Session 3 May 2014


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Wonderful session with lots of deep things. Thanks for sharing.

I was reminded of the frequent phone conversations I had with my own parents before their respective deaths (mother in 1977; father in 2011).

I was also reminded of the early experiments with communal living some of my fellow student activists and company tried to initiate and maintain during the nineteen seventies and beyond.


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Thank you All!!!
I really liked the heart felt part about how to talk to someone on the verge of transitioning over...

And the C's reminding us about:

A: She is your daughter in this life only...

Great stuff! What an amazing journy it's been....

I have to work harder...

Thank You All Again!!!


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(Falling Water) I have a question regarding this same topic. When you're creating this community, do these individuals have to be physically within the community to come within the protection that they mentioned like with the North Carolina group?

A: Better and faster, since robust feedback is needed on a constant input basis for development of a true conduit. Also think of the constant daily struggles that require support and amelioration.

Q: (L) If you don't have people there with you all the time, stuff just beats you down. We would not survive if we didn't have each other. We have come under some of the most intense BS attacks that anybody can possibly imagine. I mean, it's stuff that makes you wanna just fold up your tent and go home. If we didn't have each other, we would have done that a long time ago! (Mr. Premise) That makes sense. (L) Okay, next? (Echo Blue) I'm not sure if this was answered, but if we cannot live physically together in one spot, what is the next best thing to do? Is it to get together more frequently? I'm not sure.

A: Yes.

Q: (Echo Blue) Okay.

(Perceval) I was wondering if in addition to that - I dunno if you do this already - but if you were to kind of share the problems that you have in your separate daily lives... But when you are together, if you were to mimic that "living together" aspect by basically being a little bit more candid with each other in terms of how you’re getting on in

I love this idea! It seems to be what real humans need to survive our uncertain future at this moment including myself. As someone who has moved 7 times in the past 12 years, I understand very well the need for a co-linear support group since I rarely had one during this time and I'm really missing one now. I wonder if the idea could be modified for members gathering who don't live together where the say meet on Sundays and actually Prepare a meal together instead of just gathering for a potluck. As Laura pointed out, there seems to be a deeper kind of bonding when meals are prepared together. Of course some good conversation, music, singing, or dancing should be included too!

Thank you for posting this session,



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Great session :) I'm finding the discussion on working group dynamics both hopeful and helpful.

l apprenti de forgeron

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Thank you very much for posting this new session. Lots of food for the mind as always!.
And thank you very much Laura for sharing what you have done for your mother. It made me cry. I wonder how many here will have to do the same with any of our parents in these times.


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Thanks for the effort and to all participants for another valuable session!


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nicklebleu said:
Thanks for sharing ... I like Pink Floyd!


Me too :P Thank You All ~ Wonderful Family Dynamic!! :hug2: :rockon:


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Thank you for sharing this session. Looking forward to the next session. :)
Good luck for the "new tribe".


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Thank you all for sharing this session, i must say i am moved by the experience Laura told about her mother, thanks for sharing that, i really felt it. :cry:


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Just a shy question from a total newbie - are these Skype sessions enclosed meetings or anybody can join you?
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