Session 30 January 2021


Much thank for this session ! Food for thoughts definitely.

Q: (L) What is the reason for the chaos?

A: Fear of losing control.

Q: (L) Well, I don't understand. Exactly what do you mean?

(Joe) I was going to say that their fear of losing control has increased in recent years, obviously. But it's been as a result of their own actions, not as a result of anything the people are doing. The people are getting agitated and thrown into chaos because of what's being done to them.

(Artemis) They're shooting themselves in the foot over and over and over again.

A: Greed is a sickness.

Q: (L) And I guess you mean not just greed for money, but greed for power?

A: Yes

On one hand, it is truly tragic and heart breaking to see pathological greedy people dedicate their whole life, each and every moment, to the destruction of others and ultimately themselves. Until nothing is left.
On the other, I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of their thinking and actions. Just like a cartoon show where Wile E. Coyote devise absurd plans in order to catch Road Runner with, every time without fail, absurd consequences detrimental both to his aim and his health. Again, and again, and again. For all eternity.

This STS dynamic, its interaction with Reality, nowadays feels like a Monty Python movie. An eternal absurd tragicomedy. Quite a show to behold if we manage to not get pulled into it.


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Thank you to the whole team for this new session. We understand why Trump suddenly stopped everything. As for the vaccine, I remain hopeful of escaping vaccination. I'm going to fight for it. Although the vaccine will not cause too many side effects in some people, it will not prevent others from becoming virus "factories" as the C says and causing a real pandemic.


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Many thanks to Laura and the team for the new session!

And of course, it's obvious that the reason Trumps appointees refused to look at the fraud evidence was because they and their families would have probably been threatened. Why didn't I think of that before?

@Ant22. Begging to wear a mask!!!!! LOL. That was a brilliant strategy Ant22. I just fell off my chair.


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Thank you very much for the new session, you can say that the lighthouse shines invariably even in a storm :-) What a coincidence, yesterday I was watching youtube channels about the current military activity of China and the USA. Simultaneously, there were mentioned some predictions about the end of the world, the third war, and a wonderful new world that now seem to be fulfilled. Today, the session mentions "Increased military intervention at all levels". Let's wait and see. If it helps someone, I try to explain the current situation in different ways, it helps me, for example, to look at it as a long run and just approaching the finish line - then the man is tired the most but he will win immediately :-)


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I would like to add my thanks for the session.
We live in interesting times.

On last Saturday, riding the lift to the 21st floor... I usually look at numbers 1..2..3..4 this time... but when it was number 17... suddenly 21 appeared - it lasted 1 second. I was surprised and thought that suddenly time had been lost somewhere.

Sometimes I wonder if without reading sessions, taking part in forum, ee, diet, spinning 33, reading books from the list. Would I also look at what is happening here and now with awareness, and in a way, acceptance of whatever happens.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart simply for your work and contribution, your time in this Forum and your presence.🥰 The next monthly donation should arrive soon. I hope it is better with donations.

In the meantime, if they were to cut off the internet, stay calm and carry on.


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Huge thanks to all of you at the chateau for another great session, just one month after the previous one !!!🔥
Their actions over the last year - scamdemic, BLM hypocrisy, blatant election theft, the hamfisted response to the GameStop Rebellion, and pushing "vaccines" that no one wants - have been exposing them and waking people up at an unprecedented rate. Each time they grasp for more control, the desperation with which they do so opens that many more eyes, making control that much more difficult, and increasing their desperation even further. They've locked themselves into a positive feedback loop.
Yes, it's what is happening in many countries here in Europe. Here in France there are more and more doctors who dare to speak openly and give another view of what is happening regarding this "pandemic", despite the many obstacles they have to face (censorship, discredit, loss of employment, threats, etc.). They have even formed an independent scientific committee to counteract the ludicrous "scientific" committee advising the government.
There are also increasing protests in the main cities of France.

In our guest house the majority of people take off their masks when they arrive and see that we are not wearing them. We have been able to talk with some of them and even if they are not aware of everything, they no longer buy into the mainstream narrative and are against the measures and recommandations taken by the government. In any case many more people than during the first months of this madness and this warms our heart lack of having family members on "our side".

But when the lies and hypnosis strategies no longer work they have to resort to force, hence the army. So I think the 'increased military intervention at all levels" applies also to other countries not only to USA.
However I firmly keep the faith that even if we don't know exactly how, we know that these plans will also fail :-) and like many of you make my best to enjoy the show.


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Thanks for sharing the session! Can't say that I'm at a point where I'm literally enjoying the show, but it is all very interesting and we are living through an incredibly important historical moment. The romance fiction thread really helps in a lot of ways, not least of which is that it shows that even through periods of darkness, there is hope, and most importantly, decision to make.


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Thank you for sharing, Laura and Team :-)

A: Greed is a sickness.

Q: (L) And I guess you mean not just greed for money, but greed for power?

A: Yes

In other words, the more they try to control others, the more they fear losing that control, and the more they fear losing it, the more they try to control.
The same goes for money, what is the point of having billions of dollars if you don't have anything to spend it on because you already have everything that money can buy, if not the fear of losing it.
Just look at their faces, they live in constant sick fear, politicians talking such nonsense hoping to please their masters and keep their privileges.


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That's for sure also possible. However, lot's of things can go wrong with wanting to send certain vaccines to specific area. Human errors, delivery mistakes, lots of different Government plans. Maybe they have all of that in control, or just put in every vaccine and just it will start with specific genes or something. I am just speculating here.

Another thing, which I wonder, who are they, which "are difficult to control"? With some certain genetic mix with some "Semitic seasoning" inside? Or just everyone who critically thinks?

I think one way they could target people who are less easy to control is like, the first batches of vaccines will obviously be going to the sheeplest of sheeple. And then after a while, like a few months, there’ll be people who haven’t elected to have the vaccine yet, and they’ll already fall into the ‘less easy to control’ category. And then maybe 12 months after initial roll out of the vaccine, you’ve got people who still haven’t had it and they’re going to fall into the category even more?

You could have, like, ‘clear-up centres’ in 12 months time where people who haven’t had the vaccine yet receive a letter in the mail saying they’re a danger to public safety and have to go to their local town hall to get their vaccine. All the ones being given there would be chipped.


Thank you for another great session! For now, I will enjoy the show. But you sure get the sense that there is a huge tidal wave looming in the distance. Like Pierre said, a real pandemic and a real economic collapse. And when that happens, there should be enough on the negative side to attract all kinds of cosmic debris. This has been quite the life lesson to live and learn through all of this. It is amazing to see how much has changed in one lifetime, let alone how much things change by the day! My focus is on balance, reading, and preparing for the next round of chaos.
Thank you for the new session! I love and appreciate you all so much. Even though the outer world seems to be falling to pieces my inner world is growing and becoming more centered and balanced from all the knowledge I receive here. A pearl of great price.
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