Session 24 June 2022


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Thanks as always, especially dear Laura together with Anna and Arielle and the rest of the participants for all your efforts to have a session and share it with us. Also it's very nice to see Barb is already an active member of the Chateau Crew....🥰

A: Genuine! It was us sending message. Playing field will be leveled soon.
This was a most encouraging comment by Cs.. God, do we need to see some manifestation of the efforts of all people of Good Will...
(Niall) Look what happened when people got the ability to talk to anyone they want to. Social media. The internet. It's MADNESS!
Add to that .." ..... people got the ability to talk to anyone they want to and anyway they want to.....".
It's MADNESS for sure..

In connection with this, Mike Tysons famous comment is quite apropos ...(Not that I'm encouraging violence of any sort now..🤔🤭). In other words, simply put, they should be made accountable. But that's easier said than done..


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Thank you for the session, nice extra informations in regard to HBOT.

Does that mean soft-shell chambers that only reach 1.5 ATA can kill bad bacteria and viruses as well? That certainly seems to be what the C's are suggesting here which flies in the face of what some of the HBOT practitioners have said about needing to reach the higher pressures in order to do so. Great news!
I would agree with this. It's again not a clear response, but tend to suggest what you concluded.

I wonder if the answer (or part of it) would be something like "if you use a mild pression of 1,5 it's then like driving a car at 60km/h, it'll take a certain time to arrive to your destination, but if you do it at 2.0 or more, you increase the speed and will arrive sooner". Or in practice, it would require less sessions under 2.0 ATA than under 1.5 (?). Dunno ? Hard to find an answer, there should be studies comparing 2 groups of people with a pathology that is known to be curable by HBOT, one group doing it under 2,5 ATA and the other under 1,5 ATA.
This could eventually be a question to ask to C's next time, something like : Is doing HBOT under more ATA pressure (2.0 instead of 1.5) speed up the process, thus, requires less sessions or hours in total to spend in ?


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(Ark) But if we can also do this, we can mess up their messing up, no?

A: Intent must be pure STO for best results.

Q: (Chu) But no human is pure STO, so a human shouldn't be the operator.

(L) Well, a human can have a pure intent. They just can't hold it for very long.
If understand right; it could be possible that someone (human) pure do the right things and make the right changes in the "past"... in order to help whole humanity to scape from STS oppression?

If this human did (do) that, the whole show ends or we will still in our version of reality wondering in the same STO being's "time loop"?

I am guessing the whole show ends, because the changes should be done before STS intervention with humanity, but that would mean that there is the possibility of "undo" things and erase it forever of the existense?

It means no one in history has ever achieved to return and change this for the better of the whole?

If all the futures that has a probability of happen will happen, then, if that 0.00001% human that can do the right things to change everything exists, do everything ends with that? or wave happens first? or that is the wave as result of some human that already changed all?

Hope I explained myself well.

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This part of the time machine reminded me of what the Cs have been telling Laura since she started the Cassioopaea experiment. "We are you in the future."

A Warm Thank You

for the new session, and big hugs & Congratulations to Chu and Scottie 💐

I had the same impulse of thoughts when I read the section of the transcript. "We are you in the future". In a way, we are already at some level communicating across the densities and timelines. Almost like saying "We didn't come here to make the decision; We already made it. We are here, to understand why we made it.

Timetravel & communication:

Back in 1999 I had a very strange, quite long episode in my life, which out of the blue made me feel beyond comprehension empty; the kind of emptiness which I never felt before (the kind that swallows everything) - combined with a bottomless fear; that "there is no meaning to anything" I/we do in life - and it all just ends. But this was so strangely exaggerated... not something I could identify myself with at all.

This went on for many months, until one morning i walked into the kitchen with sunlight falling in... again with this extreme feeling of total emptiness (and fear), i heard a voice (or rather a vibrational awareness from deep within, very distinctive) which said something like "Do not worry this way Ralf, you'll live [through all the stages]. Your life will not pass as rapid as you fear or would just suddenly end soon. [e.g. neither being a waste nor end shortly] What you do out of it (your life), will be your choices and consequences".

It felt... well, from that day on, the fear of death and total emptiness, completely stopped. The vibrational quality and presence within that moment, was the total opposite of ego. That I understood by instinct.

So, as i joined the forum 1.5 years ago in 2020, started to read the transcripts, including the words "We are you in the future" - I got the distinct feeling, what if perhaps the "divine voice" in 1999 was a part of "me" in the future ? (Like the Cassiopaeans being a collective divine STO density communicating to those who are honestly open in our 3D density ?) I don't know how to put it in words. It's not about the "me" part, but about the greater aspects in awareness of being, from a higher density, communicating with us, being a part of us, as we are part of "them".

The episode i had in 1999, was perhaps a tiny moment of crucial guidance, from the "future", giving a hint, without violating free will, which maybe changed the course of my life... by giving it a tiny, yet crucial nudge ? That our future "selves", indeed communicate with our 3D lives, when we are open to take it in / listen to.

It's just some thoughts I wrote down here about communication, timelines and time travel that popped into my mind.


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In reference to shock and awe:

Russia has warned, warned and warned again. And NATO is apparently doubling down and doubling down. I think it’s fair to say at this point that heavy escalation is in the cards. Russia has been showing the patience of Job, but I’m sure they have a plan for full scale engagement. And remember they have a long, long border, so they have lots of ducks to get in a row. Shock and awe to me would indicate surprise and magnitude when one side decides to engage.

About the W sign:

To my knowledge no one has cracked the code on how to interpret crop circles. The C’s have told us they are messages. But why send a message that no one can interpret? I’m looking at the W and trying to figure out how does that say, level playing field coming soon? We’ve been told that the CC are messages, even warnings sent most specifically to England. So, I’m wondering does someone somewhere know how to interpret them?

The time machine:

I think at the level of 3D one could not know enough to pull off the project. All the angles and possibilities would be just too much, and what would be the purpose?

And one other point on a physical 3D person time traveling. Now that we have been very well indoctrinated on the trillions of viruses that live in and around us all the time, and have a short shelf life, then continue to mutate. We seem so stay alive by living with them and being part of their mutations. So, if I were to travel to a time in the past or future say 100 or 1000 in the past, wouldn’t I be zapped immediately by the viruses of that time and place? My body would have never seen those viruses before, and they would be coming into my body paraphs in the trillions. I think I would need a bubble suite. And that would give me away to the locals. Not to mention what would my viruses and bacteria do to the population I was visiting? I always thought that time travel was for the interdimensional types. FWIW

Level playing field:

The C’s recently said to enjoy the period of relative calm while you can. Paraphrased. Between the shock and awe statement, and level playing field statement, I consider the relative calm coming to an end soon. So, I concur with Artemis on this one.

(Artemis) Do what you've gotta do before it's too late! A: Nothing lasts forever. Nuff said.

Thank you for the session!
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Thank you guys for a new session! And congratulations on the wedding ❤️

Will be interesting to see what the "leveling of the playing field" looks like in practical terms.

Stay strong and thanks once again :)

Here are 2 sessions when the C's brougth the '' leveling of the playing field '' to our attention.

Level playing field, what to expect.

Session 23 May 2020​

(Artemis) There was the sulfur smell. Then there was also a glow in the sky that people are reporting. What about this glow in the sky?

A: EM energies stirring comet dust.

Q: (L) Well, I was just reading that the Earth's magnetic shield has dropped even lower, and it's causing problems with satellites. Is that going to be a big issue in the days to come?

A: Oh indeed. Best laid plans fail?

Q: (L) So in other words, the powers that be that are running the show aren't really as smart as they think they are...

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) They never counted on their satellites getting fried.

(Pierre) And other electronic equipment through which they monitor, control, and influence populations. It's a failing of the electronic control system.

A: Level playing field eventually. Just wait for the current to begin to flow!

Q: (L) So in other words, we're all going to get electrocuted!

(Pierre) That might be due to the fact that the magnetosphere protects the planet from most high-energy cosmic rays and other radiations. If you have no magnetic shield, the planet is open to any such radiation.

(Joe) Does that refer back to astronomical phenomena and the close passage of a large body that will cause the current to flow?

(Chu) Well, they said phenomena...

A: Close! Think of the grooves on Malta.

Q: (Pierre) They're talking of electromachining of the surface of the planet...

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Electromachining means basically arcing...

(Joe) Moving lightning along the ground.

(Pierre) Long-lasting moving lightning.

(Joe) Chasing people!

(Andromeda) That's coming soon?

A: Soon enough.

The soon enough is now SOON. If I remember correctly in a previous session, the current begin to flow, was related to the companion star.

In this session: Session 22 June 1996,​

Q: (L) Let me try this: the "buckets of love and light" group say that it is going to be balanced because everyone is going to think nice thoughts, and all of their buckets of love and light are going to eventually reach a critical mass and spill over onto all the rest of humanity and all of the bad guys are going to be transformed into good guys. This is the standard version. Is this what you mean?

A: No.

Q: (L) Swell! Is the energy that is being manifested in the positive, on and around the planet, is it going to reduce the level of negativity in the beings existing on the planet?

A: This is not the point. When "Earth" becomes a 4th density realm, all the forces, both STS and STO shall be in direct contact with one another... It will be a "level playing field," thus, balanced.


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(Joe) Lavrov said today, I think, that the EU and NATO were planning to wage a war against Russia. I know we asked already and they said it would expand beyond Ukraine, but is that something that is gonna happen this year?

A: Not yet... if ever.

(Joe) They said not yet if ever... But I think in one session, they said that the war would expand outside Ukraine.

(L) Is it still going to expand outside Ukraine?

A: Indeed. But many belligerants will fold rapidly.

Q: (Joe) No doubt. Is it likely to be one of the Baltic states?

A: Possible. Think real shock and awe.

Q: (L) Well, that was the whole thing that the Bush people called it... Shock and awe. But it kind of fell flat if you ask me because it was all fake. I mean, that whole picture they had of Saddam Hussein's statue being toppled and they had it all close up with what looked like a lot of people around. But if you get a real picture of it from a distance, you find out there were like only 25 people there. They put it in the newspaper trying to make it look like a revolution or something.

(Joe) But the shock and awe was a reference to the first night of the attack on Baghdad where they fired 500 cruise missiles in one night.

(L) I don't think there was much shock and awe. I think there was 'awe', but not a shock.

(Joe) It suggests a sudden unexpected bombardment of some sort... (Maybe Russia will do something similar?)

Could this be hinting at a spill over into countries that are acting as a zone to store and supply arms to Ukraine? Like Poland? I think it was on Newsreal I heard the guys mention that it would make sense for Russia to attack the storage facilities where NATO etc are shipping arms and vehicles to, before they are distributed into Ukraine. That would be a shock for most of the West but awe if you see what is really going on :lol:


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Regarding “spilling over” and “quickly fold”ing, could it mean the military conflict expands and then the earth itself starts folding I.e. earthquakes, which would indeed induce shock and awe? Or in the GWBush sense that the Russians whip out some stupefying techno weaponry which forces countries in the conflict to come to their senses?

Possible interpretations for a seeming contradiction.


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If they already have it, I suppose that they should know something about future events?

Wave, 4D, STS Manipuilation, etc?

I think they said in a old session that even though they have it, they don’t know how to properly use it or control it. But with or without time machine they know what’s coming. (Regarding earth changes and catastrophes)
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