Session 30 January 2021

In the topic of weird things just a few minutes ago my wife when she was on ground floor she saw some movement and she feels that it was me going to the bathroom but in that moment I was working upstairs. Doors are locked and today in home there is only me and wife. Maybe this is something with time or fusing realities? Or something else but it happened when I thinked about this session and hard times in near future :-)
Another fascinating session - many thanks to all involved.

(L) In other words, cosmically speaking, they just painted targets on their own heads!

A: Yes
Sounds good to me.
Q: (Joe) Or is it going to manifest as earthquakes and tornadoes and kill a bunch of people?

(L) People will be objecting to this takeover inside themselves, so it'll manifest in some way externally, we just don’t yet know how. Well, that's interesting.
Well, that'll sure make it an interesting show.

And I guess the Brits are REALLY going to get it because of their whole empire thing

I'm not sure I've got a handle on my ability to 'enjoy the show' just yet, but its a work in progress.
Many thanks again.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the session. it is a great thing to be with all of you in these times.

Deep state is a term that has become mainstream, but we still have no idea what it is and what a dark aspen it is.
What we see clearly are her puppets, her spokespersons, and court fools. Those who keep watch and keep all attention on themselves and these are celebrities.
At this moment, an action is being launched against them...

"An anonymous celebrity insider who has penetrated the heart of the entertainment industry and is so revolted by what he’s experiencing, he’s decided to become a whistleblower.
He’s dishing the dirt on the real behind the scenes behavior exhibited by actors, musicians, models, journalists and professional campaigners."

Another revelation of things we already know.

Q: (Pierre) When we asked months ago about the next big economic crisis, they said that it will start as usual with a manufactured crisis, but it will get out of hand. I was wondering if this pattern will be synchronous with the current sanitary situation? Fake pandemic, fake economic crisis, and then real pandemic and real economic crisis?

A: Sure. That's elementary dear Pierre!
If the real pandemic happens in the near future, will they try to use it to vaccinate people with nano chips, which may really took control over them ? What do you think people ? And some people may be even begging for a cure if it would be very harmful disease, they may not even need too much propaganda.
Another option is that disease and economic crisis may lead to the huge war and chaos in which they may not be able to distribute the cure-vaccines-whatever. I am not sure if such a huge war and chaos will happen so they may be able to distribute their "cures". If a big war would happen, they could still be able to distribute the vaccines in certain areas.
In this now it is for me, quite challenging to experience joy. Consequently, it is primarily the feeling of gratefulness that serves as a vehicle to joy. I am always so profoundly grateful that I am able to access the Cassiopaen communications, Laura, Ark and the Team Terrific! :love:

I found this session particularly fascinating as it provided me with small pieces of an enormous mosaic. It served to provide one more unveiling of the big picture. When I read Laura's comments quoted below, I could not help but think of the achilles heal of STS. STS . . . as we have learned, is absolutely certain that their agenda is and will always be . . . the only agenda. STS is absolutely certain that they will always succeed. I confess that it is somewhat comforting to remember that in what we perceive as the future, there will be a level playing field.

Q: (L) Okay. We've already pointed out that they're shooting themselves in the foot again and again. The very chaos that they're trying to control is the chaos that they have created by their actions. Well, it's like in the book Political Ponerology: they don't believe that they can't do what they decide that they want to do, and they can't believe that they get the resistance that they get. They're like somebody in a house with 500 holes in the roof in a rainstorm, rushing one bucket all around trying to catch all the leaks. They're unable to read history or historical analyses and derive any benefit from it

And then . . . once again the fact that I am STS hit me. The lesson from this reminder? No rigid fixed thinking allowed. :-[ Remember that the future is "always open". Remember the futility of anticipating outcomes.
Thanks for the new session.

Curious that when one reads about the seventh trumpet, the last trumpet, one finds this:

10-5 "The angel who had stood on the sea and on the earth raised his right hand to heaven, 6 and swore by God that he would tell the truth. He said, “God will wait no more. When the seventh angel blows his trumpet, God will do everything that he had planned and kept secret. He will do all that he had already said to his servants the prophets. " And the angel swore by the God who lives forever and who created the universe."

I wonder if when the C's say: However, we do find some humor in the expression: The last Trump shall sound! They refer to everything that they have been explaining since 1994 -through their prophet Laura- will happen.

along with the later graduation of the prospects to 4D:

1 Tesalonicenses 4:16 For nthe Lord himself will descend ofrom heaven pwith a cry of command, with the voice of qan archangel, and rwith the sound of the trumpet of God. And sthe dead in Christ will rise first.

a lot to consider at the moment, but yeah "you don´t mess with the universal rules"
What does, "A: At this point you should better understand "enjoy the show." So do it. Goodbye." mean to you? Just want to double check that I truly understand the meaning!
The military never realize that patriotic farm boys will interfere with their big plans!
This is what is happens with the big plans of the industrial military complex that screwed with the patriots votes. :-D

That's exactly my approach Tuulikki. The way I went about it with the mask exemption was by approaching my doctor and almost begging for help to make it possible for me to wear a mask. I said I absolutely HAD TO be able to wear it and I wanted them to find the cause of my symptoms and remove it. I suspect that if I had approached them saying I didn't want to wear a mask the outcome would have been different.
Sounds like
Trump: The Art of the Deal.
I think that maybe that is what is meant by “enjoy the show”. As this will reduce anxiety and reduced anxiety potentially opens up receivership capability.
I know, for me, that I’ve been learning at an exciting rate. I’m seeing reality as more of a cosmic interplay of ideas and energy and my mind is putting it together in a way where, as bad as things are, I’m thrilled to finally be able to “see” it better.
I think what I am seeing have been the dynamics that have always been working throughout history but now as I am gaining cognitive abilities I’m finally able to find out how I actually feel about the world.
Truth be told I’m happy to see the painful truths because it’s not just about what we are going through in this age but rather what it is to be STS. How could we possible advance if we can’t properly understand our condition?
I have also had serious bouts of anxiety but recently I’ve been able to “let it go” per se. I no longer feel as much a victim of some oppressive force but rather someone who understands this oppression since I’m able to put my ignorant self into the position that does the oppressing. (Jung shadow, Castaneda predator mind).
Can’t wait to leave the pig style and go back home though. (Prodigal son parable).
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