Session 30 January 2021

Thank you all very much for this session and for all the work that you are doing! The story about the "loss" of time was very impressed. It's just hard to believe that this is possible and the "matrix" breaks down. This is probably a really amazing time and we are lucky to live in such an era ...
Thank you all for the new session!

(L) Well, all joking aside, I think the bottom line is that we're being challenged to take a more cosmic perspective on the whole thing. What did the Cs say once? No body-centric persons need apply. If you're body-centric, that means you're stuck in your 3D thinking. We're being invited to rise above that and basically enjoy the show because we're seeing a BIG historical set of events transpiring right before our eyes.

I'm trying very hard to "enjoy the show". There's a part of me that's excited and a part that's nervous and wants it all to be over. Little by little I am understanding what an amazing ride this is!
Or to certain areas of a country, or even local districts or towns.
That's for sure also possible. However, lot's of things can go wrong with wanting to send certain vaccines to specific area. Human errors, delivery mistakes, lots of different Government plans. Maybe they have all of that in control, or just put in every vaccine and just it will start with specific genes or something. I am just speculating here.

Another thing, which I wonder, who are they, which "are difficult to control"? With some certain genetic mix with some "Semitic seasoning" inside? Or just everyone who critically thinks?
Thank you so much for this session ! :flowers:
Great things can be seen from afar! But in order to be able to see the whole situation, you need to know a lot, learn a lot and suffer. No matter how hard it is!
It's scary to see this train going straight for you. But only thanks to him, many woke up and saw the world as it is in different parts of the planet Earth. Alas, with this a lot of disappointments came to some people in their friends, relatives, colleagues.
Life is getting harder and we are stronger.
Thanks for your hard work! I couldn't have done it without you !!!:thup:
Thanks for another amazing session. I really want to try and enjoy the show but finding it really hard. Being in the UK I’m gonna have a front row seat, a lot of karma coming our way. Must be why SO many people are queuing up for the “vaccine.” Tough watching loved ones fall for this madness, my wife is really thinking of getting the shot as she’s a nurse (under a lot of pressure as well.) I’ve spoke about the dangers and she read Gaby’s article but everyone else around her pro vaccine. Heart breaking
I am also in the UK and very concerned that we are in for a hard ride. (Damn those Empire builders). I feel so sorry also when close family are desperate to get the vaccine. I have not mentioned what I know to anyone. My family already think I am nutty enough in believing in the spirit realm. They are all very bright, logical people but they haven't developed sufficiently open minds to be able to embrace certain concepts. If I just mention anything out of their ken they remark "conspiracy theory". It has become a mantra. So for the time being I am just going to sit back and see what happens.

Thanks so much to Laura and the crew for another deeply interesting session. :clap:
Here's my recent experience with a 'time glitch' that happened earlier this week. I'll have to make this brief since I'm typing from my cellphone.

I normally check the time just before leaving for work. It's a daily routine I've done a hundred times before. When I looked at my cellphone for the time I was shocked since it was at least 15-20 min earlier then expected.

I was very confused thinking something was screwy with my phone. I checked the time again on the web and this confirmed the time on my cellphone as being correct. Only after a number of confused minutes did I realise that I initially checked the phone earlier then I normally check it in my daily routine, thinking it was later then it was. 😊
Fascinating session.

It certainly seems like the PTB are blundering around and continuously digging themselves in deeper. Their actions over the last year - scamdemic, BLM hypocrisy, blatant election theft, the hamfisted response to the GameStop Rebellion, and pushing "vaccines" that no one wants - have been exposing them and waking people up at an unprecedented rate. Each time they grasp for more control, the desperation with which they do so opens that many more eyes, making control that much more difficult, and increasing their desperation even further. They've locked themselves into a positive feedback loop.

It's especially interesting that the C's say some states will attempt secession. There's been a lot of buzz about that ever since November, and that talk has only increased. It was a bit ambiguous whether they think it will succeed, as they only indicated that Trump will not be president of whatever political entity leaves the US, but didn't say whether or not such an entity will actually form. I'd expect a serious effort at secession to be met with ruthless force, and probably fail ... but that will only open that many more eyes....

As to enjoying the show, I don't know about the rest of you but I sure am. Who would have guessed, a year ago, that we'd have experienced the parade of absurdities we've been treated to? Each more ridiculous than the last? The key I think is to keep a bit of emotional distance from it all by maintaining a sense of humor. The memes must flow, and they are a tonic against the despair that comes from getting too caught up in this emotional rollercoaster (and I say that as someone who has a real tendency to get too caught up....)
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