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And, by the way, the book is finished. It's in editing right now, but it's done. Over 600 pages, too. Gads, I thought I'd never shut up.

Good to know, looking forward to reading it!

Very shortly after the release of Comets and the Horns of Moses, we had the Chelyabinsk meteor, so I do wonder if something similar will also happen this time.

Q: (L) Well, thanks a lot! (Ailen) That's a nice way of saying, "No dice!" (L) Okay, as you know, we had a wonderful little exploding comet fragment out there in Russia that did some serious damage and injured lots of people. I'm not glad that it injured lots of people, but I just think it was pretty interesting that this happened like within three days of our new book "Comets and The Horns of Moses" being released in hardcopy. So, I guess the first question is: Anything to tell us about the exploding comet fragment, or whatever they wanna call it? It could have an asteroid, or it could have a comet fragment, or whatever?

A: Denatured comet but who's counting?

Q: (L) Okay. Is that all you're gonna say?

A: Just wait for the next one! That one will be a doozie! And it has "friends!"

Q: (L) Can you give us a time estimate on that? [laughter] (Belibaste) And location? (L) Location, maybe? (Andromeda) Roughly? Ballpark figures? (Belibaste) Plus size?

A: We would have liked to arrange things so that it could have hit [birds start chirping a lot in the background] on the very day of the book release, however things just don't work that way in the STO reality. Thus, the same applies to predictions of future impacts.

Q: (L) That was a nice way of saying, "No dice!" So there is more out there that's coming, but you can't tell us exactly when, and the next one's gonna be a doozie; so we know that much. Are you saying you know that much?

A: Yes. Please put all former clues together for ballpark figure, keeping in mind that the universe is open thus there will always be variables.

Q: (L) Okay. (Andromeda) Past comet streams? (L) So in other words, if we factor in what we know from the science of, say, Victor Clube and Bill Napier, plus observations we make, plus historical records, etc. and signs, we can figure out that something is probably fairly imminent. That would be my best guess. My thought is that if we don't get a plague from this one that exploded over Russia, we will from the next one. That's my best guess.

A: Good guess!


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What if this virus infects ONLY the people who need to be "infected"? The ones who need to be woken up? I may be making noise, but I still wonder... What do you think?

That would probably throw a lot of contradictions into the mix.
The first would be almost all of the crew in France have had the virus. Do they need to wake-up? A continuous application of knowledge is never ending, but I am not sure that is what you mean by waking up and for the ~63% who have contracted the virus and it has had what we would consider a negative effect, how is that waking those individuals up?

Q: (L) But it took awhile to mutate and do other things.

(Pierre) Did some people here have the virus?

A: Nearly all of you!

And then it seems to be that it is the person's internal makeup or profile that counts.

(Joe) They said nearly all of us. So at least one person didn't have it according to the C's. But which strain was it, the good one or the bad one? [laughter]

A: You can't divide it that way.

Q: (L) Are you suggesting that, depending on the individual, one strain could have the same effect as the other strain on another individual?

Being that 24% of nearly 9 billion people - approximately 2 1/4 billion people have been infected.

Q: (Chu) Last time, they gave the percentage of people who had the positive version of Covid-19. But how many people total have caught the virus?

A: 24 percent.

And I would expect that to grow even with a natural seasonal waning of the virus.
I think what you are saying is possible in a certain context. Individuals may choose to contract the virus and depending upon their nature/profile it may impart lessons upon them good or bad depending upon their chosen orientation. I am just not sure that many of them are consciously aware that they are making any choice what so ever. But those choices may still be being made on another level.


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Q: (Ark) Alright then. Now, another question: There was a guy by the name Mendel Sachs and he invented a kind of a way as to how gravity can be built out of spinors and spin. It didn't work, but I think it can be made to work. Should I continue thinking like that?

A: Spinning and unstable gravity waves?

Q: (Ark) With a question mark, which means I have to think about it. I have another question about these spinors. Are these spinors just the spinors that physicists are playing with, or should they be algebraic spinors like those that Keller - whom I adore - was working with? Algebraic or normal?

A: Yes

Can I input the following? Because it is something I had thought about (yes, clearly I don't have all the mathematical knowledge of Ark) but it is something I thought about, connecting spin and gravity:

For example, yesterday I was thinking what is the intrinsic property of 4th density? As far as we know it's the property of physical variation, but how does it do that? Then I remember Coral Castle and the Dervish dances and the principle of spinning. That brings me to the rotation matrix. Objects in rotation by centrifugal force and linear acceleration (for example a space station) produce artificial gravity.

In linear algebra, a rotation matrix is the matrix that represents a rotation in Euclidean space. In three dimensions, rotation matrices represent rotations in a concise way and are frequently used in geometry, physics and computer science. Although most applications consider rotations in two or three dimensions, rotation matrices can be defined in spaces of any dimension.

Now, you mention that:

A cylinder, a donut, are objects capable of rotation, on a symmetrical axis. One could hypothetically think that the 4th Density has as its rotating property. And that's when the image of the Tesseract appears.

And of course, a rotation matrix uses the special orthogonal group SO(n).


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I really like the 'as yet' part. This will be fun. Though I guess for many people it will be more like "When you see it, you will s**t yourself."

My thought exactly! Sometimes I have thought about how it would happen, I don't know, imagine leaving your home to go to the supermarket and when you turn the corner you find a creature like that, and the joke would be not only the reaction when you see it, but the reaction of the creature itself thinking: Oh boy can they see us. Oops.


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To me it looks similar to this one:

Yes this looks like it was made by the same human creators.


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Exactly so.

What I have noticed, though, is that it sometimes takes repeating a sequence a certain number of times for it to become an automatic reaction. And even then, sometimes situations can be so far out of control - and emotions - that we need a little help from our friends to nudge us back on track. That's the beauty of a network.

And, by the way, the book is finished. It's in editing right now, but it's done. Over 600 pages, too. Gads, I thought I'd never shut up.
I definitely agree repetition is important to the learning process--it is practice. What is it they say "10,000 hours of practice are required for Mastery" It is the emotional support here that helps me have the will to keep practicing in the Chaos.

Yeah!!! Congratulations on completing the book! I love to hear you talk :lol: Laura and am looking forward to reading it ASAP.:cheer:


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LA is a center of culture, at least for those who aspire to the American ideal, and is full of artists who shape public perception around the world. Paris is in a similar position to a lesser extent, and was once considered sort of the cultural capital of Europe.

What they have in common is that culturally they are of progressive tendency (left / cultural Marxism / liberal) Much of the postmodernism that exists in LA, is a transplant of the ideology born of the thinkers of Paris in their time.
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