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Thank you all for this session 💐 it does clarify some nuances. I hope the Elvis and Penelope had smooth transitions, in that respect they were very lucky to experience such a time around knowledgeable folk and that would have worked in their favour.

Interesting that you say the above, and the comment about most of us making this shift. While I'm certainly aware of the descent into madness, I'm still find it difficult to just walk away. I suppose it has a lot to do with my temperament and the years of 'fighting the power' that makes me respond in this way. There's something in me that seems to respond as if this is what I've been training for all these years. On FB in particular, I've been posting a lot of stuff relating to lockdowns and the virus that seems to have attracted a lot of attention (2,500 new 'friends' in the last couple of months). That said, it's a good idea to not be too identified with being engaged in the 'fight'. At the end of the day, there's no changing this world or the path on which a lot of its inhabitants are set, and those who are not on that path probably have enough awareness at this point to see them through.

My social media experience has been different. I was never really interested in it in the beginning, preferring to read books and forums. The first account I set up, where I sent only one friends request, was to take a look at a friends wedding photo's at her suggestion. Then my ex wanted an account when we moved interstate so that she could keep in touch with her family so I set up an account for her, still not interested in one for myself. It was a couple of years after that when I read about sharing stuff on social media here to help out. I couldn't recover my old account because I couldn't remember what my email address had been when I set up the initial account so I set up another one.

It was helpful for me to use to face some fears and discomforts by sending friends requests and posting stuff. Learning to speak up. Facing fear of rejection and abandonment. I still don't always find doing that very comfortable in most instances, but I'm less concerned about the reactions of others to it now.

I still use social media like a forum in the respect that I join groups that are about subjects of interest. Some of those groups I've lost interest in, but keep them because sometimes a subject comes up where I can share a SOTT article or recommend an RPP book. After the last session I found two groups about Electric Universe Geology and also keep an eye on them, as I do the other groups, for things that might be useful here.

Last night I received a message from a friend thanking me for the "covid is nonsense" posts on FB. They are not to convince the brainwashed but to confort those who already know or suspect something is not quite right. So an occasional distillation of information, including through humour, may be sufficient at this point. Truth cannot reach those who refuse to see it anyway.

Yes, I've received a few messages too and that's part of the reason I've kept posting. I still feel that I do get too identified with the fight though and can feel angry and bitter at times, a defence against hurt/pain I think. The awareness of that helps and the exercise of moderating responses while in the heat of it is helpful.

While I don't think it's fruitful to try to change the minds of others, I do think that there are those for whom these latest circumstances might serve as the opener, or those who see it and can't speak out for whatever reason. They are definitively in the minority though. There is an old school friend who started speaking out, but got totally and publicly shut down by his family on social media. On the few occasions where I have responded to comments that support mainstream narrative, it's not so much to change the mind of the commenter, but with the awareness that there are possibly others reading who cannot speak up because of family or work or who are picking up on discrepancies between their experiences and the official narrative.

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Well, I find that interesting. I've felt like you're always among the first to be 'above' the whole thing, whatever it is, and you don't get more emotionally involved than you absolutely have to. Like you're well aware of the limits of the impact you can have, after years of experience. I guess I haven't really seen that 'temperament' you speak of. You seem pretty good at being calm and detached to me.

The again, like I've said, I have it easy. No family, TV, or social media to drag me into this mess, so my exposure is limited to however much time I want to spend on Sott on any given day. You, on the other hand, being who you are, where you are, and dealing with Sott every day, are as deep in it as anyone can be, which will obviously make detachment more difficult.

I think we're all constantly struggling to find balance between fighting and detachment. On one hand, as long as we see something worth fighting for, the urge to fight is very clear inside of us, and on the other hand, watching what effect (or lack thereof) our actions are having, we see the limitations of our influence and realise the pointlessness of being mad about it. But both things are needed. We just need that balance which, I suppose, is always somewhat elusive and hard to pinpoint.

I think it took me only a week or two to realise that those who don't get it are stuck so deep in their delusions that nothing we say will break that spell. But we're still waiting for the breaking point due to the PTB 'going too far', and for at least some of the clueless people out there to realise something like, "Wow, I never thought the government would do this. And that crazy guy at work who has been saying this would happen all along might be onto something after all. Maybe I should talk to him."

There will (presumably) be that time when 'people will look for answers' after they get a proper shock. So now we're in a phase when we're supposed to watch and monitor the situation and not get too worked up over what's happening (and not stir the boat too much), but the phase when at least some people will snap out of it and look for answers should come at some point. So then we'll... uhh... do what we always do, I guess? Share what we know. We just need to wait for the time when at least some people will be willing to listen.

Yeah, this is the stuff I get to avoid and thus I can stay detached. The informative power of the MSM is next to zero, and it just pisses you off. It won't change your views or anything, but it does change your focus. It keeps you focused on the stupidity of the media/government/people in general, instead of focusing on more productive things. But this also makes it clear why most people won't hear what you say, because they're kept in this trance by the media, and their focus is directed 24/7 in a certain direction.

Sometimes you have to find the will to just shake your head and think, 'fun times in a crazy world...'.

Thinking about the fact that things are calm where I live and so am I, while things are crazy especially in the US and UK, I think it makes sense for people who live there to pay less attention to it, in the sense of not paying so much attention to it that it makes you upset. Sure, be aware, but don't get invested in it.

So when you go read the news, you might want to adjust your attitude before you start reading. Instead of the usual "let's see what's new" followed by "omg, are you serious?!??", you can approach it with a lighter attitude, like "so let's see what kind of stupid things idiots worldwide have done today", and after reading an article, instead of getting mad over how stupid people are, just think, "hmm, impressive... I would say about 9/10 on the stupidity scale".

Really the deciding factor is, as usual, whether you can do anything about it or not. If you can, take appropriate steps. But as we've learned, more often than not, there's really nothing we can do, especially about things like elephant target practice, so really the only difference is whether you get angry and spend some time in that state of mind (which is what they want and what lowers your frequency (and luc has described a good example a few posts back)), or refuse to be sucked in and just note how terrible it is, but all there is is lessons and elephants have theirs too (or maybe they just don't want to be here and want to reincarnate somewhere nicer), and in the end, these psychopaths will get what they deserve, so whatever. Moving on.

And sometimes it can help to take a complete break from the news for a day or two. You might only then realise how much it's been stressing you out and how much better you feel without that noise. I think a few people here have been through that experience.

So balance between awareness and detachment seems to be the key, in simple terms.
Q: (S) What about the prayers that are directed to Jesus?

A: Jesus is one of us in "special service" sector.

Q: (L) Like a "green beret?"

A: No, more like a "beige beret."

Q: (L) What is a 'beige beret?'

A: Just our term.
You have the hammer to the "worn out", to hit the nail.

When I read you I always remember that paragraph of the "Beige Beret" of "Jesus".:-D


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I was thinking the other day about such people and the term 'conspiracy theorist', in particular 'CRAZY conspiracy theorist'. For many years, much of the information we've been presenting to people has been labeled 'crazy'. It struck me that the reason it is seen that way is that, for those people, it IS crazy. Whether or not it is true is besides the point.

Such people are like children (albeit some with prodigious intellects), and they quickly intuit what the implications for them of what we are saying. The implications of any 'crazy conspiracy theory' for such people are, essentially, that we live in a world where the authorities are corrupt and not only do not care about their wards (the people) but are actively attempting to harm them in one way or another.

The rational response to this (if it were assumed to be true) is for the people to ditch their reliance on authorities and assume responsibility for their own lives, the lives of others and the world around them, to take responsibility for the 'big stuff' that the authorities are supposedly responsible for.

The problem is that many people are fundamentally UNABLE to do this, and to ask them to do so (in the form of asking them to accept, or at least consider, an alternative view of the nature and intentions of the authorities of this world) is the same as asking a 5 year old child to ditch its abusive parents and go out in the world on its own, get a car, a job and start paying the bills. To the child, that suggestion is literally crazy because the child IS literally unable to do it.

This helps me to understand why so many people react with such derision and anger to 'conspiracy theories'. They know the implications of the theory for them, but that awareness is mostly unconscious, and they are therefore unable to be honest with themselves about it. This is the reason, IMO, that many people attack such theories in a dismissive way, not really knowing why they are doing so, although those with more developed intellects will make extra effort to marshal an apparently convincing rebuttal to the theory. This also suggests that those that go after conspiracy theories in a particularly energetic way are likely to be those MOST unable to live without a temporal authority in their lives.

Ultimately, the motivation of all such people is self-preservation, and has nothing to do with an open and objective assessment of the facts and where they lead. So there's little wonder that the debate on issues like these is usually so fractious and divided between 'us and them'. For both sides, it's personal. For one side, its about NEEDING to refuse or refute certain uncomfortable facts in order to maintain their childish world view. For the other side, its about NEEDING to know the Truth because the Truth is perceived as being essential to maintain order in their personal lives and the wider world.
It was very nice to see this excellent post by Joe today, because by coincidence I had been pondering repeatedly this concept of some people wanting or needing to be like children and have authorities tell them what is true or what is good for them.

Then there are others, who want to be mature adults in their thinking, and figure out for themselves what is true based on information they can get their hands on. These people are comfortable with their ability to maturely think for themselves and guide their own lives based on that.

The result is that there will forever be an intractable divide between these two types of people.

How will these two groups get along in the world? Will it inevitably end up in bashing of heads as the childlike people attempt to force their will upon the thinking people – because authorities tell them it must be so?

The sad thing is, if the adult people do not force their will on anyone but instead tend to fight for things like free speech, freedom for the individual and for basic human dignity, then they are not actually an enemy to anyone – but the childlike people will always perceive them as an enemy, as their speech and actions challenge their fundamental world view.


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Lucid dreaming exercises and intention to remember, mental talk before sleep help remember the dreams. I also do not remember dreams but one time was doing those exercises and they worked but it also required effort and energy, but I also noticed being more conscious throughout a day has also better impact on remembering dreams.

When I was very young I used to have very clear repetitive dreams that I can remember crystal clearly to this day. But when I began to go to school and become "educated" I stopped having them. One aspect to these kinds of dreams is that they were substantial, they had a substance to them. In fact these dreams, now that I think about it, seems to me to have relevance and correspondences to what is happening with what I am experiencing today as if the far future of my life looped back clearly communicating to me in symbolic fashion about what I will be experiencing from the present "now" to back then. That's how it seems but I'm not sure of anything. But it sure seems that way to me.

However these days I don't really dream. It's mostly deep sleep. But that doesn't mean I don't dream. It just means I lose connection with it. But sometimes there is a feeling that whatever was happening in my sleep was working itself out (such as internal conflicts and such) via juxtapositions of mental imagery of some kind along with the processing of conflicting feelings. But I'm no expert on dreams!

I was once told that in the martial arts you have to defeat your opponent in your dreams first before defeating them in reality. So there might be ordinary dreams when the neurons simply fire randomly and then there might be "substantial" dreams based on intense creative thought that takes an act of Will as a result of doing something intensely in our ordinary state and our dreams work with images at another level to inform us of something in our ordinary waking state even if we forget the dream when we wake up. But still something can come thru even if we can't connect it consciously with a dream we might have had. It might very well be that our dreams deal with the processing of images/feelings which can help us out in our ordinary state in which we 'do.' FWIW.


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I will do a little youtube video soon giving tips on how to deal with procrastination, and maybe other basic maladies people are dealing with these days. I kind of feel that this is more important than "fighting power" or "reaching lots of people" by focusing on the madness du jour.

Just going through the comments, copied this to reply then seen Joe posted saying it's a good idea. That's was I was gonna say too. Seems Like the right direction to go in as I've been thinking the same. Can you send me a link to your YouTube channel please and thank you.


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I'm sorry to hear about Elvis and Penelope. Although I know they aren't gone but transitioned, from my own experience with dogs, rabbits and birds it's still an emotional period and I feel sorrow for that.

Thank you and all others for remembering Elvis and Penelope.

As many of you know, Elvis was diagnosed with throat cancer about 3 or 4 months ago and was given about 2 months life expectancy. He lasted somewhat longer than that with our girls using every medical trick they could think of to give him quality of life as long as possible. Toward the end, he couldn't eat or drink and they were feeding him puree with a syringe and hydrating him with a subcutaneous physiological solution drip. He was still able to get up and walk around or go outside for a few minutes, but less and less. He would get agitated at dinner time because he was hungry and it was heartbreaking. Finally, he couldn't even swallow the puree and all he was getting was the drip. It was time. The vet couldn't come to the house, so two cars full of people went with him there and he passed with his head in Anna's arms and all his flock gathered around. It is still very difficult for me to even write about it. I've had dogs all my life, and Elvis was outstanding among them. The sweetest, gentlest, and smartest boy there ever was.

Elvis (2).jpg

The real lesson I learned was unless I am a significant person (i.e. leader of an influential organisation, celebrity, popular figure, or have previous social media fame/relative fame), my voice will always be lost and doesn't really matter. A few billion people can be heard easily but the illusion is they think they all matter, in terms of having more-than-equal say in how world affairs pan out. So 'It is mostly useless at this point' was what I was already thinking when I deleted but nice to read it also in such close timing.

That's pretty much it: only significant persons have a real voice, and they are mostly libtards because of the media bias. It gets to be a waste of time. I still go through Twitter and FB just to see how nuts things are, but rarely engage with anything now.

I was incredibly fortunate as a kid to be involved with a choir that sang at many famous cathedrals in Europe. Coming from a non-cathedral location, the songs practiced for months beforehand in classrooms had zero acoustics. It was only in those cathedrals that the true sound was heard. I distinctly remember thinking while singing that the sound of the songs was 'moving' these massive had this incredible power that I couldn't explain or articulate. But the main bit for one song, was like 'voice enhanced' - the echo produced notes that no-one was singing, a 3rd above the highest note (I believe). It could just be the way the melody is written, but it happened several times. For reference, the song was 'Ave Maria' by Victoria and the line was 'ora pro nobis' which translates to 'pray for us'. In this clip as an example it occurs around the 1:47 mark Ave Maria - Tomás Luis de Victoria. It might be a completely different thing to what was described in the session, but it's the first time I've ever seen anything closely written that is similar to what I experienced so long ago.

I sang in a church choir and in school chorus, and never heard anything like this. It wasn't an echo, but yes, it sounded like voices just above and echoing. We were in the mezzanine storeroom where we have our crystals laid out on a small pool table. The ceiling is very low and there's lots of junk in the room, so not a place for echoes!


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Q: (Ark) What is this Lethbridge? It's a book that I should look at?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) We have it. It's a short book.

As Im rereading the transcripts again I saw that Lethbridge is mentioned here:

just a reminder to the crew :) thank you for the session


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I was thinking something like this gives something that can be mapped into a hexagon but using the outer 6 points and it is an octogonal complexigram of sorts.

The best is to build it via algebraic topology


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(Artemis) I'm sure they've helped with karaoke sometimes. Have you helped with karaoke sometimes?

A: If you would go about karaoke in the proper manner, you would indeed have connections forming and "celestial" voices would join in!!

Q: (Joe) What is the proper manner?

A: Right music, warm up, leave aside ego and sing for unification and simple beauty and emotion.

Q: (Andromeda) Would we even need the karaoke machine? Well, I suppose it's helpful. We could just sing hymns together...

(L) So we need to more carefully select songs and begin with warm-up songs.

(Chu) And songs that EVERYBODY can sing.

(L) Yeah, songs that people can all sing together.

(Artemis) Would you like to suggest to us songs that we can sing?

A: You all can sort that out.

Q: (Ark) There are too many songs.
The harmonious songs sung by artists, are the one where the performer sings it with heart, with feeling not just singing "love! Love" but some singer have this quality there. You talked about hard rock, but you have to either love the electric guitar, which is my case, hearing Metallica is for me splendid because they are professionals who like to do this and even the slayer group, unless you know the guitar well , they are not "satanists" at heart, it is a thousand people who love the guitar. Who of slayer or lady gaga is really satanist? listen to george michael "adifferent corner" and you will hear a harmonious song with real emotion

A: Simple melodies.
It's also a relief in a way that it's reached the point where we can accept that trying to convince most people is pretty much useless.
I think it has probably been 'pretty much useless' for a long time. It's just that this event has highlighted the extent and depth of the programming and made it a lot more obvious that a few words can't penetrate the walls that have been created around most people by this programming. But I suppose it's more useless this time because the media have been hammering lies about one topic into people 24/7. Can't really fight against that with our tools.

Truth seekers seem to only have any kind of benefit to other truth seekers.
That seems to be largely the case. Most people don't seek the truth, even if they pretend they do. It has a lot to do with that responsibility joe spoke of. It's mostly either truth seekers or confirmation seekers - people who just want confirmation that they're right.

The question is whether there are any people somewhere on the edge. Theoretically it should be possible, but it feels like those are nowhere to be found. But many people here were once clueless too and sort of part of the 'other side', so what is it that makes them switch sides? Is it gradual, or is it one event that triggers it? Is there a critical mass of something? How does it work and can we predict who might be near a turning point? Does there really have to be a lot of suffering for people to seriously start questioning things? Will nothing else work? I'm guessing it's more complicated and less predictable than we would like.

But in many cases those who are most delusional also feel like they're the most "helpful" to others as well, so clearly wanting to help others isn't enough to seek truth
Yeah, definitely. But you also have to ask yourself whether these people genuinely want to help others or whether it's an ego thing and they just want to believe they are the kind of people who help others because that's the image they seek. Pretty sure some people only help others so that their 'neighbours see it', so to speak. But in general, goodness has nothing to do with the truth.

In fact, there are reasons why people who want to be 'good' have trouble with the truth. They also want to believe the world is good and that other people are good, and the truth would clearly shatter that illusion. It's a scary thing, this truth. (And again, much of it has to do with personal responsibility.)

So I think the learning cycle thing really does explain it.
Yes, and it seems like the difference in where people are in this cycle can be pretty big, even in the same 'realm'. There's clearly a huge difference in awareness between 3D and 4D, but supposing some people around us are not really too far into this 3D experience, they really occupy a pretty different world. Recent events kind of make you wonder just where the hell some people are on this learning curve.
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