: Very little as you are. But do not let your guard down. Strategic enclosure to the max.

Q: (Joe) In what way?

(Artemis) Don't kick the hornet's nest.

Q: (Artemis) Do things calmly, serenely, or just walk away. Be very gentle, because crazy forces are acting through people.

A: Reduce agitation. It is mostly useless at this point.
The political activism being "mostly useless at this point" is my impression also. The way it looks to me is that, at this point, people have already mostly "chosen" at a soul-level whether they want to align with objective reality or not. The people who can SEE do not need convincing, and a hunger for truth has already grown inside of them to propel them forward in unearthing more truth.

On the other hand, the other portion of the population are content with their perception being firmly rooted in fantasy land and any attempt to highlight this feels like speaking to a brick wall. People have made their choices it seems, and so we must be vigilant and smart with what we share, because none of us can be much use to anyone if we are locked up in a cell (or dead, for that matter). The people who are seeking will continue to seek, and the people with their heads in the sand will bury themselves deeper and deeper.

Q: (Joe) Would it be fair to say that the turmoil ahead will be mostly centered in the USA and UK?

A: Yes

This smells like karma, to me! If we consider the sheer amount of terror, destruction, and suffering caused around the world by these two countries combined in recent history, anything else would feel like a cosmic injustice.

"The chickens are coming home to roost"
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